Hannah Quinlivan Admits She Was Too Eager to Please Everyone

Flying to Cuba for a recent photo shoot for Vogue magazine, Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) initially felt extremely nervous going to a place without the Internet for the first time. However, she ended up enjoying her stay after realizing how warm the locals were. Speaking with Vogue, Hannah revealed how her lack of faith in love had almost jeopardized her relationship with husband Jay Chou (周杰倫) and her own path to personal growth.

Reflecting on her own personality, Hannah admitted that she used to be someone who aims to please everyone. The 26 year old said, “I used to just go along with everyone’s ideas. Even if something doesn’t seem right and I’m uncertain, I’ll just listen to them due to time and pressure from others. If everyone thinks a certain way is the best, I’ll just go with it. When I see the results afterward, I always end up regretting why did I make the decision so hastily? Now I have to bear the consequences. I should choose to act slowly and carefully and don’t jump into things. Don’t they always say mature people make decisions they won’t regret? I’m not mature enough right now, but I’m on the path to growing up!”

Growing up in a single-parent family, Hannah initially had very little trust in love. She felt very lucky to have met and married Jay, who is 14 years her senior and has been able to give her so much love and compassion.

Although there was a brief period when Hannah thought about breaking up with Jay due to the intense public pressure of dating a superstar, her doubts were short-lived. Hannah expressed, “Perhaps it was my impulsiveness or maybe because I think love trumps all. I really want a wonderful family and be with the one I love. So, I told myself – why not.”

Filming for variety show You Are Beautiful <你怎麼那麼好看> helped Hannah see things in a different light. She said, “There were a lot of pressure and challenges to film this show. I’m not scared to see a world that’s unhappy; I’m scared of being insincere and not being able to offer others the comfort they need. After getting involved, I felt as though there were many unanswered questions. I truly think that everyone needs a psychologist – we all go through different things in life and we don’t have to be as strong as we think we need to be. We shouldn’t comfort ourselves through usual ways – maybe there are other methods as well.”

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @myden26 Hannah is more than just Jay’s pretty young wife. She acts, models, sings, is a TV hostess and has her own brand of clothing. She even had a role in a Hollywood movie recently.

    2. @myden26 It’s hard for people to acknowledge her work when her husband is Jay Chou. She will probably be overshadowed her whole life and will forever be labelled Mrs. Jay Chou. I’m a fan of Jay’s so I do follow her on social media. She’s cute and has a likable personality, even from a female’s perspective. Can’t say she’s super talented in acting, but she does have charm, beauty and personal style. Even if she wasn’t married to Jay, she will probably end up with decent opportunities in the industry.

    3. @myden26
      I actually feel bad for her as she will always overshadowed by her successful husband. I personally would feel sad if I was only known because I am associated with someone else. When you are in that position, regardless of how hard you work, you will never truly be known for your own achievements. Basically, you are forever stuck in someone else’s shadow.

      1. @hetieshou Isnt Hannah successful too? Being Jay Chou’s wife isnt her ONLY identity. She is someone’s daughter, mother, wife, and she has her own fan base.

  1. lol not sure how she’s relevant either. She’s basically Mrs. Jay Chou to me, but I’m uninformed.

    This type of people pleasing personality + a cute face is pretty much universally liked by most straight men lol. I am going out of my way to assume that this is just the type of young lady that Jay Chou also likes (clearly they are together and have children lol). With exception to his musical talent, Jay Chou seems like a pretty basic straight Asian dude.

    I had a lot of trouble understanding the last paragraph. Perhaps, some context is missing. But I see her point about the importance of being careful about mental health.

  2. Was at her age one point and totally understand. She’s at that age where shes blossoming and trying to find her passion in life. Hopefully she’ll continue to find her calling.

    I honestly think that your opinion on others is a true reflection of your mindset. No one wants to be known as blank’s wife. Celebrities know “fans” like that exist. That’s why they’re trying so hard to peel that image off by going out there and doing gigs/interviews without their husbands. And yet, it’s still not enough because those same “fans” will continue to use that to go against them. Its truly a shame. Save all that negativity and give it to things that are truly worthy of it

  3. Personally think the reason why Hannah and Jay worked out is because of Hannah’s personality of wanting to please everyone. She was young so he was able to groom her in ways that a mature and successful women won’t give in.

    1. @vlol Bingo!! All the other women he dated are closer to his age or successful. This girl wasn’t even legal when he snagged her up and made her a princess. She probably feels very lucky and so is he since he’s super rich and get the young obedient wife that he probably was looking for and his type. If she is young, opinionated, super independent you think any young women will be so ready/happy having kids when you are 20?
      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hannah_Quinlivan wiki says they were dating since 2010? She was still a minor then at 16. She still looks like she’s a teenager from the above picture. haha She is pretty there’s no doubt. Even thou she will be better known as JC’s young wife I am sure later down the road she will get to have her name recognized giving the $$$ she has from the husband and can attempt businesses and still be very successful. When you have money alot of things can be possible.

      1. @wm2017 I absolutely agree with your comment above. I don’t think any girl in their right mind in this day and age would want to settle down and have kids that young. People are feeling sorry for her bc she will be overshadowed by JC but they aren’t talking about how she has been benefiting for being JC’s wife. Sometimes I feel like JC is the epitome of typical Asian men wanting to marry girls almost half their age. Girls around 16-23 don’t know any better and are easily manipulated. The obvious youth (no saggy body parts/wrinkles/easier weight gain). I might be wrong about this couple so don’t start throwing rocks at me. I’m saying this from personal experiences. I’ve seen too many old Asian men going for that young, innocent flower.

    2. @vlol Doubt he will marry her if she wasn’t a pushover no matter how pretty she is. Maybe it’s just me but I get dominant-submissive relationship vibes from them.

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