Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok to Tie the Knot on November 11

China’s Olympic gold medal diver, 31-year-old Guo Jingjing (郭晶晶), and Hong Kong businessman, 33-year-old Kenneth Fok (霍啟剛), will wed on November 11, according to Hong Kong media reports.

The couple was rumored to have started dating in 2004. In November 2005, Jingjing was photographed hugging Kenneth intimately in their estate in Beijing. The couple subsequently confirmed their relationship after the exposure.

A few days ago, the couple began sending special email invites to their friends and relatives to attend their wedding. The email invite card included two separate photos of Jingjing and Kenneth holding a phone when they were toddlers. The card read: “Jing Jing & Kenneth Kai Fong Are Tying Their Knot, November 11, 2012. Please save the date.”

It is known that Jingjing and Kenneth have not sent out their official wedding invitations yet. Their email invitations were only for close friends and family members. The email itself only mentioned the date of their wedding, and did not include information on their wedding venue.

Nonetheless, the Hong Kong media reported that Jingjing and Kenneth are already planning their wedding to be held in the large AsiaWorld-Expo, which is located next to the Hong Kong International Airport. The AsiaWorld-Expo has over 70,000 square meters of rentable space, and is a popular concert venue for many international stars.

Despite being in the midst of a family property feud, the Fok family is willing to spend more than $15 million HKD in the wedding. Over 300 tables will be prepared for the banquet, with each table costing over $8,000 HKD.


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  1. $8000 HKD per table…wonder what is on this banquet menu? Shark fin or best nest soup, lobster and/or crab, deep sea garouper???

    1. aptos,
      Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok’s wedding is considered as “wedding of the century” in HK, after Cathy Tsui married Martin Lee in 2006.

      I’m looking forward to photos of Jingjing’s wedding, as she will no doubt look stunning.

      1. In addition to his famous Fok heritage, his mom (‘the most beautiful Ms HK’ for years) Zhu Ling-ling too had an extravagent, fairytale wedding.

        Her son Kenneth and Guo Jin-jing have to live up to those wedding expectations too.

        $HK 8000 is about SGD$2000 per table … that’s actually ok-reasonable, by today’s standards.

        If I recall right, the going rate at Shangri-la was about SGD900-1000 per table. And that rate was from some 10? 12? years ago, when things were a whole lot cheaper.

      2. mmmm hk8,000 per table , must be a std. 9 course dishes lol.

    2. 8k per table is fairly cheap in Hk standards. Average hotel prices per table are over 10k.

    3. HKD8000 per table is not that much really given their wealth status.. If a person brings $HKD1000 red packet… 10 people per table.. they make $2000..

      1. um if each person brings HKD 1,000…10 people per table wouldn’t that make HDK 10,000 and not 2,000. i’m confused

      2. That’s the ‘profit’ of HK$2,000 per table.

        Agree with Nana. Given Fok’s fortune, HK$8,000/table is cheap.

  2. What’s all these pretty girls (plastic or otherwise) marrying all these ugly guys (rich or otherwise)?

    Why? Where is the beauty perfect couple? Is there no handsome men who are filthy rich? So rich they can’t afford a bit of PS or even a comb?

    1. Funn, all the handsome men in the world don’t struggle as hard as the ugly people.

      Which is why there is an overabundance of ugly rich dudes, while all the handsome dudes are median-income.

    2. @Funn,

      because rich men got all the money to pay for things they want easily so why need PS if they can get any women they want with their money..

      The comb part made me laugh so hard here LOL.

    3. This is not a good picture. I think he is quite cute in a nerdy way.

    4. Why are u so judgemental about the way a person look? Only beautiful ppl can marry each other??

      1. I agree with you. Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      1. Yeah, without makeup she’s borderline ugly. I never understood the furor over her looks.

      2. i know, whoever thinks she is PRETTY need their eyes checked. hahah LOL..shes so damn plain makeup or w/o ok… my god the guy is not that ugly actually but above pic he does look uglier than her hahahaa….

      3. Seriously… she is not pretty at all. Above pic she already have makeup and only looks average. Image what she looks like without makeup!!!

      4. You (@Lee) mean without photoshop. I don’t find her pretty at all either.

      5. i don’t think she is even average. those eyes has no energy in them. he marry her because she’s famous and she marries him because he’s rich. i though his parents divorced?

      6. no offense and i’m sorry to say this but she is not good looking at all. it is like angelina jolie. people think she’s pretty because she’s famous. so this is why in this world there are people that thinks oh she is pretty because she is in fact famous. that’s all to it. she looks like my former classmate in chinese school. i don’t even want to look at her. they got the same eyes and mouth…everything. this guy is not ugly but that is a jay leno chin. zhu ling ling is not even pretty.

      7. Well for an Olympic athlete, KJJ looks pretty good. She just needs a stylist to make her look more glamorous like kelly Chen. At some events, she doesn’t wear makeup, making her look very “leuNG”. Hopefully her mother-in-law will give her some tips b/c she is marrying into high society now.

    5. First, neither one is in the entertainment business so I don’t understand why this is news to begin with.

      Second, Hk has a shortage of handsome young guys to begin with.

      1. Agree with u. I’m also wondering who they r and why is their news here..

      2. I see why it’s news. She is an Olympic gold medalist and his family is one of the richest in Hong Kong.

      3. I was wondering the same thing but I guess it is because she is an Olympian and his family is one of the richest??

      1. Funn Lim’s comment sounded more like a joke to me. I could be wrong…

        And come on; she’s not the greatest stunner I’ve ever seen but nor is she ugly. Why are people attacking her looks when she’s an Olympian/athlete – a very successful one at that – and not an actress/singer/model/talent?

      2. I would normally agree but she’s been marketed as some sort of goddess. If it was just on the basis of her Olympic achievements, I would totally agree. She’s accomplished more in a few years than many people in several lifetimes. I just don’t think it’s such a great insult to admit that she’s no beauty. Women shouldn’t have to be beautiful to be admired.

  3. Don’t think she’s that pretty.. as for the guy.. he’s not ugly.. but not good looking either.. i think they match.

    1. Kudo for hitting the point!

      Despite his family wealth and her athletic accomplishments, these two are just ordinary non-celebs who met through ordinary circumstances. No need to scrutinize them as we would to entertainment celebs.

    2. couldnt have agree more. both AVERAGE but shes lucked out b/c hey even if he is ugly hes rich right? hahaa there olympic star or whatever she now has a meal ticket for life.

  4. wait! he’s 33? dude is too old looking to be 33…maybe 44.

  5. Geez. What’s with this whole ugly business? They look perfectly normal.

    1. Agree. Neither of them are ugly.

      Many congratulations to them and wish them have a happy marriage.

      1. I don’t think either of them are ugly either. Not stunning either, but not ugly. Congrats to them!

  6. I’ve met him at a wedding and he came across as very gentle and courteous. She seems to be plain and monotonous, admirable gold medal achievements though. I hope he knows what he’s getting into and marrying her for the right reasons.

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