Grace Chan to Host Love and Sex Talkshow

With TVB releasing its line-up of new programs for 2022, there are plans to add English language programs for TVB Pearl, and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) will be hosting a new love and sex-themed talk show!

Not Going Back to Film Dramas Anytime Soon

An English comedy sitcom series Family First will be casting many artistes fluent in English, while Grace has been tasked to host a love and sex-themed talk show Love Matters, With Grace. The show will invite a different artiste on every episode to discuss sex-related topics.

When interviewed, Grace shared that TVB General Manager Eric Tsang (曾志偉) had told her as he extended the hosting invite, “I didn’t know your English is so good!” Eric had previously commented on Grace’s hosting during this year’s Miss Hong Kong Pageant, that the 30-year-old should be less cautious and speak up without too many considerations.

About the possibility of going back to filming dramas, as her husband Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) has, the mother of two commented, “Filming dramas take too much time, so at the moment I won’t be doing that.”

Other Upcoming Variety Programs

 As the Miss Hong Kong will be entering its 50th anniversary next year, the contest will held on a grander and more visually impressive scale. Adding to a diverse program mix are Dub of War II <好聲好戲2>, STARS Academy II <聲夢傳奇2>, Oppa’s Cuisine <男神廚房>, Mahjong King <麻雀鬥室三決一>, as well as reality show Flying Race <木人巷> which will see artistes compete for the best “all-round artiste” in hosting, acting and sing and dance segments. The Oven Mitt Club will also see actress Kelly Ng (伍樂怡), who has her own business selling bagels, show off her cooking skills.

On the cards is variety program “Flying Race”, where second-tier artistes will compete for the best all-round artiste title and the opportunity to play leading roles.








Source: On.CC

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  1. All I hope for is that she doesn’t give viewers insight into her bedroom business with Kevin. She has in the past overshared TMI. Other that that, I am cool, as Grace makes a better hostess than she will ever make an actress.

  2. True, her mannerism is so cringe and fake already. Last thing I want to hear is her bedroom stories.

  3. The English series will be interesting to see who they use for it, will be good for hk expats there for them to watch.

  4. I hope you are not referring to Grace. The color of her skin should not be yours, or anyone’s problem. I don’t like how she yaps like a parrot, and she can’t
    shut up when it comes to her husband. That is why myself and others made our comments. For you to suggest she go and clean toilets is pushing it way too far, not that there is anything wrong in honest labor, but you are crossing boundaries here.

  5. Why is being a non Chinese an issue? And toilet cleaners are honest labor not relying on social welfare, they deserve our respect. Without them, what will happen to the public washroom? There are times when the poor cleaners are there to clean up the mess made by selfish users. It is a job that most people refuse to do.

  6. For someone so young and claimed she waited till marriage, I just don’t think she’s at the right stage in her life to host such a mature show. We need someone who has sex appeal and experience so Elana Kong, Christine Ng, Alice Chan might be more fitting IMHO

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