Gordon Liu’s Wife Denies Eyeing His Money

Fifty-seven-year-old martial arts star, Gordon Liu (劉家輝) suffered from a stroke in August last year and resulted in paralysis in one side of his body. Gordon reportedly entered into depression and refused visits from his friends and colleagues. After a year of treatment, Gordon has recovered gradually and is currently undergoing physical therapy. According to his friends’ statements, Gordon hopes to stand up again and return to filming dramas.

Gordon Liu’s Confidence Increases

Gordon was spotted dining with his friends earlier. Wearing a cap and a mask, Gordon sat in a wheelchair while his friend pushed him into a café. It was obvious that he had lost much weight but he appeared to be in a better spirit than before. Since admitting into a nursing home in Kowloon, Gordon only allowed his close friends to visit him.

Amy Fan (樊亦敏) who has visited Gordon revealed that he made progressive improvement since receiving the physical therapy and he is also able to stand up now. Amy also disclosed that Gordon was motivated after Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) visit. After Gordon received an iPad from Eric, Gordon has been watching his old films and listening to songs every day. He is also encouraged by Eric’s concern and is trying his best to receive treatment.

Gordon’s assistant, Eva, also revealed that Gordon was able to walk for a short distance with the assistance of others.  Gordon hopes to resumes his work once he has fully recovered.

Divorce Due to Differences in Personalities?

Earlier, Gordon’s second wife, who is from Thailand, reportedly instigated their 20-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter to demand a monthly household allowance of $7,000 HKD from Gordon when he was ill. Mrs. Liu also eyed Gordon’s savings and a property worth $7.5 million HKD. Gordon reportedly decided to divorce his wife after she constantly demanded money from him. Currently in Thailand, Gordon’s wife broke her silence and denied allegations that she was after his money.

Mrs. Liu insisted that they separated due to differences in personalities. “In 1991, I registered marriage with Gordon in Hong Kong. After that, we had a son and a daughter. It’s a pity that after giving birth to my daughter, I realized that we have different personalities. He likes to drink and is flirtatious. All along, I relied on my faith and the mindset that I will raise my children to maintain this marriage. In 2009 that Gordon decided to send our son to Singapore to further his studies. I was also thinking if I should start all over again. Under the arrangement by Gordon, I signed on the divorce papers. I told him that I was willing to divorce with him, but I wanted half of his property to be transferred under my son’s name. I hope that it will be a form of guarantee for my children and after that, I went to Thailand to stay.”

When pressed further as to whether she was officially divorced from Gordon, Mrs. Liu said that she did not know, as Gordon had changed his lawyer without notifying her.

Mrs. Liu Denies Eyeing Gordon’s Money 

When asked if she was demanding money from Gordon, Mrs. Liu replied, “After he got a stroke, I immediately returned to Hong Kong from Thailand to take care of him. As my income is not that good, I need to borrow $20,000 HKD of living expenses from my friends and relatives. When I signed on the divorce papers, I did not request for one cent at all. So, when was I greedy? I only borrowed $30,000 HKD from Gordon when my business was not doing well two years ago. At that time, Gordon did not suffer from the stroke yet. After he got a stroke, I never asked a single cent from him and never chased him to transfer his property to our name.”

Gordon’s son, Kris, also disclosed that he had decided to stop his studies for a year to help relieve his father’s financial burden. He currently works as a waiter. Kris hopes to be able to take care of his father.

Thai Wife and Children Prohibited From Visiting Gordon   

Mrs. Liu admitted that she had thought of sending Gordon to Thailand so that it would be more convenient for her to take care of him. She further revealed that a person had forbidden her to send Gordon to Thailand. “Someone had intervened last month. My children and I were prohibited from seeing Gordon. In addition, there was news that Gordon was estranged from his family and we were after his assets. I feel that there is a need to clarify all these rumors.”

Gordon’s son also shared that he had tried his means to visit Gordon, but was always refused by nurses. Mrs. Liu hoped that her children can reunite with Gordon and they wanted to know the state of his condition. Asked who had been stopping them from visiting Gordon, Mrs. Liu declined to name the person.

Gordon’s Liu Assistant: “Gordon Decides Who He Wants to See”

Gordon Liu’s assistant, Eva, dismissed Mrs. Liu’s claims that someone had intervened to separate Gordon from his family. Eva said, “It’s entirely Gordon that decides who he wants to see and who he does not want to see. No one is doing anything to manipulate him. Earlier, Jamie Luk (陸劍明), Bryan Leung (梁家仁), and Eric Tsang (曾志偉) visited him. Gordon Liu only wants to recover from his illness. We hope that his family can let him recuperate in peace. When he recovers, he will step forward and explain everything.”

Sources: Oriental Daily via and ming Pao ihktv.com

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  1. Seems to me that Gordon’s been seeing more of reporters and journalists than his family. Look at how concise this dirtsheet is.

    1. I suppose read between the lines? Why is she away when her husband is at his worst condition?

  2. hopefully the reports r nt true.. why is she away whn her hubbys sick.. nt requesting mney but wants half property in sons name.. thts the same as wanting mney.. how cn u nt knw if u r divorce or nt.. bunch of baloney

  3. Feel bad for Gordan. Must be hard for him to be in a wheel chair when he is a martial art person so much be active. Hope he will recover soon. As for his wife and kids.. he can deal with them when he is recover.

  4. Its a sad case to see Mr Liu in a wheelchair and for a person to have martial art skills it really hard for them to believe that they have come to this sickness

    I hope you Mr liu recuperate really soon wish to see you up and running again!!

  5. “We hope that his family can let him recuperate in peace.” she’s basically hinting that there’s disputes/problems. i really hope gordon makes a full recovery, he’s such a great martial artist and i miss seeing him in dramas.

  6. I really don’t know the truth on these stories. I only know that how can a person not want to see his own children when he is ill.

  7. I feel sorry for Gordon. His wife is really something to leave him when he’s ill like this.

  8. Looks like Gordon will be able to recover soon, owing to his martial arts background and his age. He’s not too old yet and if what his 2nd wife says it true, that she has not bothered him again esp. on money matters once she heard that he was ill, then I think she’s being very fair to him. Hope all will sort out nicely for the family.

  9. Come on ,which family do not come forward for a sick and weak rich dad for his everything ..Feather more his Thai ex wife ms.liu who always load money from Gordon and now Gordon is so sick ,is a super opportunity to use his son which is never take care his dad come to visit him so often n say never ask for anything just want to care for him ,COME ON actually so fake ,i guess his ex wife ms.liu already hve a boy friend wait for the cash, Don,t be surprise is happen to Gordon ,just a human reactions n beyond anyone imagination…Now hope the friends will help him n hope he will heal soon enough to stop from his family take everything he own .

    1. So right. Do you know people are most fearful of? No tiger but poor relatives. When they see poor relatives come a vist, they’ll shut the doors and windows pretending that they’re not home. Sad but the hard truth.

      $$$ speaks louder than words and actions. Gordon should only trust himself. Get well and let the truth be told. Period.

      1. “So right. Do you know people are most fearful of? No tiger but poor relatives. When they see poor relatives come a vist, they’ll shut the doors and windows pretending that they’re not home. Sad but the hard truth.”

        Haha. Bit off-topic here, but I do that. Not because they’re poor, but because some of them like to gossip and back-stab way too much…

        Anyway, return to topic. I’m sad that Gordon’s loved ones aren’t sticking by him, through thick and thin. I hope he’ll truly be happy one day.

  10. Majority would believe Gordon and not his wife and children.
    Mrs Liu and children are up against the powerful media.
    I was surfing the www when I came across this link that defines types of journalists.
    EEs — Editorial Eunuchs, who take orders from their political emperors, and write and spin stories to promote the emperor’s cause. These political appointees are usually in top and senior positions, not because they are good journalists or great writers, but because of their connection to powerful political godfathers. They are first-class cronies. Many are ghost writers for their political masters. Some are given various civil awards, even at relatively young age. Several have become millionaires.

    PPs — Press Prostitutes, who have sold their souls and principles to gain favors and privileges from their political and/or business clients. They will write what pleases their political and/or business masters. The amount of hampers and gifts they receive during festive seasons is perhaps a good indication of their rising status in their media organization.

    MMs — Media Marionettes, the puppets who have no brains but are used and abused by opportunists to advance their own political or business agenda. The manipulative opportunists usually feed such journalists with twisted information and deceive these gullible writers to propagate their schemes of things. Our education system has produced many such gullible, unthinking, uncritical, and dumb people; and not a few are found in the media organizations.

    JJs — Junket Journalists, those who will write anything for the sponsors of their overseas trips. Let me illustrate how some big corporate companies use such overseas junkets to bribe editors and journalists to do their biding. Company A has a product which an NGO considers harmful to the people. The NGO keeps issuing press statements on its research on the harmful product and the newspapers keep publishing the statements. Company A wants to put a stop to such bad publicity of its product. So, it organized a week-long trip for senior editors to visit the product’s factory in Japan. Everything was paid for and provided for, including pocket money for shopping. The editors had a thoroughly good time. On their return, they repaid their wonderful host by stopping all negative reports on its product.

    WWs — Wise Writers, the rare breed who know how to survive through the controlled press situation and get their honest views into print without rousing the suspicion of their media bosses, who are usually political cronies. There are very few such honest writers with integrity and principles, and they are usually not in positions of power. Many of them, retire poor.

  11. For Gordon not to allow his son and daughter to visit him means he’s have had enough. It must be painful for a father not to see his children. His children should respect his wishes and leave him alone for now.

    Notwithstanding, let Gordon recuperates and have a full recovery. Only then, can the truth be told.
    Gordon, have a speedy recovery.

  12. LOL … sorry Mrs. Liu, you denied eyeing his asset or going after his money, but the words from your mouth contradicts what you said “I told him that I was willing to divorce with him, but I wanted half of his property to be transferred under my son’s name” … whether transferred the asset to you, your son, or daughter, it would still be under your control. Asian mothers rarely cut the umbilical cord

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