“Heart and Greed” Finale Spoilers Revealed

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for the TVB drama Heart and Greed, ending January 19, 2018. 

Spoilers for the final week of Heart and Greed <溏心風暴3> has dropped, and it’s going to be a roller-coaster ride.

The TVB anniversary drama—the third installment to the Heart of Greed franchise—will be airing its final episode on January 19. As the drama has completed its broadcast in Mainland China, spoilers for the last week of episodes have already circulated in Hong Kong forums, revealing the ending to our favorite—or most hated—characters.

Foh Jeh and Nine Turn Hostile

To save her father’s business, Belle (portrayed by Eliza Sam 岑麗香) marries into the wealthy Yeung family, but her blissful marriage with Brian (portrayed by Jason Chan 陳智燊) ends tragically after he passes away in a car accident. Deemed unlucky, Brian’s mother (portrayed by Mary Hon 韓馬利) kicks her out of the house.

Meanwhile, Nine (portrayed by Bosco Wong 黃宗澤) is seeking to claim his family’s business, and demands his nephew Kyle (portrayed by Vincent Wong 王浩信) to arrange a transfer where shares of their company would automatically go under Nine’s name in one year, thus making him the company’s largest shareholder. They get in a huge legal battle, which Kyle loses. The relationship between Nine and his older sister Foh Jeh (portrayed by Louise Lee 李司祺), also the mother of Kyle, turns hostile and estranged.

Wong Wing-ching Falls Into a Coma

Sonia (portrayed by Priscilla Wong 黃翠如) confesses her love to Nine in a drunken stupor, but Nine rejects her advances due to his impotence. Sonia then tells him that she doesn’t mind, and the two get together. During this time, Nine hears about a new medical breakthrough that could potentially fix his problem.

With his ambition growing, Nine works alongside Adam Hui (portrayed by Lee Shing-cheong 李成昌), the CEO of Hui Cheuk Hang Group, to purchase a casino in Macau. Nine’s brother-in-law Wong Wing-ching (portrayed by Ha Yu 夏雨) is against Nine’s casino advances and tries to stop him at the press conference announcement, but in the midst of chaos, Wing-ching injures his head and falls into a coma. Kyle remembers that his father’s ex-lover, Shum Tsui (portrayed by Nora Miao 苗可秀), holds a few stocks in the company, and rushes to Canada to bring her back to save the business.

Nine Marries Sonia, Kyle and Belle Finally Get Together

Eager to win the casino license, Nine creates a fake accounting slip so the wealthy businesswoman Heung Ching-yi (portrayed by guest star Liza Wang 汪明荃) could continue supporting him. Upon getting discovered by the authorities, Nine is sentenced to two years and ten months in prison.

Nine tearfully apologizes to Foh Jeh for his rebelliousness and crimes, and the siblings make up. After completing his sentence, Foh Jeh and Kyle takes Nine to the wedding venue, where he marries Sonia on the spot. The lovers share a passionate kiss.

In Portugal, Kyle realizes that his love for Belle never changed, and fate finally brings them together. They share a tearful and romantic kiss. After returning to Hong Kong, Belle’s mother (portrayed by Michelle Yim 米雪) approves of their union, and urges them to get married.

As for Kyle’s older sister Venus (portrayed by Sharon Chan 陳敏之), her doomed romance with the married Nic (portrayed by Michael Tong 唐文龍) ends in separation. Venus finds new love in Kei (portrayed by guest star Ben Wong 黃智賢), while Nic’s wife Daphne (portrayed by Bianca Wu 胡琳) ends up leaving him. In their last scene, Venus watches Nic taking care of a pregnant woman—it turns out that Nic has decided to move on to another wife.

The last scene of the show is of Alan Hui (portrayed by Joseph Lee 李國麟), watching Wong-ching in the hospital bed. Wong-ching wakes up and sees him.

Source: Mingpao.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I do hope it ends that way with the true loves finding each other again. Yeap Alan and mr wong. Pity Brian dies. Shouldn’t be that way. Not everyone should have a perfect happy ending. Don’t get Kau motivation and his reasons is just plain stupid. I wished his character takes a different direction. There need not be dramatic villain for the sake of dramatic villain. He turned to being a villain because he can’t get an erection. Crude I know but thats a poor excuse.

    1. @funnlim “he turned to being a villain bcoz he cant get an erection” lolzzzz u r making my day hahhahah.
      I agree. Very pathetic excuse for Kau to be a villain. It doesnt make sense at all. And its too rush for Venus to love another man.

    2. @funnlim maybe the scriptwriters took a leaf out of those eunuch dramas where the eunuchs almost always turn out to be villains becos they……. can’t get an erection lol.

    3. @funnlim What’s more ridiculous is they found a cure within 2 years and $150M donation. Like waaaah, can they cure cancer too? xD

      @passingby Ironically, Bosco used the same spill as his excuse of focusing on building his emperor. Eunuchs had noone to be “bothered” with so they re-focus their “energy” on scheming for power in the palace. It was the dumbest and unrealistic excuse/reason.

  2. I thought the ending would be Zheng Ba waking up and they happily celebrated CNY at Alan’s house. I kinda felt “what?? ended so soon??”
    As for Ah Gau he became villain and regretted his act in a rush. Perhaps the entire last episode ended in a rush though it was a happy ending. Now I can’t wait to see who will win the Best Actor and Best Actress, there must be a reason why TVB delayed the Award Presentation for Heart and Greed 3 and My Ages Apart.

  3. I feel that the story line isn’t as intense anymore.
    And the problems do not compile. This is a big issue because for me, I did not feel how their hardship as a family and how they resolve them. Back in the 1st franchise, the BIG problem was the second wife and how many other problems she’s brought to the family. The 3rd installment was more on 1 problem come and go, and the next one comes in. The worst part was Ah Kau being the ‘main villain’. He only became different in the last few episodes.
    I felt that they have accelerated and underestimated how one person who was good, turned bad and became good again. How is that possible? They should have at least made him a bad person from the beginning and then slowly portrait his character to loving his family again. And Ah Kau was not even greedy to begin with but AMBITIOUS. Money was never his target but achievement.

    Michelle Yim’s character was so passive. They should have given her a most aggressive role in protecting her daughter against Kyle and to a point where her husband would hate her for it. Instead of a small backstabber which has almost no impact at all.

    The ending was horrible. It’s undeniable that Jeng Ba meant alot to his family. How is it that only Alan was by his side when he got up from coma? There’s no sense of family. Instead, they should have placed all family members beside him when he woke up. Jeng Ba should have stared at Ah Kau who’s crying and asking him for forgiveness. Jeng Ba should have then cried as well then telling him that it’s ok as we’re family then END. Wouldn’t that be better?

    Some parts did touch me as an audience but I felt the storyline could have been better. (P.s Personal opinion)

  4. overseas get to see the finale before hand and good lord what happened?!? the last couple episodes it felt so rush and everything was thrown in to make it super dramatic suddenly, storyline and the flow was inconsistent, the finale was definitely a huge mess tbh.

  5. I actually liked the Wong family because they were so freaking flawed!!! I was rooting because it was a change. The family make-up of the previous installments were courageous, honorable, blah blah blah. This one, everyone had their incompetent. It started hopeful and promising, then it dragged… and dragged… and dragged… No one made any development. Everyone stayed exactly the same. No one had a change of heart or growth. From Hui family to Bosco to Wong family stayed as stubborn, traditionlists mindset (no casino, family wealth goes to first son, continued to blindly support/pay debt to Hui family, etc). Everyone was flat, 2D, and uninteresting. Yawns. Everyone was so Mary Sue and Gary Stu.

    On bright side, this most likely (hopefully) be the end of Heart and Greed franchise/remake/rehash.

  6. I skipped here and there and when that daughter practically threw herself at that older looking dude, I gave up. hahaa LOL..What a crappy script and just plain boring in ALL the characters? :0/

    1. @wm2017 I gave up on the series a long time ago. Bosco turning bad what a surprise. Every show lately he turns bad (Two Steps From Heaven). Every show he has some physical problem. Every show he is stuck with Priscilla. The writers just keep redoing the same thing.

  7. They milked the Heart of Greed name. This 3rd installment does not live up to the 1st and 2nd installment. HoG franchise was all about betrayal, backstabbing, family wars yet you barely see any of that in HoG3. Lack of lines for Michelle Yim, Susana Kwan, and not a strong performance for Louise Lee. Whats up with Louis Yuens accent changing back and forth? Ha Yu’s performance was amazing, reminds me of Joe Ba or Mr Chinatown from HoG1/2. Average drama, lacking character development and plot, 6.5/10. HoG1 and 2 were 10xs better.

  8. 100% heart 3 did not have the climax from the last two! The ending was so not satisfying at all. They speak so much about family and yet it ended just with Ha yu still on the hospital bed. lol.
    If the veterans were not all there for this series then it would of been even a bigger flop.

    I still love Moonlight and think its the best of the 3.

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