Him Law Credits Eliza Sam for Breakthrough Performance in “The Hippocratic Crush 2”

Him Law’s (羅仲謙) fate was decided the moment he decided to pursue the path to become a celebrity. He knew he would not lead a normal love life, and would have to sacrifice his youth. He missed the times when he could freely roam the streets without fearing the paparazzi, or speak without the media distorting or quoting him out of context.

Forced to Mature Quickly

Under the stressful circumstances in the entertainment industry, it pushes one to mature faster and develop a more cautious attitude. When he was younger, playing sports or going shopping with friends would already give him simple joy. Him Law himself is surprised at how much he has matured in the past eight years. “My words and actions have become important. It’s like I’m always living under a camera. I used to love to joke around, but now I have to be much more careful about it, because it may be taken out of context. It’s harder for me to trust others now.”

But all of these sacrifices and worries were ones that Him were willing to live with. Looking back, Him felt he has accomplished a lot in the last eight years – twelve films, eighteen television dramas, and four acting awards. Working alongside many industry seniors, including Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), Chilam Cheung (張智霖), and Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) in The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II>, Him learned to appreciate the art of acting.

Him admires Lawrence Ng for having it all: acting experience, family, a youthful appearance and good health. Becoming a father has softened Lawrence’s personality and allowed him to generate better sparks with co-stars than in past years. Him said, “Lawrence’s acting has gotten even better [than before], because his state of mind is clear. Acting doesn’t give him pressure anymore.”


New Breakthrough in “The Hippocratic Crush 2”


Him believes he has grown with his role, Yeung Chung, in The Hippocratic Crush. In the first installment, Yeung Chung is an overconfident youth who was blessed with opportunities handed to him, but in the sequel, Yeung Chung goes through his first emotional breakdown – losing a loved one.

In the series, Yeung Chung falls in love with the volunteer worker Che Che, portrayed by Eliza Sam (岑麗香). Che Che, diagnosed with a fatal sickness, ultimately dies in Yeung Chung’s arms. “It’s not a perfect ending [for my character]. There’s a shortcoming. We are both in love, but we weren’t able to do many things together, because she had to leave me in the end.”

Having to shoot such emotionally-drenching scenes, Him feared that he was not experienced enough for the challenge, but the scenes were a lot easier to film than he thought. When he first became an actor, Him had trouble memorizing long dialogue and sliding into different emotional states for his roles. He felt stressed over crying scenes and keeping up with his co-stars, but Him sharpened his skills over the years.

Him made a new breakthrough in The Hippocratic Crush 2 due to his character’s emotional breakdown. “Thanks to my good partner, Eliza,” said Him. “If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be able to engage as deeply as I was. Everyone says that it is experience that solidifies an actor, but this time it’s different. Eliza is a rookie, and she gives me a feeling of a first love. That feeling really helped.”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. new breakthrough? you’ve got to be kidding! he is annoying as hell in the sequel.

      1. Disagree !! hes so funny in the sequel, brightens up the whole drama

    1. Him law Looks GAY (not the happy gay but for real gay) with the hair and the skinniness he looks really creepy gay!!!

  2. I only looked at the trailers but I was really interested in Eliza and Him’s relationship in this sequel! I am more excited about that than Tavia and Kenneth’s relationship xD

    1. WOW. So it’s true. People really do prefer girls who can’t act and are annoying, guys who only look good, to Kenneth and Tavia, both of who have performed extremely well.

      1. @THC2:
        I personally haven’t watched THC 2 yet due to final exams, but I am following the trailers. And I found the story between Him and Eliza more meaningful, hence more interested. Actually, my favourite couple to watch from THC was Benjamin and Mandy not Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung. Last year from watching THC, I really loved the part when Benjamin yelled at Mandy when she wanted to quit..

        And I never said that I didn’t like Tavia’s acting. Out of all the candidates for TV queen, I wanted Tavia to win again or at least have one of the veteran actresses to win it but TVB will never do that. Kenneth Ma’s acting never truly left a very deep impression on me.

      2. Perhaps it’s because of the lack of KenTa scenes due to a rough patch they’re going through (sorry for the spoiler) that doesn’t really give the satisfaction the viewers need from a couple. Benjamin and Mandy don’t really give me the couple feel honestly, so I don’t exactly favour them. Throughout the 21 episodes that have aired so far, a lot of screentime has been given to Him to develop his character, but he honestly disappointed me, because he was supposed to grow from a playful houseman to a mature, stable higher trainee who is still playful to a certain extent. However, all I see in his character is just Him Law, acting out the same role in On Call 1, I don’t see a Yeung Pui Cheung at all. Whereas for the other chracters, like Kenneth, who has to portray an overly anxious doctor who, due to an illness, fails to carry out his duty as a doctor properly, and being overly protective of his wife, or Tavia, who has to portray a doctor going through an illness which she cannot be rid of, without the correct kind of support from her husband. They have done their job excellently, in my opinion. Him and Eliza, although given so much time and room to develop, have disappointed me greatly. Be it the annoying accent which Eliza has failed to get rid of, or the fact that she is just being herself when acting, to Him’s failure in portraying the development in his character, I cannot really say that their pairing is something you should look forward to. Of course, this might be totally irrelevant, but even in episode 21, where Him was supposed to tell Eliza a touching story which made her accept him, all I saw was someone memorising the script and reading everything off. Not touching at all. As for the short five minute scene that Kenneth and Tavia had, which wasn’t much, tbh, they managed to put a smile on my face because of the way they seem to portray a real married couple, and the way they said the dialogue made it really touching. Of course, this is everyone’s opinion, but I still prefer the loveline of Kenneth and Tavia the most. That being said, don’t be too expectant of Kenneth and Tavia either, because the screentime they have together is pathetic, really. Nonetheless, it is a good show, and it has incorporated many lessons for viewers to learn from, so don’t let my opinions get into the way of your thinking. Well, it’s my fault for presuming that you’ve watched the show, so I apologise. Good luck for your final exams!

      3. I think that Kenneth Ma’s role (yat Kin) was a little too overreactive and worrying…it made me feel quite annoyed:(

  3. I think they might make an OnCall 3 and bring back Jing jing so thats why they had to kill off cheche 🙁

    1. I couldn’t stop crying when cheche died 🙁 …was very emotional and sad and I thought Him Him did a great job in those scenes

  4. cheche still needs tons of work on her acting, i always skip scenes with her because her accent is so irritating

  5. His character is the only thing that keeps this series entertaining and lighten it up, a majority of the storylines are just boring and it seems like his character is the only one that didn’t have a huge personality change from the first installment.

    1. Seriously … for me it’s the other way round, I think he’s the worst deal of the sequel, his line was so unnecessary.

      1. The series would lack it sense of humor without his character. Even Kenneth’s character is becoming more and more unreasonable a huge transition since the first installment I’m just saying Him’s character is the only one that reminds us of the first installment. The others not so much, he seems like the only character that shows his person laity transition onscreen while the others seems to lost their personality in the original one somewhere along the way before the sequel. Which is why this is a breakthrough

      2. Kenneth’s character has become much funnier and enjoyable to watch after he resolved the issue with his wife. At first, Him was the only humorous one, but now, he’s just annoying, and Kenneth’s quirky behaviour and all is what makes it funny.

  6. Breakthrough performance? If onion’s a breakthrough performance for him law then what about Vincent’s Gilbert? Godlike performance then. Lol. And him actually credits Eliza for that? What a joke! I think he should thank kenneth instead because I honestly prefer his scenes with kenneth way more than those with Eliza. Eliza showed no improvement since the diva in distress days and I don’t even know what the heck is this Cheche character doing in OC2. Just discard her and make it him and crystal or jingling for goodness sake!

    1. Vincent’s gilbert role in Will Power is the highlight of that series, still don’t understand how could tvb left Vincent out for Best Supporting Actor.

      1. with Vincent’s acting ability, he pwns Him Law completely. It’s just that Him won awards due to his popularity but not base on acting.

      2. I can’t agree more with you. Vincent is such a talented actor who has proven himself in all the series he started in this year. He may not be drop dead gorgeous but he had the build and what it takes to be a leading actor actually. But tbb never seems to take note of Vincent. Him is fine as an actor but he still has a lot to improve on to get to Vincent’s level.

    2. Exactly! He’s crediting the wrong person! The scenes with CheChe are so awkward and boring, but those with Kenneth just make me smile so much! Is he crediting Eliza just because she’s an attractive young lady?

  7. Beautiful girl and handsome guy! I do like them on on THC2 , good chemistry.

    1. This is the formula for young generation who prefer to watch “good-looks couple” as K-drama did it successfully 😛 Who wants to see the veteran love story? LOL

    2. Erm…Have you just been noticing that they’re good looking, and not looking at the other characters. Kenneth and Tavia have better chemistry than them, these two can’t even fight. Even Lawrence and Tracy look better than them.

    3. Good chemistry but don’t u think their love relationship could be spiced up a little(in the show)

  8. him law and eliza looks like bro and sis to me, many couples who get married also have the same ‘family’ look

  9. I haven’t watch this yet, but the fact that Him Law’s acting in it spurred such opposite yet strong opinions means he did quite well. To have the audience hate you or like you the most is quite an impressive feat.

  10. I don’t think Eliza’s acting has improved at all in any series I have seen her in. She’s always portraying the same type of characters…the cheerful bubbly girl which is just exactly like her own personality. I don’t think I have seen her “in character” but more like acting as herself. Perhaps they need to cast her in more serious roles like someone with depression or a disability or even a villan to showcase her acting ability. And ya she really needs to work on her accent…it’s so annoying that I want to skip all scenes with her in it. She also need to learn how to deliver and say her lines with more emotion as 95% of the time she sounds like she is just reading her lines out loud and sounding like she has no idea what she is even saying in her lines, especially when there seems to be harder/complex Chinese words or phrases in her dialogue which she probably doesn’t understand its full meaning.

    1. Second that! There are even scenes where she’s sputtering her lines out, and for some reason these scenes are still broadcast. Maybe TBB should consider sending her for cantonese classes.

  11. Well done….first breakthru for beautiful and talented Eliza, keep it up!

  12. I really enjoyed watching Lawrence’s character but Tracy is a dread to watch. I still cannot accept this pairing. They have placed an older man with a younger woman, an experienced actor with a rookie actress. Come on TVB. This sucks big time! Him and Eliza’s story is kinda cute. They look cute together.

  13. even lawrence ng is a bit older person
    tracy is quite good and is her first time
    doing a tv show even lawrence ng sadi that she is a very actor even is her first time…………DOING IT……..
    i kind of like tracy………..

  14. I thought Lawrence chi lam and Francis has it all u don’t see any pressure on them

  15. I do other stuff when she appears on the screen, she can’t act for goodness. She’s been given a lot of chances in the last 2 years, all leading roles and she hasn’t learnt a thing except for being bubbly and cute, that’s the only thing she can do? She won’t go far. Rebecca Zhu who was criticised last year for her performance in SSSS has improved a lot on the other hand, SSSS was her first so I couldn’t blame her, she did not bad in Always and Ever, that’s what the audience wanna see and not someone who is being cute on screen all the time. Still, I think she’s gonna win most improved female artiste, that’s TVB.

    ps: She’s leading over Nancy Wu in the drama with Bosco omg, sorry Bosco, I might have to skip the drama.

    1. Me too. I fast forward when she appears. I like the scenes where Him is with Kenneth, good comic relief. I wish they will give less screen time to Eliza and increase the screen time of Kenneth and Tavia, and Benjamin and Mandy. I’m not watching the series where Eliza is first lead over Nancy who is in supporting role.

      On the other hand, the newcomer Tracy Chu is good especially considering this is her first series. Way better than Eliza and Christine Kuo.

  16. TVB is still suffering from the same problem. They don’t know how to pace a script and develop characters. I’ve watched half the series and it has exactly the same problem as TITS II. The story doesn’t go anywhere. There are so many new subplots and characters that there is no real development of a proper story arc.

    As for the acting, Him Law is kidding himself if he thinks he’s improved, he’s only there cos he looks good. Even the ‘better’ actors like Kenneth, Tavia, Lawrence and Louisa aren’t given much room to move because of limited screen time and poor writing.

    The only real bright spot is that as a total newcomer, Tracy Chu is actually ok

    1. Well-said! Though I’m actually not too surprised because most of TVB’s sequels go down this same route, especially given the fact that the sequels are usually made with the intention of ‘piggybacking’ off the success of the original installment rather than out of ‘necessity’. To me, this is one of the reasons why they generally don’t pay as much attention to the script with the sequels, since fans of the original installment (or the entire franchise if it happens to get to that point) will likely still watch and stick with the series even if it’s not as good as the first one.

      Of course, part of it also goes back to the work environment. Scriptwriters are already under alot of pressure to churn out one script after another with little to no rest in between — add to that the fact that most of TVB’s more experienced and senior scriptwriters are gone, which means that the newer scriptwriters don’t have anyone to mentor them or guide them in the right direction.

      Specifically with THC2, I actually already gave up on the series after a dozen episodes or so, as I could already tell that from a script perspective, the sequel is nowhere near the level of the original — though of course, this was already to be expected, since the original scriptwriters already left TVB and a new group wrote the script this time around.

    2. Completely agree with your comment about Tracy Chu, she’s got potential

  17. I think most of you guys are taking it the wrong way. Him didn’t mean he’s grown leaps & bounds; just that he has overcome the difficulties in doing emotional/sad scenes as he’s so used to the playful/cool roles so far. To me, the interaction between Yeung Chung & his gang is really the highlight of the series for me so far(all of them improved, esp Brian)

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