Grace Chan and Zoie Tam’s Pregnancies During COVID-19

With Hong Kong’s third COVID-19 wave in full effect, many people are afraid of getting infected. Hong Kongers, especially those who are more vulnerable to the virus, have avoided going out in public as a result. Good friends Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and Zoie Tam (譚凱琪) are also taking extra safety precautions during their pregnancy journey.

Zoie honestly admitted that she postponed her maternity appointments because she is very worried. “We rather stay safe and reschedule for a later date,” she expressed.

Although the actress usually stays home when she’s not working, her husband still has to go work so she would spray disinfectant all over his body when he returns home. However, he tries to avoid contact with other people since it is difficult to tell if someone has the virus.

Like Zoie, Grace has also been staying at home lately. She said, “We have a child at home. We usually tell our maid to return right after buying some groceries, or I shop online.”

Her husband, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), has also been taking care of her and entertaining their son with fun activities and lessons at home. As for her maternity appointments, Grace said, “I used to go once a month, but the doctor said I don’t have to go to the clinic if there is no real problem, and the baby is still moving.”


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