Grace Wong’s Husband Upset by Kissing Scene

At a promotional event for A General, A Scholar, and an Eunuch <超時空男臣>, Grace Wong (王君馨), revealed her husband Daniel‘s shocking reaction when he watched her kiss scene with Raymond Cho (曹永廉).

Unable to contain her laughter, Grace said her husband started cursing when he saw the kissing scene. Upon hearing this, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) jumped in, “Of course, if my other half has to kiss Raymond, I would be swearing too. Pretty sure it’ll be multiple swear words. He [Grace’s husband] is already very conservative and very polite. Your husband has good manners.”

When asked what he would do if his girlfriend Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) were to kiss his good friend Raymond in a drama, Edwin laughed, “I would tell her to reject the series! I wouldn’t be able to take it, I just can’t do it. I don’t know how many times she’ll have to rinse her mouth before I can kiss her. I would die.”

Not surprised at both Daniel and Edwin’s reactions, Raymond revealed that his wife has not watched the show yet, but perhaps she would be equally as angry. Siding with Edwin, Raymond said he would turn down kiss scenes with Priscilla in the future for the sake of their friendship.

After a week of broadcast, A General, A Scholar, and an Eunuch has been performing fairly well, averaging 24.5 viewership points so far. Even TVB Chairman, Charles Chan (陳國強), complimented the series. Hoping to boost ratings, Edwin jokingly suggested that Grace should kiss Raymond again in celebration if the ratings keep increasing.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. I know Ms. Chan was just kidding but it did make me think of the many similar instances I’ve read of spouses of actors/actresses getting worked up about their love scenes and they weren’t kidding. I always think that’s the stupidest reaction in the world. If the spouse can’t understand what their acting profession involves, why marry someone from the industry in the first place? Reporters who keep on asking dumb questions like that is just as childish.

  2. Oh lord it’s just a kiss what’s the big deal about it? not like they’re being naked or something and they’re a actors so what do they expect? If Grace husband is that upset why even married an actress he knows being actors have to do this and that right? Same thing as Edwin he’s an actor he should know better than that.

    1. @cutie777 HK artistes are known to be pro…when they have to act out the scene required, they will do so. if the spouses do not understand their other halves work scope, i wonder how they can get married?

      grace’s husband has known her for many years before getting married. surely he knows what her job requires her to do. it’s not like she is doing XXX dramas, why get upset?

  3. eheheh Edwin response is actually pretty funny.. to me it sound like it’s not because of the kiss scene that make him tell her to reject the series.. it’s because it’s Raymond that she is kissing that he is telling her to reject it.. ekekke can tell they are good friends.

    As for Grace hubby.. can’t be helped.. some artists do fall in love with their costars easily. especially if there is a lot of love scene…so can’t be helped he feel like that..

  4. What? Cursing? Didn’t Grace say her husband just say “Damnnnnn..” when he saw the kissing scene. Sounds like both her husband and Grace were just joking. The article makes it into such a big deal. If he was really upset Grace wouldn’t post that on IG.

  5. Lol upset by kissing scene? Puhleaz, if he was upset over that kiss in the recently aired episode, which in fact wasn’t even a direct kiss but just barely touching between Raymond’s cheek and lips, then he should put his head inside a cold water basin. It wasn’t even a passionate kiss or French kiss. Heck, Grace even did more lusty scenes back then like dancing around in underwears or wearing just a bikini.

    What a loser to get upset over his wife’s job, lol.

  6. Lol, I think this is all overreacted and poorly written or translated article. As @iciel said, the “daaaaaammmn” could meant he was an innocent surprised/awed like when we go “oooooh, aaaaaah” at a magic trick. This is not Grace first kiss scene, I don’t think.

    As for Edwin, it was plainly a joke. It’s more a friendly jab at Raymond Cho than really taking offend to Priscilla taking on a kissing scene.

    Everyone, chill 😀

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