Tony Hung Refuses to Work with Rebecca Zhu in “Wonder Women” Sequel?

The media went in a frenzy after Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗)  publicly called out Tony Hung (洪永城) for being too touchy during the filming of  Wonder Woman <多功能老婆>. While the two artistes tried to down play the headlines, an inside source close to the artistes claims that Tony is refusing to work with Rebecca again which is creating problems for the production of the sequel.

Tony Plays Victim

Tony’s image plummeted after Rebecca went public with her allegations. While he admitted to adding intimate scenes that were off-script, he refused to apologize as he felt that his behavior was in line with the acting.

After TVB announced that a sequel of the popular drama is in the works, Tony reportedly tried to get back at Rebecca and complained to TVB management to bar her from being cast in the sequel.

An inside source was quoted, “After working non-stop for 17 years, Tony feels like he earned the first-line actor status. He got arrogant and did whatever he wanted. After the incident went public, of course he felt wronged and felt Rebecca was picking on him. Not only did he keep saying that Rebecca is annoying and creating gossip, he complained to TVB management.  He told them that Rebecca hurt his image and vowed to never work with her again. He is playing the victim.”

The insider further chastised Tony for his behavior, “Honestly there were many sexual harassment complaints in the past, and the parties involved were usually caught and reprimanded. However, Tony made a counter attack. After the incident, many people tried to pacify the situation since they have a high chance of bumping into each other at the studio, and it’s better if things are not awkward. However, Tony acted alone and declared that he wanted to have nothing to do with Rebecca. As a man, Tony lacks chivalry.”

Rebecca Wants to Rejoin Cast

As the success of Wonder Woman is attributed to the great chemistry of the original cast, producer Ella Chan (陳寶華) already expressed interest in recasting the stars. As Tony continued to badmouth Rebecca while pushing his demands on TVB management, Rebecca was reportedly feeling distressed by the situation.

According to the insider: “Tony and Rebecca’s characters have spark because of the artistes. As Tony refused to work with Rebecca again, he was clearly trying to kick her out of the sequel. Producer Ella considered adding new characters to the sequel, but she wanted to keep the original cast. She made it clear that if the two artistes cannot cooperate peacefully, she would rather take both of them out. Since Rebecca had such a rare opportunity to showcase her acting in the drama, Rebecca is worried that she might not be able to stay. She is really unhappy.”

Source: Weekend Weekly

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  1. No big deal if both got dropped from the sequel. Ali got snubbed in 3 series which she made famous…

  2. ya whether Tony actually did it or not, he def shouldn’t do another series with the same person that accused him. Rebecca shouldn’t want to either.

  3. Win win situation. Wonder women doesn’t need a sequel nor if they do a sequel need Tong Hung in it.

  4. Both are second rate big deal..should consider Jacqueline Wong as Rebecca’s replacement to increase ratings! Hee

  5. i wouldn’t want to work with anyone who accuses me of something so horrible either. it’d be awkward for the two particularity they play a married couple.

    1. @m0m0
      Would be suicidal to work with same actress again after accusations plus the playful couple relationship would look terrible anyway if the actress is not allowing any improvised subtle acting if situation needs..

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