Guo Jingjing Gives Birth to 7-Pound Baby Boy

After much speculation over her due date, Olympic gold medalist Guo Jingjing (郭晶晶) finally delivered a healthy baby boy on August 27.

Since her lavish wedding to Kenneth Fok (霍啟剛) last November, the public has been anticipating baby news, waiting to see who will be next in line to claim the Fok family fortune. In June, reports revealed that Jingjing is pregnant. The media immediately followed the couple’s every move, and made various speculations regarding Jingjing’s due date and birthing plans.

When news broke this week that Jingjing was secretly admitted to the hospital and ready to give birth, over fifty reporters rushed to Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital for confirmation. At around 12:30 p.m. on August 27, Kenneth officially announced the birth of his son on Weibo:

“Dear friends, our son was born this morning, weighing 3.3 kg [about 7.3 lbs]. Both mother and son are healthy and well! We are very happy about his smooth delivery, and our families are ecstatic! We are very grateful to the medical team for their utmost attention and care! We also would like to give our most heartfelt thanks to all the support and blessings from the media and from our friends. We will share [baby] photos at a later time. Wishing everyone good health and joyous lives!”

New grandfather Timothy Fok (霍震霆) spoke to reporters after visiting his grandson at the hospital. When asked to describe the newborn, Mr. Fok revealed that the baby has a strong built and a lot of hair, and looks like a perfect combination of both of his parents. He avoided answering questions relating to Jingjing’s method of birth, and simply said that the new parents are currently resting and will further discuss their experience once they have recovered. When asked if the child has been named, Mr. Fok proudly said, “That is the grandfather’s responsibility. [A name] will last a lifetime so it must be carefully considered.” He added that he has some ideas and that the name will follow the family’s naming traditions.

When asked if he will reward Jingjing for giving birth to a son, Mr. Fok again avoided the topic and said that the new parents will personally address the media later. Asked if he has purchased gifts for his grandson, Mr. Fok said, “Let [the baby] rest for a bit. He is pretty smart. He opened his eyes for a little bit and then went right back to sleep.” When reporters asked if the family has plans to celebrate the baby’s first month, Mr. Fok said that they will discuss it later.

Reporters reached out to Kenneth’s mother, former Miss Hong Kong Loletta Chu (朱玲玲), for her reactions on the baby’s birth. Loletta is in a great mood and frequently laughed during the interview. She shared that she has already met her grandson and will discuss with the new parents to find a perfect gift for the baby. When asked to describe her mood, Loletta said she is very happy and joked that she is getting old. When asked if she will help name the baby, Loletta said that she will let the new parents decide, citing her poor Chinese skills.

Source: Oriental Daily

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      1. Guo Jing Jing likely didn’t have plastic surgery since she’s a diver … her pre and post pics had the same nose.

        At most, the wedding image is good photo shopping …

  1. Funny both Fok’s married a Ling Ling or a Jing Jing.

    So rhyming …

    Congrats. I always like the lower profile, not too scandalous folks

  2. What’s refreshing and different from typical gold digger marriages is that Guo JJ didn’t fawn on TF just because he was rich, choosing to ignore him when they first met. After all, she was already an Olympic gold medalist with self dignity. That made a big impression, giving him more determination to pursue her.

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