“Heart and Greed”: Is This the Reason Why Bosco Wong Betrayed His Family?

The TVB anniversary drama Heart and Greed <溏心風暴3> is approaching its last two weeks of broadcast, and fans have questions to ask. The drama—the third installment to the successful TVB franchise known for its melodramatic family narrative—hasn’t quite yet reached the climax of the story. Though the two families of Wong and Hui are at discord, fans of the series are expecting members of the Wong family to turn on each other at any minute.

And the wait won’t be long.

In a new teaser clip released by TVB, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), who plays the younger brother of Louise Lee (李司祺), battles against own his family in court. What happened, and why the sudden change in Bosco?

Apparently, Bosco’s sudden change in attitude had all stemmed from his trip to Malaysia. Bosco, who was never interested in business and only wanted to spend his time meeting women, slept with a woman who was the younger sister of a Malaysian triad boss. Though Louise pulled strings to get him out of danger, Bosco fell off a cliff and injured his spine, which rendered him unable to ambulate. He eventually learned how to walk again, but the injury made him impotent.

Bosco’s injury lead him to reconsider his meaning in life. Upon witnessing the power of Asia’s top ten wealthiest individuals, Bosco decided on working his way to earn that title as well, even if it takes to betray his family.

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. And I was beginning to enjoy the whole series and hoping Hui family will crash and crash. I mean I love the pun between Alan and the old Mr Wong, their unrequited love affair opposed by families of both side. Very funny and moving. Probably Ha Yu’s best and most conflicted character.


    “Bosco’s injury lead him to reconsider his meaning in life. Upon witnessing the power of Asia’s top ten wealthiest individuals, Bosco decided on working his way to earn that title as well, even if it takes to betray his family.”

    WHAT?! His Ah Kau is already so rich he doesn’t need to work. If he needs to reevaluate his life, he can open an orphanage or be the CEO and help his family!! I mean he should be the CEO! There must be a story rather than what this article said because that’s just awful.

    1. @funnlim you are right! He’s just being resentful I think… to turn against your family just because you want to get rich? What kind of plot is this?

      1. @elizabeth @cassiemissy @funnlim LOL…what plot holes? According to the delusional TVB management team (including HOG 3’s producer Lau Ka Ho), there is “absolutely nothing wrong” with this series at all. Sure, the ratings suck in HK (ratings actually went below 20 points at one point), but according to LKH, TVB management, and HOG 3’s entire cast and crew, the series is perfect, the acting is stellar, the script is flawless, and audiences are absolutely loving the series…the sole reason for the low ratings (both in HK and Mainland China) is due to a specific group of audiences who are watching “bootleg” versions of the series on illegal platforms. TVB claims that due to the series being “such a great production”, Mainland and HK audiences are “clamoring” to watch ahead and to do so, they are resorting to illegal websites to watch the series, which has an obvious effect on the ratings. In other words, they assert that there is nothing wrong with the series itself and it proves beyond a doubt that LKH was right in that he gave the audiences exactly what they wanted. To lend credence to this “theory”, they supposedly had both Bosco Wong and Louis Yuen write something on Weibo along these lines last week, which of course was “retweeted” by fans, fellow artists, and production team. Also, every single cast member that has been interviewed the past week or so has been giving the same “explanation” (which was also reiterated at HOG 3’s celebratory dinner a few days ago). So yea…this series is awesome because TVB says so and they are never wrong, right? (NOT!!)

      2. @llwy12 the acting is good. If this was 1st in the series it would have been a huge hit. I think in many ways it is better than first 2. I do love the part where mom scolds foolish lovesick daughter. Those were harsh words but realistic. Never heard that sort of dialogue before. It has its great points. Now that ah kau story is focus I have a feeling as always articles not accurate. Was waiting for ah Kau to do more. If he betrays family so be it. At least he is doing something.

  2. Really really bad plot. I have a feeling that veteran actors tried very hard but they can’t save the series no matter what

  3. Liza Wang looked great in her guest star role.

    And BTW, the article is inaccurate in saying that Bosco’s character slept with the sister of a gangster, when in fact it was the mistress of a gangster, which led him to be assaulted.

  4. I wish Liza had been cast in Helen Ma’s role in My Ages Apart. Helen Ma just doesn’t have the dragon lady aura to play the big lady boss of Sheung Tung Bank.

    1. @passingby I actually quite like Helen Ma as the dragon lady. Out of all the storylines, I like Helen and Louis’s interaction the most, followed by Louis and Kaman. I am really getting sick of Bobby and his whole family. Hope he gets a divorce soon. Kristal’s role is just filling in time.

      Rumours are that Liza will actually play a guest role in MAA in the last ep.

      1. @elizabeth this series is getting way out of hand.. didn’t know that it lasted that many episode.. I enjoy the first half more..

        Liza guest appear? Preview to a sequel? Haha

      2. @elizabeth Helen is ok but Liza would have been awesome. The ones getting on my nerves are Kristal, Katy Kung and the girl who plays On On. 3 biatches. How could they do what they did to their sis/cousin? With sisters and cousins like them who needs enemies lol.

      3. @passingby Kristal telling Moses and Bobby that she wants to be her own woman and control her own destiny…turns arounds and gets used by Katy.. Somehow shes so weak that Katy immediately finds out her secret power. Such a stupid storyline. Hope Bobby ends up with Dina jeh.

      4. @babyfaced hi can someone enlighten me? I feel like I’m missing something. When did Moses find out Bobby was a Pau? I know Bobby’s dad told Moses. But now Bobby knows Moses knows and Vice versa, and they even talk about going back in time. So I feel like I skipped a part.

      5. @passingby I can understand Katy since her mum just sees them as tools, so her line of thinking is warped. But On On’s change is just sudden and awkward for her to be a boyfriend stealer and a golddigger. And Ocean is just a jerk. Hope they both burn.

        And Kristal, she is so brainless yet she feels she is smart. That is what annoys me. Bobby has his own fault in thinking his wife cannot be anything more than a stupid housewife, but Kristal is so rash, stupid and overconfident. She just trusts everybody and starts blurting out stuff without thinking about it. Did she think to touch Katy or Hubert to see what their inner thoughts are before jumping the same boat as her?

        I really hope Bobby and Maggie end up together.

      6. @passingby I’m actually fine with Katy and Kristal. But can’t stand on on and ocean. I enjoy watching moses and louis the most. Bobby part can get annoying sometime.

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