Kelly Chen Gave Birth to 6 lb Baby Boy

By on July 10, 2009 in Celebrity Babies, NEWS

Congratulations to Kelly Chen Wai Lam, who gave birth to a 6 pound baby boy on July 10th! Coincidentally, the baby shares the same birthday as Jacky Cheung Hok Yau. Kelly hopes that her son will be as successful as Jacky. When Kelly heard her son’s first cry, she found the sound very sweet and touching. Kelly’s husband, Alex found the baby’s voice to be very masculine and magnetic.

The night before, Kelly entered Hong Kong Island’s Canossa Hospital. Alex stayed in the delivery room with Kelly, taping and taking photos. Kelly and Alex were very happy to see meet their son, who resembles both his father and mother. The baby was born a bit earlier than the expected date and a name has not been chosen yet.

At 2:25 PM, Kelly’s assistant, Leo, arrived at the hospital. He prepared water, herbal tea and oolong tea as refreshments for the reporters at the scene. Since Kelly and Alex’s parents were aware of the presence of numerous reporters, they did not go to the hospital to visit. The doctor selected the date to induce labor although the baby was not born premature. Kelly and Alex did not select a particular time to have the C-Section operation performed. Leo said that the baby’s birth hour can not be disclosed.

Kelly was extremely happy in becoming a new mother. She will try to breast feed. Postpartum, Kelly was a little disoriented and need to rest. After visiting Kelly for 20 minutes, Leo continued to answer reporters’ questions. Alex will stay with Kelly until she is discharged from the hospital. Kelly’s father was very happy about the baby’s birth. However, Kelly’s sister and brother will not be visiting the hospital. Will Leo follow the tradition of giving cigars for the birth of a baby boy? Leo said that he has not thought about the matter yet.

Many celebrities visited Kelly at the hospital. The delivery charge for the hospital cost more than $30,000 (HKD). Although with the doctor’s surgery, it was estimated that Kelly’s stay at the hospital would cost upwards of $100,000 (HKD). Many of Kelly’s friends sent their congratulations. Aaron Kwok Fu Sing wished the baby will be as smart and sharp as his mother.

Source: Takungpao

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