High Court Asks Government to Reconsider HKTV’s License Application

By on April 25, 2015 in NEWS

High Court Asks Government to Reconsider HKTV’s License Application

HKTV may have another chance to enter the Hong Kong television market. Yesterday, the Hong Kong High Court ruled in favor of HKTV, claiming that it was unlawful of Chief Executive CY Leung (梁振英) and his cabinet to reject HKTV’s application for a free-to-air license in Hong Kong.

HKTV, i-Cable’s Fantastic TV, and PCCW’s HKTVE applied for free domestic television licenses, but HKTV’s application was rejected by the government in October 2013. The decision led to public outcry, and large-scale protests were held around Hong Kong in support of HKTV, demanding the government for an explanation to HKTV’s rejection. HKTV appealed for a judicial review.

Yesterday, the High Court ruled that when the government denied HKTV’s license, it failed to comply to a broadcasting policy established in 1998, which stated that there should be no limit to free broadcasters in Hong Kong. The High Court announced, “Hong Kong television is always hoping to provide more entertainment and high quality programs for Hong Kong society, to support the development of our creative industry. This position should not change.”

HKTV Chairman Ricky Wong (王維基) was ecstatic when the ruling was announced. He expressed, “I am extremely thankful to the court. I believe that our HKTV employees and the Hong Kong people are also very happy about this. I am excited for our success. From the beginning HKTV only has one simple wish, and that is to provide the Hong Kong people with more free entertainment, to minimize society’s complaints, contradictions, and oppositions. I sincerely hope that the Chief Executive and the executive council will reconsider HKTV’s application and quickly approve the free license.”

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  • 6 comments to High Court Asks Government to Reconsider HKTV’s License Application

    1. funnlim says:

      Interesting choice of words. So govt will reconsider but doesn’t stop them from saying no again.

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    2. mtt84 says:

      Last time, they refused the license to HKTV because according to them the market can’t have 5 TV companies.

      Now ATV is basically gone, they need to find another reason to not give the license to HKTV. However, people are already suggesting that the government will appeal and it most likely take another few years time for the outcome.

      Also, another contender has applied for a new TV license, people behind it got ties with China (like the other TV companies), so I expect they will get a TV license and HKTV not getting anymore (how unfortunately it is).

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    3. kidd says:

      If CY Leong insist on not letting HKTV get a license, he will come up with another reason. What I fear most is that it’s not even CY Leong’s decision, but, Central Government (Mainland China CCP) decision.

      But, I really hope HKTV can be granted a license this time. I like their series o far and hope to see more of it.

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      • orchid123 replied:

        @kidd Totally agree with you. It could be a Mainland China’s decision. C.Y. Leong was only a “figure head”.

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    4. anon says:

      If the court needs to ASK then the government won’t give it to them.

      Login or Register before you can reply to anon
    5. dota2015 says:

      ricky your a brave men to challenge tvb dramas, but you HKTV series kinda bad.

      if i were you , i will be investing on better storyline and younger people.. everyone there is over 35 year old playing main or second leads.

      TVB drama is kinda crappy because lack or new talents, and storyline, The old atv and tvb series are good, lot of new talents, lot of character progressions.

      Maybe its not worth it to spend so much money on new talent and production, because younger generation dont glue to TV they enjoy downloading TV Shows.

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