Celebrity Twins: Guo Jingjing and Kelly Chen

The Chinese diving diva Guo Jingjing and the Hong kong based actress and Cantopop singer Kelly Chen (An empress and the warriors), who is also considered a diva in her field of work, look much alike. Their face bone structure, eyes shape and sharp nose are almost identical. They both have round cheeks and a nice jawline, as well as the same almond shaped big eyes. Both Jing Jing and Kelly have nice figures and are tall, over 1,70 cm.

Miss China: After Gong Mi and Cecilia Cheung, I belive Guo Jingjing and Kelly Chen are the most lookalike celebrity twins.

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  1. I don’t think they look alike. Guo Jingjing look more like a japanese actress I have seen before than Kelly

    1. I also don’t think Guo Jingjing looks like Kelly. Pvt. Joker, you’re right… abella looks more like kelly.

    2. Joker,
      you are 100% correct. Abella do look like a plitting image of Kelly.. my gawd

  2. I don’t think they look alike at all. JingJIng’s lip looks fuller, Kelly had more cheek bones, Kelly’s eye brows looked thicker and her chin is sharper. Their eyes look different. JingJIng has the overall roundness look except her nose. I’d say the most they look alike are the nose.

  3. Kelly is definitely over 170cm but not Jingjing. That’s way too tall for female olympic divers. According to Wikipedia, she’s around 162cm. Noticed all her past olympic games she has thick muscular thighs but sweet looking face though.

  4. Oh Come On! Who on earth would think that these two look alike must need glasses or something is wrong with their vision – serious problems. The only close resemblance is that they are both Asian – period. Other than that, they look completely different facial wise and body wise. Kelly is a skeleton with a flat chest and Guo Jing is well-rounded with curves and a decent looking chest. How can you even compare Kelly’s body with Guo Jing Jings? I wouldn’t even bother looking at Kelly’s body if she was wearing a bathing suit while Guo Jing Jing has been known to look rather curvaceous in her bathing suit. There is simply no resemblance between the two – PERIOD!

    1. Finally someone in here that speaks the truth. Instead of those fake talks like awww i pity for for you. They think they know everything. I really agree with all your comments in jaynestars. youre the best. I comment the same way as you do and i get all bashed over. Some rather help Mavis Pan’s actions then me telling the truth.

      1. Thanks TurismoG. That was a really nice compliment. Finally, there is someone out there who likes to listen to the truth rather than all these self-pity comments that pretend to be nice. Let’s keep it up!

  5. I do see some elements of resemblance between Kelly and Guo Jingjing, namely in the high cheekbones and face shape. But the resemblance is not very striking.

    Actually I find similarities between Liu Xuan and Guo Jingjing to be more prominent, especially in older photos, before Liu Xuan’s fashion makeover.

  6. In my opinion I don’t see any resemblance between the two. I never thought Guo Jing Jing was/is a beauty while Kelly is. In terms of stature, I read somewhere that Guo Jing Jing is closer to 5ft 4/5 than anything else so they wouldn’t even match in terms of height…

  7. Well, each person has different perceptions so we should not be too hard on Miss China.Sometimes 2 people may lookalike to some people but not to others. My mom and I constantly have debates about that all the time. I personally do see a slight resemblance between the 2 of them, but not much. Speaking of Gong Mi and Cecilia, I wonder if Gong Mi had plastic surgery to look like Cecilia on purpose?? Gong Mi’s features look really fake and artificial.

  8. Well, in my opinion, Kelly and jing is much look alike in comparison to the late Twins pop group 🙂
    Kelly vs Jing, Kelly is hotter by looks, whereas jing is cold in swimsuit and some fame with ‘bottle caps’ medels. Kelly has better looks than Jing by miles.

  9. i think guo jingjing looks more like tavia yeung yi den kelly chan ^^

  10. Have you seen “Panda” without makeup!! She looks nothing like Kelly!! I bet these pics were given the cgi treatment….! Also Kelly doesn’t have “Thunder Thighs”!!

  11. You know who are another pair of celebrity twins?

    Mandy Chiang and Goo Hye Sun!! Just search for it! ^_^

  12. yeah, they look alike…they both got TWO EYES, a NOSE, and a MOUTH and their Asian FEMALES…you’re a dolt! They do NOT look alike. The second girl has a PUFFY face and almost NO CHIN. Kelly has a perfectly BALANCED face (i.e. all her features are in total balance to one another). The other girl would only DREAM to be anything CLOSE to Chen Hui Lin!!!

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