Him Law and Mandy Wong’s “Puppy Love” Relationship

Having collaborated five times already, would Him Law (羅仲謙) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) get sick of working with each other for a sixth time? Him and Mandy immediately replied in unison, “No!”

Twenty-eight-year-old Him Law and 29-year-old Mandy Wong both debuted at around the same time in the industry. In fact, it is perfectly logical to say that they are TVB’s golden twins.  Both Him and Mandy began filming television dramas for TVB in 2008. Both Him and Mandy began to receive notable attention from Hong Kong audiences in 2009 after giving eye-catching performances in D.I.E. Again <古靈精探B> and A Chip Off the Old Block <巴不得爸爸…> respectively. When they starred together in 2010 ’sSuspects in Love <搜下留情>, Him and Mandy received the same amount of attention and popularity from fans.

Since their television debut in 2008, Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽…>in 2012 was their fifth time collaborating together. Having already appeared in four dramas together, Him and Mandy feared that the audience would perceive them to be a boring and redundant couple. Much to their surprise, not only did the audience not complain, the pairing became even more popular than before.

Him and Mandy expressed that they would not mind working with each other again, but it would be better if they could portray a different relationship next time around. “Maybe siblings, twins, or even sisters!” Mandy said excitedly.

Him added, “Being enemies aren’t bad either… like the kind in which I killed off her entire family,” he joked.

Brotherhood or Sisterhood?

When working in the entertainment industry, it is important to understand that some actors can be very difficult to work with. Some actors demand too much and some actors demand too less. But Him and Mandy never had that problem with each other. They knew each other too well. They are now at the point where they can interpret and read each other’s expressions and movements.

“It’s like my brain stops feeling so heavy when I know I’m working with Mandy,” explained Him. “We know and understand each other’s limits, and we know how to work around them.”

Him said that he takes care of Mandy really well, and compares his attentiveness to that of his character, Vincent, in Divas in Distress. “I’m not gentle on her at all, and I treat her like a man! For example, when I see something wrong with her hair or makeup, I will not help her fix it like what other attentive boyfriends and brothers would do. I will directly say to her that she looks ugly, and I’ll tell her to fix it herself! This is brotherhood!”

So is Him’s relationship with Mandy a kind of brotherhood or sisterhood? Him laughed, “Haha! If you ask this question to Mandy alone, she will definitely say we are sisters. Since you’re asking me, of course I’m going to say that we are brothers!”

Him: “I Have a Very Boring Private Life”

Many Divas in Distress fans found Vincent and Yihei’s relationship to be very romantic, and it has helped Him Law’s female fandom to increase dramatically. Him sighed, “I’m actually not a very romantic person myself. I have a very boring private life. I don’t know how to deal with interpersonal relationships, and I definitely never tried pursuing a girl like how I did in the drama.”

Him continued, “I am actually a pretty talkative person, but somehow whenever I am with a large group of people, I become really quiet. I just don’t know how to socialize!”

Him does not consider himself to be a party animal. He has nowhere else to go after work except going home or going to the gym. When he has free time, he will go out with his friends, but instead of clubbing or drinking, they will go to the beach, take a swim, or walk their dogs.

“Maybe it’s because I live far away, but I really don’t go out very much at night. After work is over at night, all I can think of is to go back home and sleep.”

Him considered moving out from his current home in Tai Po to Kowloon, where it is more convenient for him to get to work. However, after tabloids claimed that Him was in a poor relationship with his family, he decided against it. “I don’t want to fuel the fire. If I really did move out, the tabloids would seize this opportunity to make up more bad things. I do like to view things in an optimistic mindset. I never take these reports seriously. All that matters is that my family understands me. If I do move out, I will definitely leave my keys with them so they can visit me whenever they want.”

Tavia Yeung is Jealous of Mandy Wong?

Him Law and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) reportedly began dating after working together on the set of The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>. Although both parties denied, Him’s recent “car-shaking” with Tavia has indirectly confirmed that the pair are indeed dating.

Him does not like to talk about his dating life very much. Him believes that the only way a relationship would last is if he complies with fate. He explained that he would only openly admit to a relationship if he gets married.

Mandy, on the other hand, is very open with discussing her relationship with others. Although she is currently single, she hopes that she will be able to find someone who is mature, calm, intelligent, and can give her a sense of security. “I am a very forgetful person, so having someone by my side who can remind me of things is great.”

What about Him? Mandy laughed, “He is too childish and sunny! Our relationship is like a puppy love, a first love.”

Him and Mandy grew a lot closer over the years. Many reports have indicated that because of their close relationship, Tavia has become jealous of Mandy. Him immediately explained, “Nothing like that ever happened, and it won’t happen. Mandy and I technically grew up together.”

TVB’s Most Improved Artists of 2012

In 2012, Him and Mandy appeared in four dramas together – L’Escargot <缺宅男女>, The Hippocratic CrushTiger Cubs <飛虎>, and Divas in Distress. Although the nomination list for 2012’s Most Improved Male and Female Artists are not out yet, it is guaranteed that both Him and Mandy will make it to the top 5 nominations.

Mandy is undoubtedly the strongest and most popular contender for the Most Improved Female Artist award, and she will likely be the one to bring the award home.

However, Him Law is faced with stronger competitors such as Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠). Him is unsure if he will be the ultimate winner, but exclaimed that he has confidence. “When I first joined TVB, I never thought of winning any kind of award. But now, I really want to win one so I can give my family some assurance.”

Source: Oriental Daily via ihktv.com

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  1. Best of luck to both in their love lives and professional lives as well regardless of the tabloid gossips…

    1. Once Mandy elevated to lead roles, gossips may haunt her too. Look at Goddess TY, used to be clean and sparkly in her supporting days but the higher she climb the more shocking her scandal becomes! LOL

      1. lol as i remember, the only scandal Tavia had was the ‘car-shaking’ incident.

  2. i love to see them together…in drama…or in real life…wish Mandy will find a Mr. Right…if he is not Him!

  3. Sorry to say this, but Him look better with Mandy than with TY. I don’t know but somehow then I find TY to look older than Him (well she is older too) She looks more like a big sister, while Mandy I don’t know they just look good together lol

    1. i think manyXmany agree with you that Him match better with Mandy than TY…sigh!!!it is all the matter of TIMING…Him was so heart breaking with his x-girlfriend when he was filing on-call 36…during that time he meet TY (older sister)…of course…it is yes for Him to fell in love with…sigh…

      1. TY gives Himhim motherly and reminds Himhim of his mom. He must be feel secure in TY’s motherly embrace and end up loyal to TY and willing to let her do anything on his lap.

      2. Haha… So u are saying tavia took advantage of HimHim when he was vulnerable and is now controlling him like his mama?

    2. Agreed. Himhim better with Mandy but Goddess TY already got him and car shaking event just proved their relationship.

    3. Yes, that’s true. I hope they will make Diva in distress 2 so they can be a couple again.

      1. i would definitely watch if there is Divas in Distress 2

  4. Currently, Mandy’s only shotfall is that she can not play the regal or elegant roles based on her current looks such wearing a long gown/dress. She can however play the sophisticated or hard nose, tough character persona easily such as a lawyer, police detective, etc.

    As for Him Law, with his looks today, it is difficult for him to play the intelligent or business professional character versus he would excel in roles as the “young master” who needs to gets his way or rebellious or play the character as a misunderstood young person always chastised by others in society.

    1. I never seen Himhim in any other era than modern. Can Himhim play a Qing bald or a 1920’s role? LOL hard to imagine ROFL

  5. Poor Mandy. TY already claim Himhim as her car shaking partner 🙁

    1. But Him Him only 28….he might change his mind…hopefully…and hope TY will let him goes…set him free…hahaha

      1. LOL that we don’t know but now these two are officially well known as the car shaking and lappy couple in HK although they are too thick skinned to admit LOL.

        Do you guys know that Himhim made fun of TY lap situation in an interview yesterday LOl.

  6. i think both of their series released too fast this year lol. they are left with little stocks in their hands now.

    normally most improved winners of the year are stuck with similar case. So, i am sure these two will win most improved together in the night.

    1. It will be wonderful if both can win on that night! But bittersweet due to TY…

  7. Mandy & Him have the looks, acting and audience fate to become the next dongka fadan and siusang.

    1. For that Mandy need to upgrade her looks. Now she can look plain most of the time although her acting can give her great moments like Kwan Yi Soh.

      Himhim already has the looks and body now but he needs to upgrade his acting and make it acting more varied.

      Both of them also never tried an ancient series yet.

      1. Their competitors Edwin, Oscar, Sire Ma, JJ all have experience in modern, premodern and ancient but Himhim and Mandy only limited to modern. They need to show more versatileness LOL

      2. Why TVB only give modern series to Himhim and Mandy? The only other era Mandy got was 1960’s in ACOTOB. She was cute in that!

      3. Same like Himhim we never see Mandy in ancient so hard to say now. TVB really need to give these two an ancient series to see how they look in those.

      4. I think there were a sale presentation clip of Mandy in ancient clothes and she dun look ancient to me.

      5. If you mean the supposedly lesbian oriented clip with TY, that clip never come out from TVB.

      6. Mandy looks plain most of the time anyway so I don’t expect her to look good LOL

      7. I don’t rmb if there is anymore goddess in this clip, but I rmb I saw Mandy in a clip. She dun look plain to me, just lacks the ancient feel.

      8. Btw I don’t think Mandy is plain. She looks pretty in the photo with Him Law. But she doesn’t dress nicely or doll up.
        Remember some actress said she is tomboy and doesn’t wear revealing clothes, then when she gained fame she turn 360 degree, and became the long-nosed goddess of (Wannabe) beauty and money.

  8. JJ won’t have chance this year, sad to say, but it’s true. She is not highly favored this year.

    News rate, News exposure, public performances, calender arrangement has proven it. This year is Mandy vs Christine kuo for most improved female judging from the promotion level.
    For sire, no need to mention, she has already won last year.

    Most improved male – Edwin and Oscar will just jump straight to best supporting. So no competition here either.

    1. hopefully next year or 2014 we can see him and mandy trying out on ancient series. I think him will look good in prince roles. What do you think? As for mandy, hmm… i think maid roles or those female fighters will suit her.

      1. Himhim don’t suit royalty or intelligent look. He should be a fighter because of his body and he looks more brawny than brainy. At least better than poor Ronnie who now has neither brawn nor brain .

      2. Him looks good in suit but he looks like a statue when he tries to act cool, that’s the matter.

        Ron now can try the roles like eunuch.

      3. Haven’t seen HimHim in ancient, can’t judge. Maybe good at general role?

      4. Soldier, fighter = anything that suits a brawny big muscle guy like Himhim.

        Mandy can be a fighter ancient girl too.

    2. Christine Kuo winning anything will make the media forgot about BAs and run straight to the accented goddess.

      1. Christine Kuo can be in top 5 like Aimee last year.

        But do you think Aimee will win Best supporting?

      2. Aimee has good comments from her TLSA character. LOL she and other supporting casts are pushing Moses and Maggie to background. Poor them.

      3. I watched aimee’s rape scene to see if it’s good, and I just LOLEd, she looked ridiculous when she was trying to run, and
        looked like a big head inflatable doll.

        Her rape scene FAIL. Hope Kate’s better.

      4. I remember Funn said Aimee’s standout scene was the aftermath of the scene and not the rape scene itself. I think it was some crying on a bicycle ride or something.

      5. I didn’t watch that. The rape scene was just too ridiculously bad acting that I can’t go on. LOL It was like cartoon.

      6. I didn’t watch both but just curious about many people praising Aimee’s crying and emoting skills in TLSA.

      7. Since Aimee managed to get praises for acting in TLSA, that means LTS really can create magic and bring out gems from below par actresses.

    3. Wait I have a feeling Eliza Sam will be nominated Most Improved but won’t win. She’s a big hit in HK now.

      1. But that is if she has a good character for next year. I heard her character in TITS is small.

      2. Eliza is in TITS?

        I think next year the most improved will be Rebecca Zhu, not JJ.

      3. Yah Eliza in TITS but her character sounds small. Rebecca and Kelly Fu both have love interests but don’t hear the same for Eliza. Her character must be written before she shot to stardom.

      4. i think next year the most improved will go to Lin Xiawei or Eliza Sum. Rebecca has only one drama for next year so far, she is not very highly favored.

  9. “Many reports have indicated that because of their close relationship, Tavia has become jealous of Mandy”


    1. who care if Tavia is jealous! i hope she find someone else and let go Him…sigh

    2. Since Mandy said their relationship is like puppy love or first love, does that mean they did date?
      No wonder tavia is jealous and need to show him love anywhere and anytime.

  10. 98% they will win this most improve one respectfully, but there is a chance that Edwin will win because he is the new fave of Catherine Tsang.

    1. Means Edwin vs Himhim now. What about Oscar then. No way Oscar getting BS because that would be an obvious award for So Gei and I saw from recent happenings that So Gei is getting attention from 620.

      1. I guess Oscar will get supporting and So Gei is only in top 5. The future of Oscar is longer than So Gei. Unfortunately, between Oscar and Koo Ming Wah, I choose Koo Ming Wah although I really like Oscar.

      2. So Gei not winning will cause a riot and I don’t see TVB giving him Favourite Character because that one seems reserved for siu sangs more LOL

      3. Laughing dun get Favourite Chac in 09 and there were no riot, so dun be worried.

      4. Not with the lunatic fans out there. So Gei has to win something.

      5. Yup, but only Best supporting. Most of ppl think he’ll win Most fave chac.

  11. How old is the above photo? Him looks so young in the pic and very baby face. On the other hand, Mandy looks great, I still prefer her in long hair versus the shorter hairstyle she has now.

    It really makes me wonder what TY sees in Him because Mandy quotes Him as being childish so doesn’t TY feel like she is taking care of a younger brother instead of a boyfriend? Does she date Him to make her feel younger as well?

    1. “Does she date Him to make her feel younger as well?”


      1. I think must be around SOL. Himhim and Mandy couple start getting popular from this.

    2. ahh good to see Myolie is 2nd on the list!
      Mandy def will win this yr!

  12. I don’t care if some people hate on these two , but I believe Mandy and Him will become one of the future Sui Sans and Fadans and I think as a couple they have great chemistry 🙂

  13. At least, Mandy and Him Law’s reaction to collaborating together is better than Kate’s reactions to working with Ron again…she said it was “boring.” at least they are looking at this as an opportunity! Great picture though!

  14. I never get sick of this pairing! They have great chemistry together 🙂

  15. My most fav pairing ever! Why can’t they be a couple in real life? WHY???

    1. LOL, I think Tavia’s image has been damaged ever since her nose started getting longer. Her popularity is decreasing by the day.
      Mainly because:
      1. Him’s fans don’t like her.
      2. Her long nose is too ugly and weird.
      3. Acting is stagnant and boring.

      1. I am glad that Mandy will (pretty much for sure) get the prize this year…but kind of worry…not sure what TVB is doing…Mandy is not in any of their new casting drama 2013?! I love to see Mandy have more opportunity..

      1. Latest heresay around TVB for awards:LF and Kate are the favourites of senior managements LOL. Poor TY.


      2. For BSA, KMW and Aimee are the top.

        「最佳男、女配角」大熱】「蘇基」@jj古明華,現時只有《造王者》@張國強kk@敖嘉年、《雷霆》@黃智賢 有機會挑戰,古明華攞獎可謂坐定粒六。女配方面,@陳茵媺Aimee 《天梯》演技甚有突破,熱門人選,@胡定欣nancywu 亦大捧場客,@江美儀 可能陪跑居多:http://t.cn/zlYSuE9

      3. Most Improved still not sure if Mandy and Himhim can win together. Mandy almost sure to take it home but Himhim, Edwin and Oscar has strong competition with Edwin now the executives most favourite.

        「飛躍進步男、女藝員」大熱】男藝員方面以@蕭正楠Edwin 呼聲較高,已被安排演出重頭劇《巾幗梟雄3》《巨輪》。次熱則是@梁烈唯 及@羅仲謙,鑑於謙仔非「親生仔」,奪獎機會甚微,只餘下蕭正楠及唯唯鬥過!女藝員方面是4劇在手的@黃智雯Mandy 的囊中物:

      4. i think edwin should just jump straight to best supporting… his acting level is already near siusangs level. Same goes to Oscar who has been in the industry for so long.

      5. Mandy is like a guaranteed to win already. She is theo nly candidate that keeps getting mentioned. Others, no… none at all! they are just being stated as have chances of nominating but not winning.

      6. It’s interesting

        Kate: 80%
        Myolie: 75%
        Tavia: 70%
        Linda: 70%
        Michelle: 50%

        Raymond: 80%
        Wayne: 70%
        Kevin: 70%
        Bosco: 65%
        Kenneth: 50%

      7. I think Mandy has no rival too. It’s too shocking if suddenly TVB awards someone else.

  16. well ah yi just wants to find a guy. him was there and he liked her so she clung on to him, wanting a ring soon. she’ll settle for any guy at this point. but it’s obvious to everyone’s eyes that mandy and him are adorable and belong together. *sigh* i wish they could be together

  17. I hope they can collaborating again soon, looking forward. They have great chemistry together

  18. Am I the only one who doesn’t like this “couple” and they are overrated.

  19. They do have similar features. It would be great to see them act as siblings though. Him and Mandy do seem to have this close brother-sister relationship in real life. We can witness firsthand how they really are, plus they would be very natural.

    BUT, I would be ecstatic if they continue to act as lovers. Haha maybe they can switch their characters in suspects in love where Him plays the shy boy having a crush on Mandy. Lol

  20. Aww, Him and Mandy look so cute together 🙂
    Hope to see them in more series in the future

  21. I think both of them will get the Most Improved this year based on their publicity and exposure

  22. Mandy still rank #5 at TVB Popularity Ranking (TVB.com)…it is pretty good consider her drama is not in air now…(she was rank #1 last month for many weeks)…really want TVB give her more dramas/shows…want to see her success…love her image…pure, pretty, work hard…

    1. TVB.com ranking doesn’t mean squat. It is either same group of fans mindlessly, repeatedly clicking or computer generated input. In the years past, for months and months, Yoyo Mung topped the ranking with over 800,000 hits, repeat, 800,000 hits. And the hits for top 10 ranking in those years were always in 10s of thousands, if not 100s of thousands. If anything, the amount of hits just indicates whose fans are most persistent and willing to do mindless clicking for a certain time period.

  23. Love them both and they do look good onscreen n offscreen as a couple haha! GoodLuck to both! I do hope Oscar win as much as i love Him Him!

  24. Nooo….hopefully they will be together in the future. I truly think that they look good together. Oh well hopefully they have more dramas where they’re a couple!

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