Him Law Jokes About Tony Hung’s Rumors of Discord with Rebecca Zhu

The two actors banter light-heartedly about Tony’s “salted pig hand” scandal.

Actors Tong Hung (洪永城) and Him Law (羅仲謙) were involved in filming a negotiation scene for Armed Reaction 2020 <陀槍師姐2020>. Tony expressed how he was influenced by Him’s joyous mood of becoming a dad soon and having a happy family. Asked if he would hasten progress with his girlfriend Inze Leong (梁諾妍), Tony said he would definitely share any good news publicly.

Him Maintains 40-inch Chest

Asked if he has any baby-making tips for Tony, Him laughingly said, “Tony is more skilled than me! I’m only a beginner, but was lucky to succeed. The most important thing is to relax!” As for Tony, he revealed that Him gave him pointers on gym training, including how to buff up in the chest department.

Although gyms have already closed due to the government’s precautionary measures, Him continued training at home for his shirtless scenes and maintains an impressive 40-inch chest, living up to his reputation of being broad chested. Tony said to Him, “Don’t train up so intensely. Your chest is already so huge that it makes me seem like a weakling in comparison,” at the same time putting his hands on the Him’s chest area.

Referencing Tony’s recent scandal with actress Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) in which she alleged the actor took advantage of her while filming Wonder Women <多功能老婆>, Him remarked, “Please do not be so touchy, in case you stir up a scandal again. You’ve been a scandal magnet recently, be calm!”

Tony Denied Causing Rebecca to Drop Out of “Wonder Women” Sequel

Asked if he was affected by the rumors, Tony said the matter is over and he is trying his best not to think or respond to it. While he does not have many intimate scenes in Armed Reaction 2020, this may have made him more at ease. Tony did not hear official confirmation about a sequel for Wonder Women, and denied on being upset with Rebecca and causing her to be dropped out of the project. He said all actors are in a passive position when it comes to taking on jobs. “Will leave everything to the company, (and) do what I have to!”

As Him knows Rebecca well, he was asked if he would mediate between the two parties. Playing down the swirling rumors, Him said, “What happened? I’ve never heard anything about disharmony between them! Both have their value; the company will not let go of either!” Seeing Tony responding well to the banter, Him added, “Please consult me before you add on any scenes!” To which Tony responded, “Actually it’s normal to add or delete any scenes, (just need to) adjust to it!”

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