Rebecca Zhu Complains that Tony Hung is Too Touchy

In the drama Wonder Women <多功能老婆>, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) plays a married couple with Tony Hung (洪永城) and the two artistes have several intimate scenes together. Although they seem to have onscreen chemistry together, Rebecca complains that Tony had personally added too many intimate gestures himself and was too touchy during filming.

Appearing in a promotional event, Rebecca ranted about Tony, “In the drama, he is my husband and inevitably there are intimate scenes together. The script is written very clearly, but he added a lot of contents like touching and kissing. You know how in the drama, I would always be telling him how much I love him. It’s all fake! In my mind, I asked ‘Are you done touching me?’”

Sharing her displeasure, Rebecca continued, “I know he is very into character. Once he tried to kiss me when the camera was on.  At that point, I didn’t know how to react. I couldn’t just push him away [while filming]. In real life, I would push him away and slap him. I had to keep my professionalism and kept filming. Afterwards, I told him not to add so many things in. He would say it was for the plot and he wanted to create some [intimate] feelings. He didn’t even apologize. Even though I am good friends with him, I am still a little upset.”

Rebecca has sterns words for Tony, “Communication is very important, Tony. Stop doing what you want. Good thing you encountered me, and I am so nice. If it was someone else, look…” Rebecca ended the topic by making scissors movement with her fingers.

Rebecca’s statement made a stir, and Tony later spoke with the press. Admitting that he had added some gestures to make their scenes more lively, Tony said, “I apologize to her if I have done anything that made her feel uncomfortable. I’m a professional actor, so I know what can or can’t be done.”

Rebecca’s Complaints

Tony’s Response

Source: HK01

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  1. I really hate actor/producers who does that with the excuse it is for the script without giving noticed to actress in advance. It is a sexual harassment.

  2. Good for her for speaking up… I like how she spoke in the interview…tried to make it lighthearted and joking BUT it was a clear warning for Tony Hung and and any future actors who also want to add their own intimate gestures… it doesn’t matter if they say it’s to “add to the moment” , it’s unprofessional and it’s sexual harassment! She is probably speaking up for actresses who got sexually harassed before and protecting other actresses who will work with Tony or any other actor who is extra touchy… it is not right!

  3. Dude, apparently you’re NOT professional enough nor know what to/not to do because you creeped the crap out of her. So apologize and don’t do it in the future. smh.

    I agree this is creepy and makes him seem like a pervert.

    Many great actors ad lib and turn a scene to live. Tony is FAR away from caliber level to add anything, lol. He needs to stick to the script and learn how to do basic acting first. Any add-on requires physical contact, whether intimacy or actions, need to consult with your partners. It’s out of respect and just plain professional ethics. His excuse of “oh I’m a pro” is utter BS. Good friend or not, Rebecca should’ve slap him right then and there!

  4. Tony always looked like a pervert to me. Idk why tvb is promoting him so much for a guy who cant act to save his life. He reminds me of Nathan Ngai and I hope he suffers the same fate. However I do wonder at the timing. Did they agree to do this to create some noise for the drama? To make people tune it to watch and see how he behaved with her?

  5. Wow… clearly taking advantage of her. She’s probably not the first to have experienced this, but definitely the first to stand up for herself.. good on you!

  6. I’m understand Tony’s side in this. I doubt he is comfortable adding all these intimate scenes but it must be done for the acting to feel natural. How many times have we watched older series where you feel zero interaction between couples? Maybe he is bad actor but at least he is serious about his profession. Communication could be better but improvisation is needed at times rather than stick entire to scene written by an outsider…

    1. @jimmyszeto
      I can see what you are saying but if that was the case, he should have discussed it with her first so they can work together and there will be no surprises. But for him to just suddenly add it on without her knowledge and consent is not the way to go.

  7. Very unprofessional and predatory of him. Weak “apology”. A good actor does not need to touch to create chemistry.

  8. I hate the statement of “professionalism” for intimate scenes in acting. Sometimes it can create more realism, but most of the times its unnecessary and telling a women to not feel gross because its unprofessional is just dirty.

    Dont know if Tony Hung was using it as a guise for his own perverse needs, but perhaps he needs to reevaluate what professionalism really means.

  9. It’s ok knowing what YOU think can and cannot done, but perhaps inform and confide your co-actor/tress in the process, as your version of what is ok, may be the final straw for someone else.

  10. With the right gaze/demeanor, no extra touching is needed to show strong affection. ( ie Andy lau in condor heroes). He should have informed her beforehand; without informing hes the one who is unprofessional.

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