Kelly Chen Pregnant Again!

Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) announced that she was pregnant at a promotional event yesterday. Appearing in a halter dress, Kelly possessed an obvious belly bulge. Asked whether she was pregnant, Kelly admitted that she was pregnant via invitro fertilization, but did not disclose the expected due date. 

Kelly said, “My family is very happy! My son, Chace, did not know that he will become an elder brother. Earlier, I rejected appearing in 20 to 30 shows since they required airplane travel [which was not recommended for the early stages of pregnancy].”

Kelly noted that she will not fully suspend her work and felt that normal activities would benefit the fetus. Did the doctor recommend that she have bed rest every day? “The doctor told me to relax and not become too tense. It was better to appear at an occasional promotional event, walk around and exercise a bit, rather than let my thoughts wander unproductively at home!” 

Kelly noted that she did not know the gender of the baby she was carrying yet. This time, Kelly was pregnant with only one baby. Due to her pregnant state, will her husband, Alex, help lessen her load? Kelly replied, “Whenever Chase has a tantrum, Alex will help me hold Chace more and take care of him.”


Jayne: Congratulations to Kelly! She is glowing and beautiful! All the best for a safe pregnancy!  

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  1. Yay, another Dragon baby!

    Expecting lots of Dragon baby to be born in my work place this year!

  2. I wonder why so many are trying for a dragon?? Is being a dragon that great???

    1. Isn’t the dragon said to be more superior?

      Like how they always reference the Emperor to be a dragon

      1. Sadly that is what many asians think… IN all of the 12 animals, the dragon is the only mythical one that doesn’t roam the earth. I personally don’t see what the big deal is with being a dragon since I know many of them and some of them are so pathetic…

    2. Like I said, the horoscope says Dragon is good for guys.

      BTW, any zodiac, when counting good/bad also have to depends on the zodiac of the parents, season of birth, date of birth, time of birth, etc. Such as some parents’ ages won’t be good with a dragon children.

  3. Maybe its because I was brought up in the Western world, I still think that a lot of Chinese people rather old fashioned in their outlook. I don’t go in for these superstitious things and being born certain years are better etc… To me its all a load of crap. In a way Chinese likes to think they are so up-to-date and modern with western ideas; i.e. man and woman living together or unmarried women, all these things don’t seem to matter anymore. Yet they are very “Chinese” and so conservative in other ways like their old traditional ways.

    1. Being superstitious is not the exclusive domain of Chinese or Asian. The western world has their astrology, numerology, tarot card readings.

    2. What you describe sounds so much like my mom and most of my relatives. They are all still sooo old fashioned and traditional that it is not tolerable…

  4. I won’t consider giving birth in dragon year. I am more practical. Getting a place in a good school is so much harder..

  5. Congratulation to Kelly. I recall she did have a miscarriage before…Hope she takes care of herself and don’t work too hard.

  6. Why’s everyone so fixated on her giving birth to a dragon? She needed assistance with getting pregnant so whenever she’s healthy and pregnant is when she’s having a baby. Don’t think you can force things like invitro to guarantee yourself a dragon baby

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