Hannah Quinlivan’s 16-Year-Old Brother is a Good-looker

Jay Chou (周杰倫) and wife Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) showed up at the fourth game of the ongoing NBA championships on June 8 to support Asian-American basketball star Jeremy Lin (林書豪). Posting a photo on social media, Jay wrote, “Haha, many ask me which team I support. In fact Jeremy, I’ll support whichever team you’re on.”

Showing their good friendship, Jeremy, who is of Taiwanese descent, said happily, “Thanks guys for flying from Asia to U.S. to cheer for us! Great friends! Whenever coach Chou appears, we will win, haha. One more match to go, can’t celebrate yet.” To this, Jay replied tongue-in-cheek, “Didn’t I say you’d win whenever I come for the match. I will keep watching!”

Together with the couple are Hannah’s brother and dad. Hannah also revealed that it is her brother’s first NBA game, along with a photo of the four of them. Dressed in a Warriors’ jersey, Hannah’s 16-year-old brother has the same deep-set Eurasian features and seemed to have grown taller since his last public appearance. Many netizens commented on his dashing looks and on how he has “totally grown from boy to man”. Ten years apart, he is Hannah’s half sibling, born to their father and his second wife.

Source: Ettoday; HK01

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. He looks even more mixed than the sister. Both cute!! At least they still a tiny bit Asian as I remember Emil Chau’s kids. I do not see a single streak of Asian in his kids. hahah LOL…That son of his is even more of a good looking mixed, identical to his mom.

  2. As a Torontonian, it was funny/sad to see Jay Chou flying over there to support Jeremy when he never got any time on court.
    Most people are saying that Jeremy won’t be put on court until the Raptors know for sure we’re winning the game (as shown in game 2 or 3 where he was on the court for 5 seconds in the end). If Raptors win the championship tonight then we’ll see more Jeremy on the court

  3. At least we still have an “active” Chinese player in the NBA. Great to see JC flying in to support his friend! If I can go whenever, where ever I want, why not!!

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