Eliza Sam Praised for Crying Scenes in “Heart and Greed”

Despite its successful predecessors, Heart and Greed <溏心風暴3> has been met with mediocre ratings due to its recycled storyline. Just as viewers felt there was little surprise even as the drama was entering its last arc, they were pleasantly surprised by Eliza Sam’s (岑麗香) acting. In recent episodes, Eliza delivered several stellar performances in her crying scenes. Many were quick to praise Eliza’s improvements.

Sharing a bittersweet romantic storyline with Vincent Wong (王浩信), Eliza was forced to leave Vincent due to family obligations. After 30 episodes of repressed feelings, Vincent finally confessed his love to Eliza. However, happiness did not last long, as Eliza’s father Joseph Lee (李國麟) experiences business bankruptcy. Jason Chan (陳智燊) comes into the picture and saves the day, offering Joseph the $5 billion HKD he needed to save the company. To help save her father’s company, Eliza marries Jason despite still being in love with Vincent.

Eliza impressed with her acting range. In one scene, Eliza reunites with Joseph who ran away from home due to his failed business. Although upset with the dilemma, Eliza holds back tears in order to comfort her father. Another scene is when Eliza breaks up with Vincent, despite the couple still being deeply in love. Eliza’s crying scenes were full of emotions and viewers could feel Eliza’s torn sentiments.

Eliza was nominated as TV Queen this year through her role in this drama. Though Eliza’s chances of winning the award may be slim to none, many applauded her acting skills and improvements. Heart and Greed allowed Eliza to showcase her acting range and step out of her usual bubbly, happy-go-lucky roles.

Vincent Chases After Eliza in “Heart and Greed”


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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. She did well in the crying scenes. She actually cried and not just teary or eye drops. Her nose was red and cheeks flushed. It felt real and raw. She had really good partners in those secenes too, which I’m sure it helped. Evem I got teary eyes and the emotion when I saw the other cries firsr, ie Michelle, Joseph and Vincent. However, she was weak in other scenes. The way she delivered her lines, though much clearer and well annunciation, seem rigid and unnatural. She definitely improved since Hong Hong Princess though. Hope she continues.

    On another note, I’m tired seeing Vincent as a lovestruck cry baby… Hopefully he’s not typecast.

  2. Sigh…the standard to get a nomination for TV Queen is so so so low….really missing the days in the 90’s…

  3. I think she did ok, nothing more than ok. Except when she cries, her words are more slurred so I can’t quite catch what she said. As for this pair, for me a waste of time. Didn’t feel a thing. Conveniently poor poor Brian “he’s 99 points, missing 1 point” is dead. So she’s a widow. I’d rather she is a mother and widow.

    By the way the scene where he was frantically looking for her, I thought the effect would have been better if Wai Ka was the one missing and she was the one doing the frantic search. Because we already knows how he feels for her and how he will die for her and all but this woman either refuses to acknowledge her feelings or represses hers soi if she was the one doing the searching, instead of realising she loves her hero (thus hero worshipping), a better love would be she realises how important he is to her and the idea of losing him will destroy her. Infuriating.

    I do think My Ages Apart female group should all each get a nomination. They did better.

    1. @funnlim Agree that it would have been more impact if she was the one saving him. From beginning to ending, she was wishy washy about her feelings toward Vincent. At no point she realized he’s the one she loved until the last episode. However, Vincent is better fit as the frantic wise on acting level. I can’t see her pulling off the worrisome and expressive-ness that Vincent did in those scenes. Then again, I’m tired of seeing Vincent of that kind of scenes :/

      I never feel or root for them either. Their on screen chemistry was not their IMO. If they had more compatible couple, their love story would’ve stuck more.

  4. It’s a joke right? Her acting is as bad as Grace Chan. Sisley is about to pass her by. How did she get nominated? She did not improve a bit after all these years. Cantonese is still not clear (laziness or pretentious, I don’t know), acting is stiff. She is not TVB Queen material.

    1. @kaykay408 Yea, exactly! Which is why TVB awards have zero credibility since pretty much anyone can get nominated regardless of their performance. It’s basically a closed-door game of politics and favoritism that rarely anyone takes seriously anymore.

    2. @kaykay408 I stated in the article about Moses, everyone gets on the nomination list regardless they deserve it or not. We shouldn’t be shock nor root for anyone anymore. It’s all what @llwy12 said.

    3. @kaykay408 true her acting is okay at best and guess Shes praised because of how every tvb show is so mediocre that this seems pretty good to viewers

  5. I always liked her. I find her very cutesy and princess like. Her acting is definitely not tv queen but is certainly a big leap forward.

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