Kelly Chen Ready to Work Again After Miscarriage

In March, Kelly Chen Wai Lam suffered from a miscarriage in her fifth month of pregnancy, losing her twin girls. After nearly two months of rest, Kelly’s health and emotional spirits have recovered. Kelly will officially resume working on April 29th, appearing as a guest at a store opening withEric Tsang Chi Wai. The adverting company has released the notice to advertisers.

Reporters contacted Kelly to confirm the news that she was resuming work. Kelly’s assistant said, “Kelly has been resting for nearly two months. Her health and her spirits are much better. She will resume her work again and positively face life.”

Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne: Sometimes it’s better to keep yourself busy than keep thinking about negative thoughts. Kelly sounds like a strong, positive person and happy to see her doing better!

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  1. Hope she has learned her lesson this time and start to have more humility. Flaunting what a great life she’s had and always upholding her cocky attitude, it was about time something brought her senses down to earth and that not everyone around her has such a perfect life so don’t gloat it………..She’s only 40 now so she can keep trying that invitro stuff and maybe she can than produce 8 or 9 like that Octomom in the states…………..

    1. It is a sad story that she lose her twins…
      Her lost reminds me of even if you’re famous, rich, powerful you cannot plan or get anything you want. 40 yrs old seems pretty old to me. When I’m 40 I would be done having kids…

      1. I don’t know much about her so I can’t say that she is cocky or not. But losing her twins is really sad. However, IF she was cocky and flaunts this and that, then I hope that she has learned her lesson that regardless of rich or famous you are, that you cannot have everything you want.You can be rich and famous one moment, but poor and unknown the next moment…. Anyways, wish her the best and hope that she can have more kids in the future.

      1. Yeah, she was. If you saw how she always pretended to be better than others (very subtly) on TV in HK all the time, you would notice. If you don’t live in HK, unlikely you would see it.

      2. @elaine. Thanks for the link to the vidclip. Exactly what I meant about her being cocky. Is that any way to share good news with the media? Of course not, she was just trying to gloat and brag about how great and perfect her life is. That’s exactly what I meant. Sometimes, when you over-gloat on good things that happens to you, you may end up losing it before it ever even comes so here is a perfect example….. She definitely had this mishap coming…………..

      3. I watch the youtube video Elaine posted. I still don’t see how Kelly is cocky.


        I think it’s the way she talks, she’s very blunt. She just seems really full of herself like who gets all dressed up coming out of the hospital after having a baby and ready for the cameras. Other celebrities are in and out of the hospital and no one knows when they were in and out. She seems to make the extra effort to make sure the reporters know exactly when she is in the hospital and out.

      5. She has always been blunt, she may be cocky but doesn’t mean she deserved the miscarriage. Now we are back to square one again. Look, If she suffered a miscarriage because she wore 6 inch heels and fell down,maybe she deserved the miscarriage since she was careless but this is not the case here.

        Arrogance does not mean she deserved what happened to her. Cockiness doesn’t mean that either. Self assured also.

        This woman suffered a late term miscarriage. Give her a break.

  2. Yeah she was too cocky in interview she did when she had her twins

  3. I find her self-absorbed. Remember her wedding, it was such a production and showcase. She doesn’t seem to be down2earth, she put on this super-star aura about her.

  4. Saw the clip…she was too cocky in the interview. If her son watch this clip when he’s older. I wonder if he’ll feel sad cause mommy doesn’t want him at the first place as she admitted she has always wanted a GIRL! I think Kelly should take at least a year off. But nope she likes to be view as a queen DIVA and a strong woman so she’ll be back at work after 2 months. SIGH~

    1. I find it strange that she wants a girl while a lot of the traditional asians still want boys. I do feel sad for her son if she always says that she wants a girl. Regardless if she was cocky or not, I don’t think it had anything to do with her unborn daughters. They are innocent.

  5. So cockiness + flaunting = Deserved miscarriage?

    Then a lack of compassion + ignorance = ??

    You might not like the mother for her supposed crimes (basking in wealth, fame, etc) but to smirk at the loss of two lives is really beyond my comprehension. I don’t follow her music or news so I dont really understand all this hatred being directed at her.

    It doesn’t matter if its two months or a year, a mother will mourn the loss of her children for the rest of her life.

    1. Its hard to persuade people who believe in karma. Don’t bother. Its not worth it.

      1. I don’t think it is about whether any of us believe in karma or not. I believe in it but I don’t see how it applies in Kelly’s case. Even IF Kelly was some really evil person, I still don’t think she deserves to lose her twin girls since they are still innocent. IF someone was evil for example and karma did exist, then bad things should happen directly to that person not their unborn children who did not even have a chance at life yet.

  6. she may be cocky, but I just don’t see how that explains her miscarriage. She was obviously thrilled that she was pregnant with girls and didn’t share the news till she was past 3 months, which is usually past the danger zone. Cockiness is not a crime and def. does not warrant lost of children.

    If ya’ll wanna talk about karma, then you should probably watch what you say about others.

    1. Totally agree and cocky people are annoying but that doesn’t imply that they should lose their children.

  7. The perception of cockiness is subjective. Just because one thinks that she is cocky, it doesn’t mean that everyone should think that.
    Also I think that it is rather mean and to say that it is Karma that she lost her twins.
    Just because she is happy about her pregnancy and chooses to share her news, you are ready to say that she is gloating. Well if she didn’t say anything, you then say that she is being secretive and not willing to share information with the public because she is a celebrity.

    I personally think that she has been open and honest about the things in her life and I admire the fact that she is getting back to work and not sitting at home wallowing in self pity.

  8. Come on people, of course she doesn’t deserve a miscarriage! I’m sure she’s happy and that’s why she’s announcing all her recent good news, it’s just the way she goes about doing it. When she announced her marriage, the way she said it seemed like “ok, I’m getting up there in age, so it’s time.” In a lot of her interviews, she’s always complaining about how she hates being at home, it’s so boring. This is a woman that went back to work a month after having her son. There is a video of her trying to shake and dance while pregnant w/her son and all the reporters and her assistant had to tell her to stop. The reason she did that was because someone was asking her why she’s still wearing heels. She said because flats don’t look good. I think she gives off the impression that she is taking all her good news for granted and not truly appreciating what’s been given to her. I think that’s why some people find it hard to feel sorry for her. I feel bad for her being a mother myself, but at her age, she should really have taken it easy. Older pregnant women are more high risk and prone to miscarriages, etc. I don’t think I ever felt at ease until the baby was finally born.

  9. Is there something wrong with a pregnant woman wearing heels? I’m just asking.

    1. Well it’s kind of risky to wear heels during pregnancy. If she trips, falls, etc., that’s going to be bad for the baby. I personally did not even attempt to wear heels. I already felt so heavy and big during pregnancy. I don’t know how some women balance themselves on heels, but then again I indulged and gained a lot of weight. I doubt these stars will let themselves gain that much weight, so maybe it’s easier, but still very risky.

  10. I recall seeing a video clip of her during her first pregnancy and she was wearing 4 inch heels!! Another clip showed her leaving the hospital after giving birth and she was dressed like she had an event to attend.

  11. I’m glad Kelly is returning to work. I don’t think you will ever get over losing your children in a miscarriage.

    I’m glad that she is still positive about life and she probably deserved the two month rest. She can now come back and feel refreshed.

    Hopefully after her body recovers over the next year she can try to conceive again.

  12. Haha I think it’s funny people saying she comes across as cocky. Agree that she comes across as blunt though, but not cocky!

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