Housemaid Claims Unpaid Wages from Michelle Ye

On November 4, several protesters held signs outside of Michelle Ye’s (葉璇) home in Shanghai, demanding for their unpaid wages. A Chinese source later reported that the protesters were former housemaids contracted to work for Michelle, but were terminated from their jobs less than a month after signing their contract.

The protesters held signs that read, “Miss Ye, return our money!” One of the housemaids, known by the surname Li, claimed that Michelle refused to execute her end of the contract when she terminated her employment contract on October 18. Li started working for Michelle on September 24.

Li held up her contract and said, “According to this contract, I am supposed to receive 5,500 RMB for my services. I still haven’t received them. She hasn’t been answering our calls or replying to our messages.”

In a text message exchange with Li’s rep, Michelle said Li would receive her pay on October 25, as specified in their contract. However, Li never received them in the end. In addition to her unpaid wage, Michelle also demanded Li to pay up a lodging fee of 4,500 yuan. During her employment, Li stayed at the home of Michelle’s assistant, for ten days. Li claimed that Michelle had offered her the place for free.

Li was not the only housemaid to complain about her unpaid wages. A few other housemaids stepped up with the same complaints. One said, “The police said we should sue her, but a lawsuit takes a long time. They say it would be at least three to five months. We don’t have time for that. We have no money.”

Michelle was obviously upset about this incident. She posted on Weibo, “Are there any friends out there like me, who has come across a black agency and housemaid thieves? They were arrested four times already, and yet they still managed to wallow around. Anybody know any ways to deal with them? Seeking advice.”

On November 6, Michelle released a longer statement on Weibo to clarify the situation. Michelle  shared a portrait of the housemaid and called out the housemaid for theft and property damage, stealing up to 10,000 yuan. The housemaid also abused Michelle’s adopted dog.

“Li Mingcui, when you came crying to me about the poor quality of your agency’s dormitories, I allowed you to rent out one of our homes. When you said you couldn’t afford the rent, I allowed you to stay in for free. But you abused our sympathy and kindness to commit crimes and blackmail. This, I will never allow.”

Source: QQ (1, 2)

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  1. I think this lady is not easy to deal with lately there’s a news about her exposing her best friend love life and blah..blah and now another news about her maid she might has attitude problem.

  2. yeahhhhh but not all poor people are honest ppl. i understand that statement is very problematic to make since Michelle Ye has money and could easily choose to be “bigger person” here. With that said, Michelle has some serious allegations against the maid(s) too.

    I’ve always thought she was a sassy one.

  3. Michelle might be a callous and very blunt person, but not dishonest. I’m sure in this case she’s innocent. She still needs to work on her tact though.

  4. Michelle is no angel to deal with. Even her dog has chatacter and attitude issues. Some time ago, for no apparent reason, her dog decided to viciously bite Michelle’s good friend. Her way of life has rubbed off on even her dog. I see a negative pattern here.

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