Him Law Cheated With Gemma Choi, Causing Break Up With Theresa Fu?

Willing to forsake her career, Theresa Fu (傅穎) publicly blasted Him Law (羅仲謙) for cheating in their former relationship and exercising physical violence upon her. Theresa claimed that he was involved with four other women while dating her, effectively earning Him the crown of “Cheap Man.”

Yesterday, a tabloid magazine revealed the circumstances which led to  Theresa and Him’s physical scuffle in their breakup argument. Allegedly, Theresa discovered intimate text messages between Him and 2011 Miss Hong Kong participant, Gemma Choi (蔡慧欣), in which the pair addressed each other with nauseating nicknames! This sparked a hysterical Theresa to beat Him, while injuring herself in the chaos that ensued.

Accompanied by his manager yesterday, Him Law held a press conference once again to address the recent onslaught of negative rumors. Him appeared with a pitiful expression and acted as the victim in regards to the tabloid’s allegations. “I just want to say these words: I and Miss Hong Kong contestant #13, Gemma Choi, are only friends. We did not exchange intimate text messages or nauseating nicknames! That’s all I wanted to say!”

Reporters asked about Theresa Fu being “frozen” by her company, Filmko. Did Him stay in touch with Gemma Choi? Him did not respond to the questions and only looked at his female assistant. They walked into the dressing room together. This resulted in a media uproar on site. Him’s assistant noted that he only wished to respond to current tabloid reports and did not want to speak about other matters.

Him Law Breaks Silence To Discuss Theresa Fu

About ten minutes later, Him and his female assistant once again accepted interviews. Asked whether his company ordered him to seal his lips, Him uttered the same words from before. Asked about Theresa, Him finally said, “My matters with Theresa are currently handled by the company. I am not in the position to discuss them now. Today, I only wished to respond to the tabloid’s latest allegations. We did not exchange intimate messages or nauseating nicknames.”

Gemma Choi Denies Rumors

Gemma Choi was one of the favorites in the 2011 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. During the competition, Gemma’s intimate photos with her boyfriend were exposed. Her curvaceous figure was another hot topic. Through her Miss Hong Kong representative, Gemma denied the allegations with Him Law.  Since Gemma was currently enrolled in TVB’s acting class, there was a high possibility that she will sign a management contract with TVB. At this time, Gemma was not impacted by the rumors with Him.

Originally slated to advance her career in Beijing, Theresa intended to chase after the Yuan as former Cookies teammate, Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣), was currently doing. Perhaps now everything may be up in smoke. It was understood that today (August 23rd), Theresa was slated to meet with Filmko to discuss whether they should continue to cooperate in the future. Although loving to update her blog in the past, Theresa has not provided any updates regarding the recent turn of events.

Source: Ming Pao

Jayne: During the 2011 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, I recall coming across headlines that Him Law and Gemma Choi were a rumored item. So don’t know if tabloids are just recycling rumors or whether there may be some truth behind it.

Nevertheless, the public is curious to know who the other two women Him was cheating with. Theresa said they also work in the entertainment industry. If the paparazzi do their jobs well, perhaps bribe some TVB backstage or film set members to talk, we might find out.

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  1. Him Law takes the crown as “Cheap Man” away from Vivian Chow’s husband. LOL

  2. I remember that Him was a special guest at the outdoor shooting of the MHK pageant, and he openly praised Gemma Choi as a standout. I wonder if that’s why they were rumored flirting with each other?

  3. If theresa’s allegations are true, I find HIm Law pretty cheap. Why? because he thought he’s so handsome so he can cheat behind his gf’s back and become a 2 or maybe 3-4 timid person which is really degrading for a man. I hope he’ll get a bit of his own medicine in future when he met his true love and his true love dump him for another man.

      1. What about true love dumps him for Theresa Fu? Haha..sorry I was just kidding 🙂

      2. I really hate those who think they’re handsome so they can do anything they like geez LOL.


        That was funny, yeah hope that would happen to this casanova boy.

      1. He works with so many lengmos. Lots of temptations and easy access.

    1. It is cheap of Him if this is all true. However, I think that this occurs a lot in the circle(and in real life too)because there is just so much temptation all around you. You constantly see young, attractive, rich,etc.. people around you all the time… Therefore, it is hard to resist the temptation, but I still think it is wrong to cheat on whoever you are dating. You should end one relationship before you go on to another. I also believe in karma, if you do this to someone then it will eventually come back at you. This applies to both men and women…

      1. “I also believe in karma, if you do this to someone then it will eventually come back at you. This applies to both men and women…”

        I don’t know if I believe in karma. Maybe I only have a very vague sense of what it means.

        So let’s say a man cheated on his girlfriend. They broke up. The man finds a new girl and she cheats on him. So is it karma if the man doesn’t care if she cheats on him because he doesn’t value the monogamy in a relationship? If faithfulness is not high on one’s system of values, did karma really get to them? Therefore, the man will only feel hurt from this new girl cheating on him if he even valued faithfulness from the start.

        I think most people on this blog believes that it is morally wrong to cheat, which I agree too. However, I think there are some people who don’t place that value has high as others and will still forgive their partners for cheating.

  4. Why is it that all Him’s pictures looks like he is some deer caught in the headlight, which he is right now but looks like that even before this scandal?

  5. I heard Gemma has a rebellious personality, so not too surprised if she is one of the woman that Him cheated with. But is flirtation considered cheating?

    I noticed on the above picture, one of Gemma’s eyes are bigger than the other. 😮

  6. Account changing

    – Him hit Theresa.
    – Him accidentally hurt Theresa while trying to control her hysteria.
    – Theresa hysterically beat Him and injured herself in the process.

    This news will not stop any time. Reporters are digging up the identity of Him’s 3 other gf.

    1. “- Theresa hysterically beat Him and injured herself in the process.”

      Considering bruises on her legs, etc, they’re consistent with being grabbed I suppose. How she can injure herself that way unless Him is Iron Man beneath the skin.

      Why not just say she hurt herself, no beating, no nothing, she just I don’t know use a huge clamp and clamp her legs or something.

      “Him accidentally hurt Theresa while trying to control her hysteria.”

      That’s how I see it too unless her thumping on his chest was very gentle.

  7. I just don’t understand why some men find it necessary to cheat. I think its a sign of them being either unhappy or insecure and maybe having a few women “on the side” so to speak maybe makes them feel good. On the other hand, there are women who do the same to their men also. So it works both ways.

    Maybe I am old fashioned and would prefer to be with just one person as cheating would take up too much time and effort. Sometimes I wonder how men have the time to have more than one woman in their lives. They have to work and then also remember what they’ve said to one of them and then maybe forget what they said etc.. oh it would get too complicated for my liking – lol….

    1. Hmmm… you heard of this thing called lust right? Guys lust. End of reasons. Some say its biological, some say its psychological, some say its both, some say its sociological, some say its economical (as in with money comes opportunity, not that its somehow cheaper to cheat…), and others say its just existential (pure pleasure seeking). Take your pick, but at the end of the day its lust themes greatly. No other activity in this world has caused so much devastation 🙂

      1. SDS,
        Enjoyed your analysis of what drives lust. 🙂 Obviously Him is a highly lustful guy if he did in fact four-time Theresa in their former relationship. His form of lust may be existential, to sleep with as many women as possible to obtain the greatest pleasure. If such is the case, Him may have problems with fidelity down the road.

      2. Him can take advantage of this rumours and act in sexual roles in series and movies

    2. Pineapple,
      “Maybe I am old fashioned and would prefer to be with just one person as cheating would take up too much time and effort. Sometimes I wonder how men have the time to have more than one woman in their lives.”

      We constrain our lust because we are in an exclusive relationship with emotional commitment, which places moral limitations on cheating. However, if both parties do not agree to dating exclusively, then we are free to explore lust without bounds.

      That said, what does everyone think of the film, “Friends With Benefits?” A purely physical relationship…however the film’s premise is self-defeating given its unoriginal evolvement of the central characters’ relationship in the end.

      “Sometimes I wonder how men have the time to have more than one woman in their lives.”

      IMO, men who juggle two or more women at the same time in a semi-serious relationship have a strong lustful urge where they will shove practicality aside to satisfy their pleasure seeking ways. You can also say more self-serving kind of man.

      1. simply put, there are just so many different women out there, how could you say just 1 can satisfy all your needs. Especially when you’re a celeb with women themselves at you, hard to resist.

      2. I suppose some men have to ‘control’ it because of some thought-up moral limitation, whilst there are men that well… for lack of better word, do still cherish sharing that intimacy with just that special someone exclusively because to them, ‘it’ is not about physical satisfaction, but the ‘bonding’ aspect- which in a sense, if you’re religious or are remotely interested in physiological psychology, is not that far off. Of course you can ‘bond’ other ways, but they tend to be less ummm direct? 🙂

      3. Rumours said Him had 13 women lol. That must be a difficult task to juggle.

      4. 13? I can’t belive that. That’s more than the number days of in a week. Nearly twice as much. Hmmm… well I guess I can see how it works. After all many people do have two meals a day 🙂 3 is recommended though, by doctors. Small (petite) portions at regular intervals. hmmm…. yummy…. Seems Him is only eating healthy, lets not blame Him.

      5. I don’t believe 13 too. The newspaper is exaggerating but if 3 or 4 is believable. He has a buff body and may attract females to hop onto him

    3. It is not just men that cheat since women do as well. It is really hard to stay faithful at times, even couples that are married for years and years will cheat so of course if you are only dating, there is a bigger chance of it happening. It seems like it is getting harder to find a mate that can stay faithful to you for the rest of your life whether you are a man or woman.

      1. Hmmm it may be because people tend to drift apart after years of marriage and can’t find that ‘interest’ in each other anymore. I don’t mean ‘interest’ just in terms of physical attraction. Work kinda gets the better of us sometimes, and we just put people around on hold until further down the track you realise feelings have become dull so what do you do? You quit… That is the modern world. Little time, little patience and little respect (well, not in the general sort of way).

  8. I thought Him had a long term gf in Mainland?? 2 other girls from HK entertainment industry?? waaaa

  9. lol. this is getting out of hand. Gemma was one of my favs from the competition. I believe she has a bf? Also, if anyone’s heard her speak, she isn’t fluent in chinese at all and I highly doubt Him can text in Eng lol.

    1. I don’t think Gemma has a boyfriend now. The guy in the clubbing picture is her ex when she was 19. And I really doubt she’s one of Him’s girls since her Cantonese is very limited and I’m very sure Him Law does not speak English. Where would she even find time with him during the Miss Hong Kong pageant since they are super busy (I’m a hardcore pageant fan and these girls were waking up at 5am getting ready to shoot from early morning to midnight).

  10. Theresa is starting to sound like one of those psycho ex-girlfriends in this fiasco.

    Like others, I hope Him gets his just desserts. Remember back when Joey Chan (was that his name?) got busted for cheating on Margaret Chung? Guy basically disappeared off the face of the earth. So with Him, I hope career ends before it begins.

    I wonder who the other girls are… I’m sure it’s a matter of time before they dig them up. Can you stand the wait? I know I can’t. 😉

    1. It’s Joey Leung.

      He didn’t disappear, just not active in TV circle anymore. But, he’s still in the entertainment world. You can hear him almost every day in RTHK. He also did a movie or theater play quite recently. He mentioned it on his radio show.

      1. Lying low or no offers to be back on TV or doesn’t want to be back on TV? Isn’t.. what’s the ex girlfriend’s name? isn’t she married with kid now?

      2. He said he want to focus radio now. He has been hosting radio talk shows for quite some time liao. He used to host ‘Rightable Wrong’ but, after Leung Si Ho left ‘Crazy & Happy’ he was assigned to that show now.

        I didn’t follow his news much. So, I didn’t know where he went after the cheating scandal. I only knew he was with RTHK after I started listening to ‘Rightable Wrong’.

      3. Funn,
        Joey Leung’s ex-girlfriend was Margaret Chung Lai Kei, who interestingly married Myolie Wu’s ex-boyfriend, the IT professional. His name escapes me now.

      4. Kidd, thanks for the fact checking. His name is hard to spell without looking it up, thus escaped my memory. 🙂 Nardone is a good looking man by the way.

  11. This dude isn’t Edison Chen!!! Edison got the look and the moves. This fool likes to eat soft rice!

    1. yeah edison has a small peen, this guy looks like hes packing some heat

      1. I don’t know whose penis is bigger but apparently Edison is better looking. Do you go around showing your penis or do you go around showing your face?

    2. Well neither of them are the best guys in terms of personality but Edison being good looking is just an opinion. I’ve always thought his smirk made him look like a fool/gangster = not appealing

      1. talking about violence, I’ve always had the urge to slap Edison whenever I see him. lol

      2. Edison has the face of begging people to slap him. I don’t blame you for the urge ROFL

  12. Him Law is a total douchebag. If people support them, they support a woman beater.

  13. Him’s value and status in his company must be high for them to do a “press conference” to address a relationship-rumor which hasn’t been proved. Most other artistes will just make a joke of the “unproven” rumor, or just vent in weibo/blog or just respond when being asked during functions.

    1. Well there’s only like 5 artists in the company and since 2 of them are involved, of course they would want to save the more valuable one’s image. I mean, they can’t save Theresa’s image anymore so why not Him’s?

  14. I have to agree with HeTieShou that even women cheat these days. Maybe I have a different outlook but there seems to be a lot less cheating in my parents days. Or maybe in those days it was probably more of this “keeping quiet” business whereas nowadays people are far more open about things. I think such things as “Everlasting Love” is very difficult to find these days and that’s why there are so many divorces about also, in the Eastern world as well as the West. Sad really.

    1. Well Him Law said he didn’t cheat with four girls…it could be 2 or 3 lol.

      1. Or 5,6? Kidding.

        I dun blv that he can handle that many of gfs at the same time.

  15. No matter how many, 2 or more, it was still wrong of him to cheat and hit her.

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