How Andy Lau Minimizes Awkwardness During Bed Scenes

With an illustrious acting career for over 40 years, Andy Lau (劉德華) has appeared in over 160 movies and 20 television dramas. A versatile actor in multiple genres, some of Andy’s most memorable works are romantic films. Having worked with the most beautiful Hong Kong actresses in the 1990s, he shared his impressions of them.

While sizzling on screen, intimate scenes can be awkward to film on set. In a previous interview, Andy had shared that sometimes it is unavoidable to have physical responses to his female co-stars during bed scenes. However, he would always communicate that he “may get too immersed during filming” and “hope they did not mind if they felt any physical changes” from him.

When asked which female star elicited a physical reaction from him, Andy shyly responded with humor, “I can’t reveal who she was, or it would be awkward for those who did not get a reaction from me.” Netizens loved the way he deflected the question, and praised him for his high EQ.

As Andy has worked with all of Hong Kong’s top actresses, he pointed out his most impressionable leading ladies. On Kangsi Coming <康熙來了>, hosts Dee Hsu (小S) and Kevin Tsai (蔡康永) had asked Andy to describe his female co-stars. He disclosed that Idy Chan (陳玉蓮) made his heart flutter the most; Anita Mui (梅艷芳) was like a brother; Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) was the most beautiful; and Maggie Cheung (張曼玉) was the most stylish and sexy.

Discussing his intimate scene with Maggie in As Tears Go By <旺角卡門>, Andy recalled he was only allowed to drape a towel over his lower body without any underwear. Maggie wore a transparent outfit with nothing else inside. The script called for Andy to pull off her outfit to appear as if they were about to engage in a second round of lovemaking. This scene left a deep impression on him, and he had always praised Maggie for her sexiness since their collaboration.

Andy Lau and Maggie Cheung in “As Tears Go By”.

Source: HK01

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  1. Gonna catch flak but none of the ppl mentioned by Andy are what I think are beautiful…sharp-looking maybe? Although Idy isn’t very sharp. Like some ppl can be eye-catching, but not beautiful, like models

  2. Idy Chan’s portrayal of Little Dragon Girl was iconic, unforgettable and mesmerising. Idy Chan was in a relationship with Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau was besotted with her. Says alot about her appeal.

  3. Rosamund Kwan is beautiful though not the most beautiful.
    My goddess is Cherie Chung but I’d think Rosamund looks slightly better. Not certain how to explain it, people can look beautiful but we just view and acknowledge so objectively (like Rosamund) without giving a second look again.
    That aside, I don’t understand the need for asking artists’ physical reaction when filming.