Hannah Quinlivan Reveals How She and Jay Chou Started Dating

Recently, Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) guest starred on Warriors basketball star Stephen Curry’s program, Crossing NBA <漫游NBA>. Both shared details of their own marriages, and Hannah revealed how she and husband Jay Chou (周杰伦) had started dating.

The 26-year-old actress disclosed that she was only 17 years old when she first met Jay during an audition for his new music video. It was implied that if Jay wasn’t the director and took liking of her, she wouldn’t have been cast as the female lead. Upon hearing this, Stephen nodded in understanding as if he knew the reason why Jay would cast Hannah as the female lead, so it would make it easier to pursue her later.

A netizen speculated that the music video that Hannah referred to was likely in November of 2011 when Jay released his album Wow! <你好吗>. She would have filmed the video in July of 2010, and this likely marks the time when they started dating. Photos of the couple on a date were exposed just a few months before the album was released.

When their dating photos got publicized, Jay allegedly sought to protect Hannah by deleting all her scenes in his music studio. Their relationship got exposed when they went on vacation to Australia together in 2011. Feeling pressured by the online criticisms that she didn’t match Jay’s superstar status, Hannah asked to break up and went to the United States to study. Two days after Hannah left, Jay immediately booked a flight to chase her back.

Hannah then recalled that their first date was at a basketball court. As basketball lover, Jay would take her there to watch him play. Now that she has learned the basics, she often joins in and plays basketball with him.

Jay has slowed down his work in recent years to spend more time with Hannah and their two children. The family has been taking frequent vacations to Europe, Australia, and the United States to have more quality time together.

Hannah Quinlivan on “Crossing NBA”

Source: Baidu

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

Hannah Quinlivan’s Identity Outside of Being “Mrs. Jay Chou”

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  1. I don’t know why i feel uncomfortable reading about their relationship. He made her the female lead of his music video to pursue her easier. It feels like a predator waiting for his prey

    1. @dreamer Without a doubt…..haha lol…..But people probably don’t care as he’s what THE KING OF POP or Mr Dreamy of Taiwan? lol… Most of the comments you see on utube that she is sooooooooooooo lucky she married such a rich dude and esp on that castle wedding on utube… haha…lol..They don’t look back on she was a minor when they first started. The rest is history. haha…not everything is about $$$ but hey w/o $$$ you think a girl will be so ready to pop out those kids b4 25? lol…haha

      1. @wm2017 I guess pp wont care if the dude is popular and handsome (not my type, but many other pp’s type).
        I watched the wedding haha. Tbh, it was beautiful. But i still find him creepy lol

      2. @dreamer Yes, they find him handsome dude to his popularity and wealth. I highly doubt they find him handsome and hot if he’s a regular guy walking around Taiwan. His attractiveness is definitely his music and wealth. I do like some of his songs from before but I would never associate handsome w/JC. haha lol..

      3. @wm2017 People don’t care because it’s a real life Cinderella story. Just look at all those romance Korean and China dramas and they only serve to inject the Cinderella fantasy into women’s minds.

  2. Really? She’s only 17 years old that time when they started dating? And he’s 30 something years old so he’s basically fell in love with a little girl? I don’t find him handsome at all just a good singer.

    1. @cutie777 It should be 16. As the article said, she had probably filmed the music video around July 2010 and based on her date of birth, she wasn’t even 17 yet.

      1. @rika OMG, thank you! Someone finally agreed with me on this. I used to be JC’s fan until he pulled this sick pedophile crap. She was a CHILD and he was a grown man in his 30’s! He found her young and attractive and then he used his celebrity privileged to pursue her. People are accepting because he is rich, talented and famous. I wasn’t surprised when she popped out two kids at such a young age… You know, you do it to trap the man and secure your position. But I am surprised that they made it this far.

      2. @myden26 Yeah. As I wrote in another post above, people accept it because it’s a real life Cinderella story. The double standards of society is pretty frustrating because it seems the rich/talented/famous ones are spared from such judgement. Considering how materialistic the Asian society can be, her parents will just rationalize JC’s pursue of their daughter as a blessing instead of potential predatory behavior. I doubt her parents would be so forgiving if JC had been some ordinary folk.

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