Rebecca Zhu Feels Pressure Over Marriage

Often separated from her mother due to work, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) cherishes every moment she has with her parents. Although her parents never pressured her in the past, they are now asking when she plans to get married.

In contrast to her character in Go With The Float <輕.功> where she plays a woman who loves freedom and would frequently get into arguments with her parents, Rebecca gets along with her parents in real life. Chasing her acting dream for the past decade with limited family time, Rebecca expressed, “We treasure every opportunity together – we don’t let any minute or second go to waste. Every time I leave… I feel so sad that I want to cry.”

Although she has a good relationship with her parents now, she hurt her mother’s feelings as a child. Teary-eyed, Rebecca said, “I went to Shanghai to study when I was only 10 years old… I wondered, ‘Did you ever think that maybe your parents didn’t like you? How could they have the heart to send you away?’ I directly asked my mother if it was true. Although she explained it wasn’t true, she was really hurt by my question and cried. I immediately regret asking her – I didn’t realize that their world was so different from mine, and they had to be strong unlike us children.”

From Shanghai to Hong Kong, and then from the United States back to Hong Kong, Rebecca spent an extended amount of time travelling for school and work in her youth, causing her to miss out on family events. Her parents wanted to shelter her and would only share good news and leave out anything bad such as the passing of a family member. She would was always be the last person to find out.

As Rebecca is 35, her parents naturally want her to start a family of her own. “They’ve always been understanding and never badmouthed my ex-boyfriends. For them to bring this up, they must have had a family meeting.” Asked if she has any pursuers, Rebecca replied, “There are, but I still want to focus on my career right now. I’m very traditional – I’ll definitely get married and have children. A lot of my pageant friends have already become mothers and they’ve shared their secrets to having children. The more I hear and learn, the more scared I get!”

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  1. She got BSA and has real estate investments. Nothing wrong with wanting more. She trained a long time to be a dancer and later performer aka actress and she has lived in the harshest conditions in HK and sacrificed family time to make it big, so I don’t see her stopping anytime soon. Marriage and career can co-exist but producers are ageist in the sense that a woman loses her worth or commercial value after marriage and kids.

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