Kelly Chen’s Newborn Son’s Photo Revealed

After giving birth to newborn son, Chace, Kelly Chen Wai Lam checked out of the hospital the day before yesterday. Kelly’s husband, Alex, had decorated Chace’s baby nursery earlier. Kelly hired an assistant to help her care for Chace during the post-partum months. On the first night that Chace slept at home, he often smiled in his sleep, warming Kelly and Alex’s hearts.

After giving birth, Kelly followed the Chinese tradition of washing her hair and bathing with ginger water. Kelly said, “Every time I hold Chace, I love to smell him. He has a fragrant baby smell!”

Alex took daily photographs of Chace at the hospital and at home, so that they will have records of his growth. Chace was full of cute expressions, often forming an “O” expression with his lips.

Since this year was the Year of Ox, many of Kelly and Alex’s friends bought cattle-themed gifts for Chace. In the above photo, Chace was photographed wearing a cow-patterned wrap, which was a gift from one of Alex’s friends.

Source: Takungpao

Jayne: Kelly Chen looked beautiful and skinny throughout her pregnancy. She barely had a belly bulge and the next thing you know, she already gave birth! Chace is such a trendy, metrosexual name, don’t really like it. Prefer more classic, masculine names that have staying power.

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