Guo Jingjing Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Congratulations to Olympics diving champion, Guo Jingjing (郭晶晶) and her husband, Kenneth Fok (霍啓剛) on the arrival of their daughter on April 24!  The baby weighed eight pounds. One day after giving birth, Guo Jingjing and her daughter were discharged to go home and rest.

As the granddaughter of former Miss Hong Kong winner, Loletta Chu (朱玲玲), the newborn will definitely inherit Loletta’s beauty.

Kenneth’s father and a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Timothy Fok (霍震霆), was extremely thrilled and could not contain his excitement when he accepted a phone interview. Already complimenting that his new granddaughter was a beauty, Timothy exclaimed, “Thank you! Thank you for the wishes. I visited my granddaughter and she was very beautiful! Despite being a newborn, she had a head full of hair and she is strong and healthy!”

Announcing the wonderful news to the rest of his family and friends, Kenneth shared a photograph of his eldest son kissing his little sister. Kenneth wrote, “We’ve added a new member to our family. We feel very lucky and blessed! A thousand thanks to each and every doctor, nurse, and staff members who took great care of our baby and ensuring that she was safely welcomed into the world! Both mother and daughter are doing great and they’re resting at home! Look at how good big brother is – there’s no jealousy at all, only love for his little sister! So heartwarming! He’s been waiting to be a big brother for so long; he looks like he’s enjoying it and he even got a her a small present!”

Good friend Ellen Wong (王愛倫), also congratulated Loletta on becoming a grandmother once again. Although busy with work lately, Ellen said she will personally go see the baby girl with a gift next time she visits Loletta.

Source: Ming Pao

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