Kelly Chen Announces Miscarriage of Twins

Yesterday was a tragic day. Aside from the earthquake in Japan, Kelly Chen Wai Lam also announced on her blog that she had a miscarriage, losing her twin girls. Spending the difficult week with her family, Kelly turned her tears into strength, while comforting the outside world to not worry about her.

Since giving birth to her son, Chace, in 2009,Kelly wanted to have a daughter. To fulfill this dream, 38-year-old Kelly underwent in-vitro fertilization to conceive.  At the end of January, Kelly announced becoming successfully pregnant with twins. Despite her excitement, she admitted that she worried about the stability of her pregnancy. In her fifth month, Kelly announced her miscarriage yesterday.

On her blog, Kelly wrote, “Last week was the toughest week of my life…. We put in our best efforts, but our twin daughters will not be able to live with us.” She appreciated the careful medical care provided and told the outside world not to worry. “I will take good rest. When I am ready, I will meet with everyone. Thank you for your blessings!”

Recuperating for One Month

Kelly is currently at home resting. She will take a one month break.  Fortunately, the optimistic Kelly was not depressed. “All along, my husband and my son have been there to support me. I will face the situation in an optimistic manner.”

Kelly’s assistant, Leo, stated, “The miscarriage was not due to the in-vitro fertilization process. Carrying twins poses a higher risk.  Earlier, there were contraction signs. The doctor advised Kelly to enter Queen Mary Hospital, since their pediatric equipment was better. At the time, Kelly’s husband, Alex, was by her side for twenty-four hours.” (When did the contractions occur?) “One week ago; it happened in the morning.” (Will Kelly undergo another in-vitro fertilization process to conceive?) “Let’s not think about that for now. Let Kelly recover fully first!”

Excerpt from the Sun

Jayne: My heart goes out to Kelly, as losing a child at any stage is such a deep sorrow. I hope she rests fully and not think too much at this time, just bond with her family.

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan is devastating and the body count has already reached over 1,000 people. It has not been that many years since the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami and Asia is thrust another earthquake of such magnitude. In face of natural disasters, human life is so fragile, yet the spirit remains strong.

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  1. While it is always sad news for anyone to lose a child from miscarriage, I think celebrities these days are abusing/overusing this in-vitro process to “pump out” kids at their will. Look at so many hollywood celebrities such as Angelina Jolie who’ve done the same. Of course, I’ve never heard that carrying twins have any higher risk than a single child but that’s for the doctors to know. Somehow, I can’t help but feel there’s another story behind this situation that we will probably never know. One thing for sure though, is that Kelly has always been a bit “cocky” about how good her life is with the rich husband the celebrity status and the kid and etc….. and she sure didn’t tone it down with the twins coming. Hope she learned her lesson from this experience that one should never gloat about how fortunate they are. Should just keep it to themselves…..

    1. Usually never comment but just can’t help myself this time – How ignorant!! Angelina Jolie didn’t have IVF to the best if anyone’s knowledge. She adopted and had biological kids. Of course reins would carry a higher risk – do you think childbirth is a problem free process?! I think someone should do a bit more research before accusing anyone of needing to learn a lesson.

      1. I agree with Mamabear about the twins and IVF… but at the same time I do partially agree with yuaida’s comment about Kelly’s good life. She has always showcased her life as the flawless girl with a perfect life and in comparison to other female singers in her generation (Faye, Sammi, Miriam and etc) she has had a much smoother ride of which many know is contributed from her affluent background… the others have happy news but don’t talk about it as much… so here’s a good lesson learned. Perhaps given the risk in having twins it wasn’t a good idea to work like she did with her first pregnancy.

      2. Don’t make such an anal comment. Yuiada was just giving an open opinion. You are just trying to be a saint… so anal…………

      3. Billy, if I am reading your comment right, you’re actually agreeing with some comments in here and disagreeing with me and others like me. When a comment is beyond an opinion, when the view expressed is dangerous and insulting and mean spirited and the person who expressed it doesn’t even realise it and people reading it and finding it is ok doesn’t even know why it is offensive, it is also good opinion when the person expressing these “anal” comments are bashing such opinions. Look, no one says you can’t say whatever is in your mind, that’s what everyone does here, but there is a difference calling someone sayyyyyyyyy a gold digger and saying someone deserves a miscarriage or that it is karma. It is not about being a saint; it is about having a good opinion and expressing it well. I am one for free speech but when such a stupid utterly insensitive comment is made, sorry, call me anal, or a saint, or trying to be one but your stand clearly shows your age or rather the lack of it.

        If I get it wrong, then perhaps write clearly.

      4. The fact is, if newspaper articles are to be believed (google ‘angelina jolie twins ivf’ to find out), she did have IVF for her twins, while all her other kids are adopted.

        She had IVF because she didn’t want to wait around…she was 33 yrs old when she gave birth to them.

    2. Red arrow me for all you want but this is what I am going to say!

      And is that justification enough to say “I SAID SO NYAH NYAH NYAH!!” to a woman who had wanted a child very much and had a miscarriage at 5th month? What sort of utter nonsense! So she flaunts her wealth, her husband, her kid, her whatever; so you’re saying this is payback time? Then be careful of your own words because comeuppance knows no discrimination.

      Good lesson? Lesson? Of what?! She didn’t fall down flat whilst wearing 6 inch heels. She didn’t drink and drive and deliberately fall or whatever. It was an unfortunate miscarriage. It is not only celebrities using IVF. Many more “non-celebrities” are doing that. Kelly has never shown herself to be a careless callous mother.

      Utter insensitive stupid nonsense!

      1. I agree with Funn. She’s just a proud mother who likes to talk about her family. It’s quite natural to have the tendency to keep talking about something that is very close to your heart. Yeah, it may piss you off, like “is she trying to show off or what?”, but no matter what, nobody deserves a miscarriage. It’s very sad news.

      2. I agree with Funn and Moonriver. It’s unfair to say that she deserves what happened to her, I don’t think any woman would deserve to have a miscarriage. It is a very devastating situation and I can’t imagine what she is going through. I don’t think that she is ‘showing off’ about anything or maybe it just comes down to perception. I think some people are just more open to talk about their family life, while others are more private about it.

      3. Another anal person who can’t accept general opinions that have nothing to do with logic……….so anal……..

      4. Im with you billy and yuaida when I say Funn is no fun.

      5. I think you are thinking way too much..nobody said Kelly deserve to have a miscarriage. She said ” Hope she learned her lesson from this experience that one should never gloat about how fortunate they are” which is true in a moral way.

        Celebs/rich ppl love to brag about how much $ they donated…the purpose is for their image.

      6. even though I disagree ppl using IVF etc. If the deal is done then I wish them the best with a smooth pregnancy…however sometimes when something is not meant to be it is not meant to be. Sometimes you just gotta accept life and be thankful with what u got…at least u got Chace.

        Have u watch Guliana and Bill Rancic? They’ve gone thru the same/similar process and something is really wrong in the show when it comes to watching what they go thru with IVF and they are Catholics too they shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing, what a shame~

    3. So, you think the reason she lose her twins is because she ‘gloat’ about her good fortune?

      If she keep her pregnancy and being low profile about it, her twins wouldn’t die?

      What a logic.

    4. Unless you have tried unsuccessfully at conceiving the natural way, you don’t have have a right to call people out for
      “abusing” IVF. You think people would go the IVF route if they were able to conceive the natural way?

      “Of course, I’ve never heard that carrying twins have any higher risk than a single child but that’s for the doctors to know” – really? So you’re not only cruel, you’re ignorant.

    5. This comment is very insensitive. Being confident does not constitute as being arrogant. In addition, loosing a child (children) is not Karma… it is a tragedy…

      1. If you are over confident then you can become arrogant… Once again, it just depends on how confident you are and how you are presenting yourself… Losing a child is a tragedy because the child is innocent. Honestly, if the mother is despicable, the child is still innocent.

      2. I don’t really like Kelly. I don’t think she very unique as a singer and I don’t get why she’s so popular. But, how is she despicable and arrogant? Did she step on other people when she talk about her good fortune? No.

      3. @KIDD,
        I was NOT referring to Kelly!!! I was just talking in general. Like I have said, I don’t know much about her and never accused her of being arrogant or did I ever said that she was despicable! Once again, I was just talking in general so it had nothing to do with her!!

  2. Our sympathies are with Kelly at this time of grief. The loss of one’s children is always a trajedy to me, no matter what and I do hope Kelly will hve the strength and courage to see through this difficult period.

  3. Well isn’t it always bad for someone to carry a baby when they’re that skeletal?

  4. Definitely feel bad for Kelly for her miscarriage and hope she recovers soon! And I agree with Funn. No matter what, no one deserves to suffer a miscarriage like that unless it’s karma like she murdered someone’s kid or made someone else suffer a miscarriage. What’s wrong with flaunting your good life? It’s not like she’s putting down or hurting others by doing so. She wants to share her happiness with others and that’s understandable. Some people are more low-key and humble than others, some people like to share everything with others and show-off. It’s not wrong to do so. It’s just that each person likes to handle it differently.

    1. I feel bad for Kelly and best wishes to her and her family. It is sad for anyone of have a miscarriage so you should not wish that on anyone. My mom had several of them and never really forgot any of them. She still has a shrine up for them and still keeps them all in her heart. I am sure that Kelly will never forget her twin daughters.

      As for whether she flaunts or not, I am not sure since I don’t follow her news often nor do I know much about her. However, I think her sharing her good news about her family with others it not necessarily implying that she is showing off or flaunting anything. She can be just so happy and wants to share her happiness with everyone, so I don’t find anything wrong with that. However, it also depends on how she does it too. BUT, if she does do it in a matter that implies that she is better than others, then I agree that that is wrong, especially in such a bad economic time where others are struggling and here you are flaunting your wealth… You can be all hot and wealthy one moment but poor and struggling the next moment since you never know what can happen in the near future. Therefore, I believe that while it is ok to share your good news and happiness, it is also important to be considerate of others too.

  5. Oh I feel so sad for her! I don’t follow her career but I’ve seen that her family life seems to be quite good and her son is also beautiful. I am glad that she is looking to her family for solace in this time.

    My biological clock must be ticking or something…five years ago I would be fleetingly sad if I read such news..but my heart is really going out to Kelly and her family tonight. 🙁

  6. Celebrities these days keep having those artificial insemination. How about real intercourse with your husband semen penetrated into the ovary? Go back to the traditional way of doing and instead of riding the trend. I don’t mean to bash Kelly. I’m just saying. I wish her well after such a tragic event.

    1. Maybe, just maybe due to age she is having difficulties in conceiving? That the only people who has no problem conceiving naturally so easily are those who are not financially able to take care of the child or did it for fun and discovered “Sh*t! I’m pregnant!” like teenagers?

      And semen does not penetrate into the ovary, if it does, that is one very confused semen.

      It is sperm breaking into (for want of a better word) into the ovum/egg. And there is a difference between articifial insemination and IVF. Anyway I know what you mean. But sometimes, people do have a hard time conceiving, no matter how many times they do it.

      1. That is a funny comment about the confused semen. Funny description if you imagine it.

      2. These days some even give birth at 60 or 70. Can you tell me how many of them did it around the world? Come on be real~the best age to start a family around your 20s and on. After 30s or on increase your risk of miscarriage. Kelly always show her image as a diva cuz she loves the rich and fam attention. Now let’s say the world don’t always work out the way she has planned~

    2. You think people will choose IVF if they can conceive via the more fun way?

      IVF is a very painful procedure. The woman has to inject herself with medicine that control ovulation so that it’s easier for doctor to retrieve the eggs for fertilization. I know a person who has done this before. She said the injection is very painful.

    3. Who would go through with that procedure unless they had to? It is not just celebs that do it, the average person does it too.

    4. Darren: A healthy women who has sex on the day she ovulates only has a 25% chance of conception… now think of what those percentages are for a women in her thirties? I’m sure if conceiving naturally was an option for Kelly, then she wouldn’t have done IVF. Most couples I know who have done IVF have already been trying for years to get pregnant and use it as one of their last resorts… and sperm penetrates the egg, not ovary. The ovary produces the egg!

  7. That’s just sad and I know how she feels. My mom had two miscarriages. One was upload to be a boy while the second miscarriage was a girl. I don’t think this is karma. I realize that the older a woman tries to give birth the harder it is. My mom was near her forties at the time just like Kelly. It is better to give birth at a younger age but with today’s society is harder. People tend to stabilize their careers first. That just makes me sad. The saddest story I’ve read on this site. I love babies!!! At least she knows that she was going to have twin girls. So sad.

    1. I always get scared when people tell me about how I may not be able to have kids if I get past 35. My mom does NOT believe in the age limit at all since she had my 6th brother, me and my younger brother all after 35(she had my little brother in her early 40s)and we all turned out fine. My mom did it all the natural way too because I don’t think she even knew what IVF was back then. IVF is the last alternative if you want to have kids and can’t do it the natural way. If you can do it the natural way then why would you even want to do IVF?? I heard it is painful too.

      1. Don’t worry then! I guessed it’s different in every females body. But my aunt had her youngest son in her forties and he’s a premie. I’m sure if your mom can give that many births in her late 30s and 40s then you’re fine. Just don’t wait too long. Whenever I go out with my mom they always either ask if she’s my grandmother or if I’m her grand daughter. I guessed I need to speed up that process too or it’ll be risk for my kids and myself.

      2. These days some even give birth at 60 or 70. Age is no limit, but do think of your own mortality when your child is growing. Better start soon!

      3. @Funn, 60 or 70 for a woman?? are you serious? man, i’m so ignorant…

      4. Serious. One Indian woman, 60 plus? Gave birth. Serious!!!

        But don’t start so late. 40 to 45 is ok. Imagine your child is 13 and you’re 60. Can you handle that kid?

        Too young also bad. 30 ish is a good number.

      5. @Laughingbear,
        But then again, my mom had my oldest brother when she was in her 20s and my youngest brother in her 40s. I am like the 8th one so people always mistaken my mom as my grandma. But we sadly can’t really control when we can get married and have kids. It just happens.. My friend has been married for nearly 3 years now and has been trying to have kids without any success. I think she will have to wait longer…

      6. Yes, there’s an Indian woman who gave birth to twins at the age of 70.

        Another Indian woman gave birth to her first child at 70.

        Both done by IVF.

  8. facts
    1. the older you are the the harder it is to conceive your FIRST child, if you have your first kid in your 20s and then more in your 40s(rarely any probs) but if you have your first in your 40s much more difficult – remember in past times and without medicine most ppl died in their 40-60s now ppl are living longer and people are waiting longer, menopause happens in the 50-60s and some are unlucky and have it in their 30-40s.
    2. carrying multiples are always more difficult because there is not a lot of room in uterus for babies to grow, they have to share the food and blood supply, and are usually smaller in weight then singleton babies
    3. IVF – some ppl have difficult time conceiving and keeping the pregnancies – such as chemical composition in uterus, husband’s sperm counts are low, etc. You have to give yourself shots everyday in the hip with a long thick needle to get the chemicals near the ovary to release more eggs, very painful cause you have to push the needle in far! Some ppl even lose the baby when the cord is wrapped around the neck or the baby gets stuck in the pelvic bone during labor and die. Learn more about babies, reproduction, and womens’ health before criticizing ppls choices/accidents
    If fact more than half will have miscarriages in their lifetime – I work in hospitals and miscarriages are very very common that’s why most ppl wait to tell ppl about their pregnancy until after the 1st trimester since the fetus is more stable but miscarriages can happen anytime, sometimes the DNA of the baby has mistakes during the splitting of cells(mitosis) and the uterus causes spontaneous abortions/miscarriages

  9. My sympathies to Kelly, I can only imagine how painful the experience can be. It takes an ignorant and malicious person to undermine the risk of carrying twins and to say someone ‘deserves’ to have a miscarriage. And an even more ignorant person to enable such insensitive comments.

    have a nice day!

  10. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH yuaida and billy. People shouldn’t been calling eachother names over this. Afterall Kelly is a public figure and very popular in HK. When a wrong message are sent ppl are going to comment on it. The real truth is ppl now a days are ingoring the real problem…I don’t feel bad for Kelly I feel bad for the babies that are created and are being killed thru the process. I totally understand the process of IVF/In-vitro…it is not fun for the woman. As always the natural way is the best if you can’t have babies that’s your fate or your choice because Kelly decided to have it at the age of 38/39? Comon that’s too late…I personally think the only way is to pray or adoption.

    1. Sorry but 38 and 39 is NOT too late to have kids, even if it is your first one. Of course it is a lot harder, but is still possible. In Kelly’s case, she has already had one so she should be able to have more…Well, I bet she is only using IVF because she can’t conceive the natural way. IF she can, then I don’t think she would have used IVF. Since wants more kids, that was the only way for her to do it and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  11. by babies I meant embryos and to me it is indeed an human being!

  12. by praying I meant keep trying to concieve and keep praying!

    1. miracle happens in many ways of our lives…just like the feelings of holding your new born in the delivery room. The feeling of a cancer survivor…even tho your doc said you can’t have babies there are ppl out there do get pregnant unexpected and to be honestly with you they aren’t ready for it but r happy about…call it a miracle~

  13. Doctors are there to make money…they always encourage you to keep doing it until it is a success. Mean while they are making BIG bucks out of your wallet. Most doctors don’t think for the client’s benefit…doctors are not God they don’t always know the alternatives, a lot of time they knew there are side effects of certian drugs and they don’t tell u until you ask them.

    1. God gave men the brains to make medical breakthroughs, so whatever doctors do whether for money or otherwise but for the benefit of the patient and at her request would be doing god’s work isn’t it?

      Praying won’t give you a miracle. Going to seek help will. Power of the mind is immensely powerful, but praying and nothing comes out of it means a person has to be resourceful. I don’t see how IVF equates to killing babies. This is not abortion, IVF is about making babies, sometimes miscarriage happens because the pregnancy is unstable, that is not the same as killing babies deliberately or otherwise for that matter. To have and to lose is the most heartbreaking of all. Just because you hit 40 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. But if you hit 50 please think practically before having a baby. Not all doctors are there to make money. Scientists do not have a moral compass and neither should they. They don’t even think of consequences, they just strive towards discovery, a breakthrough. But when the information is released, how we use those technology is guided by that moral compass. We are not talking designer babies. We are talking quite simply creation of a life. God has nothing to do with this loss, well some may think it does but if God is so forgiving, would you think God would utter those mean spirited words that are uttered in here and then to have His/Her follower agreeing to that very statement? This is not about being godly, a saint or whatever. It is about being decent to each other in the times of tragedy. It is not the same as gossips. This woman has gone through a very painful loss, after being given hope, nothing is more cruel than such a fate. Have a bit of empathy even if you have no sympathy.

      And if a doctor knows of side effects and not tell the patient and the patient suffers side effects, well, the law says she can sue the doctor till he is stripped off his medical license.

      Not everyone is into adoption. Everybody hopes to have their own flesh and blood first and foremost. I don’t blame them for having such thoughts.

    2. Thanks reesh. Finally someone who reads this site and keeps an open mind. I think the other readers are just being overly sensitive……………Celebrities aren’t that sensitive themselves to otheres so it’s OK for us to make humane comments……………

      1. Reesh gave a very sensible and down to earth comment about doctors encouraging patients to do IVF to make money. You, instead dissed Kelly for being cocky and that she should learn from this lesson (her miscarriage) and toned down her supposed cockiness.

        The readers have problem with this insensitive and in no way humane comment of yours, but, I don’t think many will have problem with reesh’s comment.

      2. Forgot my earlier reply. The browser when crazy and submit my comment without me pressing the Submit button.

        I’ve read Reesh’s comments.

        I still think your comments about Kelly’s cockiness is in no way humane.

      3. Reesh is not keeping an open-mind. She’s just preaching her Catholic belief. I don’t see her ‘absolute no to IVF’ as open-minded.

        Disagree with the majority doesn’t mean one is open mind. It’s just having a different POV. Her POV coincide with you doesn’t mean she keeps a more open-mind.

  14. It’s sad that this thing happened to someone, but I find some of these female celebrities are so vain, wearing high shoes while they are pregnant???

  15. I think IVF/Vitro’ violates human dignity. Science and technology have made enormous contributions to our lives and society. But the fact that a certain procedure is technologically possible, does not make it ethically right.
    In vitro fertilization is wrong because it separates human procreation. “In vitro” it literally means “in glass.” In vitro fertilization is a process whereby human life is generated in a laboratory environment like a glass petri dish.

    The Jones Institute, one of the pioneers of in vitro fertilization, reports that only 10 to 20% of the human embryos produced by in vitro fertilization ever result in a normal pregnancy. The Centers for Disease Control estimated that in 1998, 28,000 babies were born through in vitro fertilization in the United States. This means that 140,000 – 280,000 human embryos are missing from the equation for that year alone. Now imagine how many are missing in 2011…go figure!

    What happens to the rest of the embryos? Some embryos are stored alive in freezers some embryos are simply killed as they are washed down the sink.

    It is a scientific fact that human life begins at conception/fertilization. From conception, a human embryo has a complete genetic code and his or her growth and development is totally coordinated from within. Human embryos are human children sons and daughters!

    Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person!

    When this fundamental moral line is violated or obscured, categories of people become devalued and they become easily used for utilitarian purposes. No one has the right to a child. Even for the most loving of couples, there is no right to a child through either normal conjugal relations or reproductive technologies.

    Above all, a child is a gift. Gifts should not be controlled or manipulated. Cooperating with God’s plan for human procreation ensures that all children are accepted as gift.

    God allows children to be conceived through in vitro fertilization because He respects human freedom. But this does not mean that in vitro fertilization children have any less God-given dignity. Every child is made in the image of God and deserves to be protected and loved.

    There are natural technique to get pregnant. I did it through NFP…which can help couples better understand the cycle of fertility and the optimum time for conception.

  16. However, this does not mean we can condone in vitro fertilization. Analogously, children are born outside of marriage. These children have no less dignity, but that doesn’t mean we should promote the practice.

    NFP= Natrual family plan. is an umbrella term for certain methods used to achieve and avoid pregnancies. I use it for 2 years until I decided to start a family of my own. These methods are based on observation of the naturally occurring signs…after having two children I am currently using it to avoid pregnancy.

    1. Good for you that you are fertile and has not problem conceiving. Other women are not so lucky.

  17. Avoid pregnancy? This means no intercourse on your Peak days. Every women have their own cycle of peak time every month. Some might be hard to track due to irregular menstral cycle. But if you observe closely it is very possible to get pregnant or to avoid pregnancy. NFP is not a joke it is a method that really works naturally without using birth control that puts your body through all the unnecessary chemicals.

    1. It’s works for you because you are fertile and tracktable cycle and you husband’s sperm count is ok.

  18. I don’t wanna be rude or anything, but aren’t you guys getting off topic when you’re debating about what God wants, and atificial incimination. But isn’t this article all about being sad for Kelly Chan. She still has time for another child, I mean my mother was practically 40 when she had me. But it is a shame she lost twins though…

    1. What I believe in has already been said. It doesn’t take a religion person to understand common sense, gotta respect life even when it is very tiny.
      I did feel bad for Kelly. However I feel worse for the destroyed embyros that are involved in the process. Because Kelly is a well known person this kind of pratice is being promoted to be normal when it isn’t. Afterall we human are smarter then all the other animals but we aren’t that smart, our abilities are limited, we have absolutely no power over God’s plan.

    2. This is not a forum, users should not be bind to what the article is. There wasn’t an embedded rule to devote everyone’s post to grief over Kelly’s loss.

      Yeah – feel bad for her but after reading so many postings that are “off-topic,” I’m actually not too sad for her.

      So she spent some money and it didn’t work out the way she wanted it to, meh. With her wealth, she can try again. I don’t think she wasn’t fertile or her husband’s sperms were incapable of impregnating a woman. Kelly was probably just selfish in her early days, constantly concentrating on her career and making money.

      There’s a genuine difference between a couple with health related issues versus a couple using science as a back-up plan because they have other focuses in life.

      I’m glad science can help people but the wealthy are the ones that are able to take advantage of this and not the average joe.

  19. @ Kidd…it doesn’t take a Catholic or other religion person to understand killing is wrong, it doesn’t take a Catholic to know that the sky is blue, it doesn’t take a Catholic to understand that IVF/In vitro are not natural and that it kills many embryos (babies)that are not capable to speak for themselves in the process and they’re being killed like it’s nothing…that is clearly wrong. These things are obvious. It is immoral to use technology to do whatever you want despite wheather it is right or wrong. So bringing the religion line “She’s just preaching her Catholic belief”. doesn’t make your point stronger. The truth speaks itself. If I am not open minded…I would call yall names because you disagree with me and I would be rude about this entire topic. I am only a Catholic for 5 years and before becoming a Catholic I still believe we human beings should have a certian sense of understanding moral/immoral. So stop with the Catholic thing!

    1. Polite and well-mannered does not equate to open-mindedness.

      “that is clearly wrong”
      ” It is immoral to use technology to do whatever you want despite wheather it is right or wrong.”

      No, it’s not clearly wrong. It’s clearly wrong to you because that’s your moral compass. It’s immoral because that’s your moral compass. But, it does not apply to everyone. Not everyone thinks/believes that human life start at conception.

      As for bringing in religion line, who is the one who brought in God into her argument in the first place?

      1. Kidd, exactly!

        And can embryo think or talk at all? Can they breath unaided or even be delivered, hook up to a machine and survive just like that? Life does not start at conception. Moreover in this news, hers was a miscarriage, not an abortion.

        It is far more immoral to use religion as a basis to speak ill of others in their times of crisis, to say “you deserve this!” when no one deserves an unexpected end to an expected planned pregnancy. It is not just Catholic but religion in general. I don’t know nor do I care if you’re catholic but whatever your religion has been teaching you, you have probably been missing a few lessons. I have my fair share of speaking ill of others but I know there is a limit. I can never understand why some people place higher importance to embryos that if you were to bring to this world as an embryo could not have survived a second anyway since they’re not developed, than that of a living breathing human being.

        Why not speak for those who are living, breathing but trampled on?

        It’s good you have a religious faith, you have your moral compass, we can argue until the 2nd coming of Christ and we can never agree on anything except for one; God preaches goodness. And if you can find that goodness in your heart and re-read what you have wrote, maybe you will understand why Kidd and I strongly disagrees with you and the likes of you.

        This is beyond keeping an open mind. This is a dangerous view to have. I assume you’re young and I hope with age you might see that folly of your youthful opinion.

  20. Clearly you have no standard of moral. Do you agree murder or rape is wrong or do you think is okay? There you can figure out a person’s standard of moral it’s either white or black, same thing with IVF. You choose to ignore the behind details about IVF because you have no heart for the innocent embyros (babies). Right or wrong is very simple it is not necessary to make it so complicated. You are right not everyone think the same. That’s why education is very important. If you don’t have a sense of what I say then I have sympathy for you. Being lost isn’t a good feeling.

    Well I didn’t really bring God into my argument intil your friend Funn Lim started the entire posting with that topic. There are 92% of Americans believe in God; Only 5% oppose which you are one of the 5%…the majority of the people still have faith and hope. There are a lot of people out there against IVF not just me. Like I said the truth speak for itself…it always does.

  21. Obviously you are the likes who don’t have faith or believe in anything but themselves. Your views are not wise and there are no goodness coming from it. You agree “God teaches goodness” but I see no sympathy from you for an innocent embyro/baby…there isn’t goodness in your heart? Yes, there is no way we’ll agree…if your mother didn’t choose life I wondered where you’ll be.

    Okay this is wasting time I am pretty much talking to a devil or someone that has been totally brain wash. I wish you will come to understand this manner as age, they said the older you get the wiser you’ll be. It is not always the case but I pray for you~

    1. I believe in God, I just don’t believe in using His good name to justify your sort of beliefs. If my mother didn’t choose life, I wouldn’t have exist and perhaps I may be amongst angels up in heaven with God standing next to me with Him shaking his heads that everything He represents seems to go out the window by your sort of twisted beliefs. I am not brain washed nor am I the devil. I’d rather be devil than a devil in “angel” clothing so to speak. How am I totally brain washed? By having sense, common sense, empathy and not bring God into the picture? How different then is that accusation when it comes to you? I am done talking to you. To equate IVF with rape, murder is beyond anything I can ever reply. You remind me of those anti abortionist who wastes no conscience in bombing an entire clinic full of people, crying for aborted foetuses and yet gave no thoughts to the innocent lives in that clinic, for whatever reason they were there. Or those who pleads for the life of the murderer on death row and yet no care for the victim who was murdered. I have sympathy for the innocent baby but your post have gone beyond the scope of this article. This is about a woman who miscarriaged twins she was blessed to have through IVF. I don’t see how rape, murder, karma, etc plays any part in that article. I have many religious friends who are flexible, caring and with enough common sense to know when and where to stick to or leave a pointless ridiculous argument. That’s it. I am done.

      1. Please don’t pray for me. That is insulting and sarcastic. Preach your godliness elsewhere. Call me the devil or banish me to hell all you want, but I am done with that sort of sarcasm and even if you mean well, all the more insulting.

      2. You really don’t make sense. All you want from GOd is whatever it comforts your typical type of life but when it comes to a higher believing your GONE.
        Since you said embyros aren’t breathing therefore it shouldn’t have any rights. Then maybe Kelly should not feel any sadness because it’s not real. I believe Kelly will be affected by this tragedy for the rest of her life thinking and considering these twin are apart of her family and will always remember her twin no matter what. Maybe even on some nights she will held up the ultra-sound pics of the twins and talk to them while she’s crying. I never say I don’t feel bad for Kelly. I am only pointing out the real truth for ppl to make their decision of what is right or wrong. I am not forcing them to believe it…the info are out there for them to read. If you have no conscience about it then I feel terrible for you and the likes of you. I am done also.

      3. …because it’s not out of Kelly’s tummy yet and that it isn’t breathing by itself then it shouldn’t be consider as a baby? So as long the baby is inside the baby shouldn’t have any rights? How lame…
        I use rape and murder as an example to justify how ones view right and wrong. If you don’t get it again I feel so bad for the likes like you.

      4. No I wouldn’t compare you with the devil that’s really not who you are. I’ll say you are one of the lost sheep…hope someday you will find your way home to the shaperd. 🙂

        Since you want no prayers for your soul I will kindly not pray for you. Have a good life Funn, don’t have too much FUN cuz then you’ll miss out on what’s good in life…

    2. @ reesh

      ” I never say I don’t feel bad for Kelly.”

      This is your own words you posted yesterday.

      “I don’t feel bad for Kelly I feel bad for the babies that are created and are being killed thru the process.”

    3. Sorry Reesh, but you seem to be brainwashed by religion. What is wrong with not being any religion or believing in any religion? You make it seem like anyone who doesn’t have a religion or believes in one is a bad person. I can tell that many of the people that I know that claim to have a religion and believe in this and that, but on the contrary are not really good people. However, people that don’t really have a religion or really believe in one are actually pretty good people. I am not saying that that is true in every case and it varies from person to person, but the point is that you don’t necessarily have to believe or belong to any religion to be a good person.

    4. Reesh,
      See read this message of yours again and you can see why I thought that you said if someone doesn’t believe in some kind of faith(religion)means that they are not a good person….

  22. I don’t like Kelly but I am sadden by her news. Losing a baby must be a very painful experience. On the other hand, I am not saying that karma has gotten her there but miscarriage among twins is higher than single baby. My co-worker’s wife had to be bed ridden for most of her pregnancy for their twins.

    I was very happy for her when I found out that she was having twins but I think she did not appreciate what as growing inside her. A woman should learn to enjoy their pregnancy and not work like mad. Wearing those 6 inch heels could not have been good. So, hope that she will reflect on what happened to her twins and try again with whatever method she choses. Once you’ve miscarried, you are more prone to miscarried and this is not saying that you will not succeed to have a child, but just more prone. My aunt had about three miscarriage but still manage to have three daughters.

    OT-my hearts and prayers goes out to the Japanese people.

  23. I don’t understand why sooo many religious views are being discussed here. Does religion really influence our thinking that much??? If so, I think that is part of the reason why I no longer believe in religion even half as much as I used to. I personally feel that you should be able to make your own decisions in life yourself instead of letting your religion(regardless of which religion, not aiming at any religion but saying in general)control every decision you want to make in your life. I think it is good if religion helps you make a good decision in life, but what happens when it sadly causes you to make a bad decision life???

    I remember once that someone died just because they made a decision based on their religious beliefs. I find it sad that many people allow religion to literally “control” them like that. Can’t we all think for ourselves and make our own decisions in life without the influences of religion???

  24. This was also posted yesterday…as a Christian I realized…

    “I did feel bad for Kelly. However I feel worse for the destroyed embyros that are involved in the process”

    I don’t always agree with what the church teaches but I don’t run away and ignore it and then come back to God when there is hard time. I pray for understanding why the church stand firm on certian issues. Discussion with the preist etc…I came to understand. I have been like you guys who used to doubt God in many direction. But in the end I choose to agree with God’s plan. Life isn’t easy temptation everywhere if you walk with your own human mind you could fall easily.

    Thisis going no where. Yall have your choice. I am not forcing anyone~

    Peace be with you all. BYE!

  25. Kidd…I am a Christian, I’m not perfect I make mistake too… but I’m willing to admit it, do you? I’m sure if I re-read what you or others wrote I can find many errors.

    1. Please go look for them then.

      I’m just pointing out an obvious contradiction. Those are not errors or mistakes. Those are contradicting statements. The only defense that is applicable here is she changed her opinion/feeling.

  26. HeTieShou,

    Do you know the details of why that someone died due to religion beliefs? Apparently not…I would like to know more about it before placing an argument or judgement.

    1. Reesh,
      YES, I do but I just did not want to explain or go into detail about it because I know that people may not believe it…

  27. HeTieShou,
    DO you know an enough amount of religion people to say that they aren’t good people. Tell me the %…I like to know. Don’t twist words I did not say non-religions are bad people. I know many, in fact most of my friends are not anything…but they aren’t like you, they keep an open mind and are willing to listen.

    1. Reesh,

      WHat the heck?? Sorry but you are the one that is not open minded… What right do you have to preach about people being open minded or not?? Please look at yourself before saying anything!!All you do is preach about IVF being wrong and go and on and on about your religious views. Does that make you open minded?? I personally don’t think so..Also, what is up with all the percentages?? I can just throw out any number but that would just sound really ridiculous don’t you think?? Sorry to misinterpret you, but honestly… that was the idea that I got from you after reading your message.Trust me, re-read your own messages again and you can see why I thought that.

  28. *yawn* Really? People are arguing on a never-ending topic – religion.

    People are not going to understand because of a few postings … if only it was that easy.

  29. I used to be badly affected by news of sudden deaths via natural disasters, wars n whatnot. However, it’s gradually dawned onto me that life has its expiration date. When we are facing adversity we must have the strength to go through it.
    I feel for Kelly and her husband because losing a planned-for child is a blow and to lose double at the same time must be an excruciating painful experience.
    Hopefully, their love is strengthened by going their loss together.
    It will never do to fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow and forget to give thanks for today.

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