Gordon Liu To Move Out of Nursing Home

Gordon Liu (劉家輝) reportedly moved out of his current nursing home to a less-expensive residential establishment. Gordon, who suffered a stroke in July 2012, has been living under the care of several nurses, doctors, a personal physical therapist, and his assistant and guardian, Amy Fan (樊奕敏). Gordon’s hospitalization was widely publicized, as the former martial arts star is currently in an ongoing legal battle with his ex-assistant, Eva Fung (馮映華), who refused to return his film remunerations worth $2 million HKD.

Gordon is also in an estranged relationship with his wife and two children, who has not been financially supportive. Faced with expensive hospitalization bills and other everyday expenditures, it was reported that Gordon has considered cashing out his $8 million HKD flat, but his wife and children refused to move out. Gordon’s apartment building does not have a built-in elevator system, making it inconvenient for Gordon to stay. Having to fork out over $10,000 HKD a month for nursing bills, Gordon is allegedly prepared to move out of his current nursing home to a cheaper establishment.

Fortunately, Gordon’s health has improved immensely since his hospitalization in July 2012. Gordon’s weight increased from 110 pounds to a reported 120 pounds by April 2013. In the last few months, Gordon was even spotted spending time outside, having tea with a few friends at nearby dim sum restaurants.

On October 6, Gordon was seen eating with a few friends at a restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. Originally paralyzed on the left side of his body, Gordon could now move his limbs around and pick up his own food. His speech also improved, as he was seen comfortably conversing with his nurse and his friends. One of his friends, Master Tang, who suffered a much more serious stroke years ago, shared his experiences and gave Gordon plenty of encouragement.

Source: Sudden Weekly via ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I was wondering where Gordon disappeared to—he was one of my favorite veteran actors while growing up! So sad to hear that this is what has happened to him, but I am glad to hear that his health has improved. Best wishes to him!

  2. Even without the support from his family yet his health can improve immensely, Gordon is really strong!! Wishing him a speedy recovery 🙂 加油!!

  3. Get well soon, Gordon 🙂 You’re my favourite veteran villain actor 😀

  4. He was an awesome actor. He and Mimi was hilarious in the all tv series. Get well soon.

  5. wow, this just makes me think of my father’s extended family and how they were bound by Chinese traditional APPEARANCES when really they cared nothing for one another and attacked the only one who wanted emotional bonds. The best thing and I have no regrets regarding damage to my reputaton is to step away. If you step away then if you don’t consider this invalid the enemy or feel sympathy for him, you can care for him – I mean it doesn’t sound like there is honesty between spouses and parents and children here.

  6. Wow that is awesome to see he has improved so much!
    Hopefully soon he will be strong enough so that he can go and beat the crud out of his scheming ex-assistant and get his money back.
    It seems like such a dramatic improvement for him since the last time I read about him , he was still struggling and super thin. He still need a few more lbs though.

    Can’t wait to see him in another TVB series. I think that will be the sign that he feels confident enough to resume his life and that the stroke hasn’t left any serious damage. He is still fun to watch even if he doesn’t break out any kung-fu, so he could easily fill some roles.

  7. All the best wishes for you, Gordon. Hope you get better and better. Greetings from Brazil. Huge fan here.

  8. Is this a recent picture? Apart from being too thin, he actually looks almost like his old self.

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