Gordon Liu Files Legal Petition Against Former Assistant over Financial Assets

Martial arts star Gordon Liu (劉家輝) has finally taken legal action against his former assistant Eva Fung to reclaim assets worth over $200 million RMB. The 57-year-old action star suffered a series of unfortunate events since a stroke left half of his body paralyzed in 2011. Gordon’s wife and children reportedly requested money from him after the incident, and he responded by cutting off contact. During this time, Eva acted as Gordon’s spokesperson and managed his finances. Late in 2012, news broke that Gordon and Eva had a nasty fall-out. Afterwards, Gordon and his sister decided to appoint close friend Amy Fan (樊亦敏) as his legal guardian. Despite repeated requests, Eva refused to return Gordon’s cash assets and declined to comment when pressed by the media.

Gordon officially filed a legal petition to Hong Kong’s High Court against Eva. The petition states that Eva is currently holding Gordon’s two accounts, a Bank of China account with $139 million RMB, and a HSBC account containing $58,000 USD. Gordon is requesting for Eva to return the funds and submit all transaction records. The petition also states that if the court does not allow funds be directly returned to Gordon, it can receive the money in full and then disburse payments according to Gordon’s living and medical needs.

Gordon’s current legal guardian, Amy Fan, clarified the situation on Wednesday. The actress stated that she and Gordon initially did not wish to take legal action due to consideration for Eva and the threat of high legal fees. Amy had attempted to contact Eva several times since January to request return of funds but to no avail. Since Gordon’s savings is dwindling, Amy hopes to quickly reclaim his assets to cover the mounting hospital bills.

Amy also spoke optimistically about Gordon’s health, revealing that Gordon has transferred to a 24-hour care facility. Amy noted that Gordon has gained 3 kilograms (about 6.6 pounds), and has a very healthy appetite, particularly for chocolates. Gordon is in good spirits and had asked to go outdoors. As a compromise, Amy promised to take him out as soon as he can sit safely inside his wheelchair.

Source: Ming Pao 

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I seriously hope he’ll be alright in the end, health and money wise. He’s worked so hard over the years. Truly tragic to have such a good friend (Eva) betray him like that.

  2. This Eva Fung is a scum. Made my blood boiled reading about her atrocious evilness towards Gordon Liu. I hope everything will work out for Gordon and it’s truly unfortunate that he had to experience this abuse. Thank God that Amy Fan is looking after Gordon.

  3. oh gosh, what wonderfull news, gordon i wish you so much health and happyness! you have given so much to this society as a amazing entertainer and you deserve good things to happen to you. i hope you get better and better and have the very best of everything good happen to you!!

    we are all rooting for you, thank you for working on your wellness and keep up the great work!!

    and i hope you get all of your money back and everything between you and your family turns out really good, but most of all, i wish you the best of health!

  4. sex n drugs destroyed this hom sup lo. guess most of the women n dude have only one thing in common,lust.

  5. Is that a typo? 200 million? I always saw articles that placed it much lower. I had no idea she was holding onto that much. Even any amount is evil, but 200 mil!!! Damn!
    I seriously hope TVB gave some free lawyer/legal council in that lawsuit since he has suffered so much for them, but I doubt they would be that generous. They are too busy filing fake lawsuits against Ricky Wong.
    If there is any justice left in this world, then the court will find in favor of Gordon with minimal lawyer fees and he can rest easy the rest of his life, cause if anyone deserves an easy life, it’s him. He has worked so long and so hard for everything he has.
    Also, the assistant needs to get hit by a bus and not be able to afford medical treatment so she can feel how painful and scary it is to be in his shoes. Seriously an evil *****!
    If Amy is truly not doing this for anything, then she is definitely a beautiful angel in his life. It’s also great to hear he is gaining weight. He always looked underfed and quite scary in his recent pics.

    1. another article says 200萬, so that should be 2M, not 200M.

  6. Hope things will go well for him. It’s such a shame such bad things happen.

  7. It’s a known fact that movie production company Shaw Brothers didn’t pay his stars well. That’s why Bruce Lee refused to sign a contract with SB! So where does Gordon’s huge fortune come from? Very good investments?

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