Guo Jingjing is Pregnant; Kenneth Fok Splurges on Baby Needs

Former Olympic diver Guo Jingjing (郭晶晶) married rich tycoon Kenneth Fok (霍啟剛) in a lavish wedding ceremony in Hong Kong last November. The media is abuzz that Jingjing is now pregnant and the couple will be pay top dollar as they anticipate the birth of their first child.

Last Saturday was the wedding ceremony of Michael Tien’s (田北辰) daughter. Kenneth attended the wedding with Jingjing. When reporters spotted them and went up to congratulate the couple, Kenneth said, “We accept your congratulations; we accept your blessings”, hence silently admitting of the pregnancy reports. Even Kenneth’s parents were smiling and did not deny the claims.

Lately, contractors were seen at the Foks’ mansion. Some speculate that the family wanted to construct a 10,000 square feet children’s playground for the baby. An inside source revealed, “Kenneth and Jingjing are first time parents, and they are very nervous and excited. They have plans to transform the baby’s room into rainbow colors, but they do not know if it’s a boy or girl so they used neutral colors like yellow or pale blue. Since Jingjing is an athlete, Kenneth wants to build a baby pool and gym.”

The Foks’ baby room alone is revealed to be 1,000 square feet in size. In contrast, a recent survey by the government reported that there are more than 170,000 people still living in a subdivided small room in Hong Kong.

Kenneth and Jingjing have been looking to hire postpartum confinement assistants to help care for their baby. They interviewed the applicants and tested their skills in feeding the baby, changing diapers and cooking nutritional meals. Apparently, only the top five will be selected. The Foks will pay $80,000 HKD a month, which is several times more than the standard salary.

Source: East Week #509

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    1. “Since Jingjing is an athlete, Kenneth wants to build a baby pool and gym.”

      Maybe they have Olympic son/daughter plans? Hmmm…

  1. At least they never flaunted their relationship when dating unlike RL and KN

  2. I did not even know they were married to be honest but wow, good on them!

    1. What? Wasn’t their wedding like televised?

  3. grats. 😀 baby is a happy news for a new wed couple!

  4. If the Foks have never hurt other people than I don’t think it matters if their baby’s room is larger than most people’s homes because given the same opportunity, we would all do the same for our children.

    Are we going to boycott the 2020 Olympics if Tokyo gets the bid because of what their operatives did to the diving team in retaliation for a Diaoyutai fracas at the time?

    Does everyone know to what I am referring? When they took infrared videos of the divers at practice and posted them on the Japanese internet forums? I understand that many Olympians are poor (like the Ukrainian gymnastics who had their bronze medal taken away when the Japanese team in London got more points added on for their nonhandstand) so I don’t expect Olympians to boycott the games but I feel that some kind of protest should be made against Japan for doing what they did to Guo Jingjing.

  5. Despite their inmmense wealth they seem pretty like a normal happy couple with no airs or shrouded in secrecy unlike a so call “Heavenly King” who is such a paranoia.

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