Carol Chu Serving as Andy Lau’s “Invisible” Woman for 24 Years

When it was revealed that Andy Lau (刘德华) had married Carol Chu (朱丽倩)–his girlfriend for more than two decades in 2008–the world grew extremely curious as to who she was and how she had captured Andy’s heart. Carol was willing to serve as Andy’s “invisible” woman, never complaining despite maintaining a long-distance relationship for years. Obviously, Carol possessed patience and understanding, qualities which will make her a wonderful mother to their baby daughter, born on May 9, 2012.

A Gentle Heiress

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Carol Chu had 5 siblings. The Chu family owned a successful seafood restaurant. Aside from the family’s wealth, the Hong Kong media reported that Carol was a quiet millionaire, owning ten luxury homes, which were largely gifts from Andy. Allegedly, during her pregnancy, Andy purchased a new home for Carol last year.

Carol was a traditional and gentle woman. Carol once declared to a friend that a woman belonged to her family; getting married and becoming a mother was her greatest dream.

An insider revealed that Andy Lau loved Carol Chu due to her generous and understanding nature. In the 1990s, Andy was frequently romantically linked with Rosamund Kwan (关之琳), due to their film collaborations. However, Carol never questioned Andy’s loyalty in love. Carol’s trust in Andy was the reason why their relationship flourished over the years, despite Andy’s superstardom status, hectic work schedule, and frequent absence. Carol allegedly did not mind shuffling her schedule while waiting for Andy’s long-distance phone calls at home.

Loving Andy Lau Since 18 Years Old

In 1985, Carol won the second runner-up title in a Malaysian beauty contest, “Miss Trendy” at the age of 18 years old. She carried herself gracefully in the beauty contest, declaring that she possessed strong interest in cooking and often prepared her own meals.

When asked what qualities she looked for in a partner during the interview segment of the beauty contest, Carol said, “I love Andy Lau the most! I will set him as the standard when looking for a boyfriend!”

In 1986, Andy traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a tournament with the Hong Kong Celebrity Soccer Team. At the time, 24-year-old Andy Lau fell in love with 18-year-old Carol Chu after meeting each other through a mutual friend.  This was during Andy and ex-girlfriend, Yu Ke Xin’s (喻可欣) temporary split.

In 1988, Carol lived in Hong Kong temporarily. Carol and her younger sister, Chu Lai Wah (朱丽华) studied beauty and skincare techniques under local beautician, Cheng Ming Ming (郑明明). It was understood that Andy had waited for Carol outside Cheng Ming Ming’s beauty school. Ms. Cheng also confirmed that Carol and Andy knew each other at the time. Carol allegedly stayed at Andy’s house while living in Hong Kong.

Over the next several years, Carol Chu’s name continued to be linked to Andy Lau, as the pair’s financial investments became increasingly intertwined. Carol initially responded, “I do not know Andy Lau. I am not his fan. My impression towards him is average.” Later, Andy replied, “She (Carol Chu) is a regular friend that I have in Malaysia.”

Before Carol and Andy’s marriage registration was exposed in 2009, there were other hints that Carol and Andy may have decided long ago to become life-long partners:

1995: It was exposed that Carol and Andy purchased a home in Penang, Malaysia. Carol reportedly worked at Andy’s production company, Teamwork Motion Pictures, Ltd.

2000: Andy Lau opened a travel agency under Carol Chu’s name. Agency staff addressed Carol as “Mrs. Lau.”

2001: Carol Chu attended Andy Lau’s concert in Malaysia. It was discovered that Carol had a little girl by her side; thus rampant rumors of an illegitimate daughter circulated.

2009: Andy and Carol had obtained a marriage registration in the United States in 2008.

Close to a quarter of a century had passed since Carol Chu and Andy Lau fell in love. They will enter a new chapter in life as parents, as they teach their daughter the patience of love–a virtue that made their relationship and marriage flourish.


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Jayne: Can you imagine having a long-distance relationship for 24 years? Calling your boyfriend/ husband for many nights of the year, instead of having him by your side? Carol indeed may have a rare patience few people possess. Hopefully after the birth of their daughter, Andy will lessen his work load and spend more together together with Carol.

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    1. One that I myself don’t envy. I like my man to be next to me, by my side

    2. I think the greatest love story would be when BOTH the man and woman sacrificed their careers or themselves for love.

      1. I somewhat agree with you Cloud, but you know in a relationship/marriage one sadly has to sacrifice more than the other since it is not always fair and balanced.It’s like one always seems to love the other one a bit more.

      1. why would she need to sacrifice for money?? I guess you guys tend to forget that she came from a pretty rich family herself. Therefore, I think that she would still live a pretty good life even if she did not end up with Andy.


  3. Yes, she’s commendable for her patience. However, it’s not like they don’t see each other at all cause they travel to and fro all the time. Only difference is since she has always been in the shadows, she was able to slip under the radar. Besides, the Andy of 25yrs ago was just starting out. Having a rich no-fuss Malaysian girlfriend who does not impose a marriage deadline, complain or jealous is really an answer to Andy’s prayers.

  4. Andy is truely lucky to have her by his side throughout the years. Obviously there are some who like to judge their relationship but in the end, as long as both parties are happy thats all that really matter.

  5. Carol is a niece of Malaysia Millionaire Vincent Tan of Bejaya Group, Of course Andy Lau is proud to have a girlfriend from a wealthy family further more at that time Andy is not so famous during the 80s he rather choose Carol over that poor taiwanese “Kei Shi” girlfriend, do you think he dare to leave her as time past Vincent Tan can do nothing lol!. Is consider they are married 24 years ago staying together just like Yoyo & Ekin. Carol is not waiting they are considered husband & wife already.

    1. Apple,
      When Carol and Andy met, perhaps her family background may have been richer than his. However, it appears that she did not have any airs for a wealthy heiress.

      She seems very traditional, in the position of standing quietly in the background waiting for her husband. Very accepting of her husband’s ways, putting him ahead of herself in a classic Confucian wife way.

      Also, Carol’s manner of dress is very understated. She barely wears makeup in her photos. She has great skin, but otherwise her style appears to be more functional than for style/ beauty. Looks like a very low maintenance woman.

      Thinking back, I remember in the 90s hearing about Andy having a long-haired girlfriend. But I didn’t follow the tabloids closely at the time.

      1. Originally, she is a very outgoing person, like to dress & use a lot of makeup you can see her old pictures, use to go clubbing and outing person. After trying many years of having babies, I think she takes thing easy & give up all her original habits cos it could be some pressure that we do not know of course !

  6. I am sorry to say I always thought of her as the meek wife and Andy the domineering husband and her father’s funeral and the fiasco confirmed my suspicion. Not to say he is bad to her, I am just saying it is obvious who wears the pants so to speak. I see her saying yes to anything he says. I always thought Andy was friendly, he still is but after this whole fiasco I realise there is more to this man than he reveals. He is a workaholic, generous to his fans and friends and in this article to his wife as well but his generosity is probably preempted with one unbreakable condition; 100% loyalty, no matter what. That is why I think he is domineering, possessive but not necessarily in a bad way. If a woman likes that sort of relationship where her entire world revolves around him (much like Jackie Chan’s), to each her own. At least Andy has yet or no evidence of cheating.

    A nicer word to say is she is traditional. But to me reality is she is abiding to his rules.

    1. Yeah she could be a traditional person and probably a very boring person too. Andy certainly need someone like her to standby for him 24/7. No such women can handle such relationship, being a shadow for years! that’s crazy.

      1. Especially someone who in the end doesn’t have an identity until much later and is now known as Mrs Lau. I find that.. not very healthy.

      2. Funn,
        “Especially someone who in the end doesn’t have an identity until much later and is now known as Mrs Lau. I find that.. not very healthy.”

        It’s not true. Carol made a name for herself when she was 18 years old in placing in a Malaysian beauty contest. Participating in a beauty contest means that she is not as meek or “invisible” as implied. But she does sound like a very accommodating person, to accommodate’s Andy’s professional goals and very independent to a certain degree. If she dealt with a long-distance relationship spanning more than 2 decades, she must have very high EQ and a close family to be there when Andy is not able to help her.

        She must be a very reasonable person and mature at a young age. Meeting Andy when she was only 19 years old, she dealt with the pressure of dating a well-known idol and long-distance relationship very well. Most 19 year olds would demand more attention, but she was willing to sit back and wait for him to come to her, when work allowed.

        Carol realized that dating a superstar such as Andy required more sacrifices than dating a normal man. Rather than fight the circumstances, she adapted herself to the situation as demanded. This would be a dream come true for most men, where the girlfriend would not make unreasonable emotional demands and fly into a rage when she needed him emotionally.

        I think the backlash towards Carol is that she exhibits some classic traits from what Confucious preached to be a virtuous woman, to serve her husband and dedicate herself to the household. Why is she willing to be in the shadow of her husband, who appears to be dominating the relationship? A woman deserves more in a marriage etc.

        Carol may be an anomaly in modern times. A rarity in a rising trend of women with “princess attitude” or exhibiting traits of “My Sassy Girlfriend.”
        However, perhaps we should give Carol more credit. If she goes by her daily routine for most of the year without Andy by her side, then she is an independent woman who is capable of taking matters in her own hands. She is often photographed going out by herself, without any friends by her side. I think she is an intensely private person, as much as Andy. Thus she covers up her face with a mask and often avoids eye contact with reporters.

        Carol Chu and Jackie Chan’s wife, Joan Lin, chose to stay out of the limelight after marrying their superstar husbands. However, Carol and Andy seem to be in a much more loving relationship than Jackie and Joan. While separated due to his work, Malaysia is still a short flight away from Hong Kong and allows for more frequent get-togethers. Also, Carol has travelled to Hong Kong to visit Andy there. While Joan Lin appeared to have led a more reclusive life in the USA for many years, allowing Jackie to apparently lead an independent life from hers in many ways.

      3. “Carol made a name for herself when she was 18 years old in placing in a Malaysian beauty contest. Participating in a beauty contest means that she is not as meek or “invisible” as implied. ”

        That was before she met him, the more dominant partner. What happened at her father’s funeral shows to me she is truly invisible until he had no choice but to acknowledge. And now it seems how much easier for her and everyone else when she is acknowledged. Classic traits as in what is preached as a virtous wife may be the norm in the ancient past but in today’s world, it may be viewed negatively. I am sorry to say they do not exhibit what is that virtous wife thing but rather in Jackie’s case, probably she decided not to care and be an equal but silent partner, but in Carol’s case, I don’t know, I just feel he is definitely more dominant in every sense in her life.

      4. Funn,
        “I don’t know, I just feel he is definitely more dominant in every sense in her life.”

        I disagree, simply because Andy would not have the time to be dominant in every sense of her life. If he is separated from her for the majority of the year due to work, she has to manage without him on a daily basis. I doubt he has time to call her everyday to advise her on daily agenda.

        If their relationship can flourish for so many years, Carol obviously is a more emotionally strong and independent woman than meets the eye. Perhaps there is a “quiet strength” and a mentally strong mind in there.

        We often associate aggression and outspokeness with strength, but going with the flow requires a certain level of adaptability and mental strength as well.

      5. Jayne, don;t you feel there is a certain sense of inequality here in this relationship? Everything about her is centres on Andy, he being the centre of her universe, her father’s funeral included. But she is not the centre of his universe. The man don’t need to be next to her 365 days to be dominant. She is not a sticky reliant whatever the word I am thinking right now is sort of person. She is independent in the sense she is able to function but her functioning revolves around him. She would crumble without the idea of him. Some people like such a relationship; in Singapore they’ll say “Ni hen ting hua”. She is obedient, he is the authority. I see their relationship that way. Again this is not necessarily a bad thing; it works for them, it works for some. But if one day she may like a different path, then the relationship’s gone. Or will he follow her path, rather than her following his all the time?

        That’s what I meant. Yes this is old style relationship as some would say should be; husband works and wife supports. But in this case, I don’t know… I kept thinking about the entire funeral fiasco and everything I think about it I feel something is off. I heard some discussions even said it was total disrespect to the dead father and she let him behave the way he did’ evasive. In a way I think so too. Again his needs is far greater than hers. This is why I said where is her identity in this relationship? When she is alone and she is alone a lot of the time, being as independent as she is without him, it would be wrong to say she isn’t independent because frankly could there be such a person who can’t function at all without the man next to her? I doubt it. Necessity makes it so that she must function; but I feel as many posts here write about sacrifices. Of course we can’t weigh who sacrificed more but in this relationship, without a doubt for most of it she did the sacrificing by throwing away her own identity for his career or as how he deems his career needed it. After years, finally there is that light at the end of the tunnel. Some here said she is very patient; it is love, true love; but maybe just maybe he makes it such a way that he is her only option, therefore the patience is derive from a necessity to which she functions because he functions. In some way you can it is kinda romantic; where in a relationship there is not 2 but 1, they became 1 entity. But the weird thing is the 1 entity, he is the dominant one, she is the lesser one and sooner or later, 2 becomes 1 becomes singular. She no longer exists. And I bet she likes it that way. Her reputation is derived from his; her success comes from his success; she is who she is because of him. Behind every successful man is a woman. In a positive way. In a negative way, the woman standing behind is silent, forgotten.

        I am ranting. I don’t feel as a woman I want this sort of role in a relationship. I can’t breath. I am my own. If my identity has to derive from my husband, my success is by marrying him, I feel I will lose my self worth. Carol probably doesn’t think that way or rather she probably doesn’t think that much at all. She obviously idolises her husband in the beginning but over the years any woman would have asked for recognition. She stayed by him, married only recently, still silent, places him before her or her family, probably never disagreed with him face to face.. you know what, I don’t know what I am saying.

        She is happy I suppose. Everybody choose a different path and function in a relationship. I just feel Andy is not an easy husband to have.

      6. @Funn,
        Of course it is not easy to be the wife of a superstar. I think we are all seeing that with Hannah(the rumoured girlfriend of Jay Zhou). It is really difficult… You have to endure a lot and I feel that Carol is truly one of a kind since she was able to do so. Not many women can do what she did…

        Also, how can there be 100% equality in a marriage/relationship?? There is always one that gives and sacrifices more than the other. One also tends to love the other one more as well. In some cases, it is a lot in some cases it is only a bit. But there is always going be one that has more control, one that gives more,etc… Therefore, I don’t feel that there is such a thing as complete equality in a marriage/relationship.

    2. yes, i totally agree. she is YES SIR to the man of the house. nicely put; nice, understand and patient wife. bluntly put it, NO SENSE OF CHARACTER? hahaa

      1. HeTieShou, Funn

        Andy does appear to like to be in control. But that is different than controlling his wife. I think he just likes to prepare, plan, and have things happen to his expectations, likely the reason why he runs a successful film production company and maneuvered his stardom for more than 2 decades. He is a very careful man, and he will try and try again until he succeeds. A bit of a perfectionist.

        You may also say that he tries to protect Carol. The paparazzi can be very intrusive and it is because of Andy that they are so interested in Carol. Maybe that is why he appears to be so protective towards her in public.

        As for her father’s funeral, I did not follow the incident very closely. But he still made his appearance and grieved as part of the family. Did he not mourn properly for his father-in-law because of his desire to keep his relationship with Carol low-profile?

      2. Jayne,
        I agree with you that Andy is most of them just trying to protect Carol. That in a sense, can be a form of control. That is how my family treats me so I know firsthand how that feels. I know that they do it because they are just really protective of me and it can be annoying gives me no freedom. But yea, the fact that he wants to be in control at work is different from controlling his wife.

        I am guessing that he did not mourn properly because maybe he did not officially marry Carol yet so could not mourn like a typical son in law?? Also, another reason can be that he wanted to keep his relationship more low profile as you have mentioned.

      3. I meant to say “Andy is most of the time”. Gosh I need the edit button…

    3. We don’t know either of them well personally so we can only guess and speculate. I agree with many of the points that Jayne made though since I have the same thoughts. We honestly should give Carol more credit because how many women would be able to do what she did?? Not many… Even if it is true that Andy wanted 100% loyaly, he deserves it and has the right to since he has remained faithful to her all of those years. Temptation in the circle is really high too and Andy is constantly working with so many beautiful and young actresses but still remains 100% faithful to Carol. Also, who doesn’t want 100% loyalty in a marriage/relationship,however,whether you get it or not is a different story??

      I think Carol is a lot more strong and independent than most women can be. Many women would probably need and want their boyfriend/lover by their side. However, Carol had to endure that for over 20 years but still remained faithful to Andy. I still remember Roger Kwok mentioning about how he broke up with many of his past girlfriends due to the long distance and long periods of being apart. He said that to his current wife, but luckily she loved him so much and was willing to wait for him and commit to him. Her wait was only 6 months which is not much compared to Carol. However, even with 6 months, I really wonder how many women can wait??Especially if you have other people pursuing you and all…

      These days, women are more modern and demand to have their own career and to make their own money instead of relying on their husband. Not that many women are willing to stay home and be a housewife, especially if they have high career goals.

      Funn seems to look down on Carol a lot and I do agree with some of her points, but not most of them. Did you say that you did not mind staying home and being a stay at home mom too Funn?? You also said that you did not mind of people called you a leecher as long as your husband did not think so. Also, in a relationship/marriage there is of course going to be one that dominates the other. It is usually the guy in most cases because guys are more agressive than women should be by nature. Therefore, I don’t see what is wrong if Andy is. I also don’t think that he really controls Carol the way that we think. It may look that way from the outside, but I think that it is because he is just protective of her due to his status and all. It is a lot harder to date a superstar or anyone in the circle than any regular guy. You have to sacrifice a lot more than the typical person does. I think that if Andy was really that controlling, wouldn’t he expect her to dress up, wear make up,etc.. so that he would look more like his “wife” and to match his status?? Since she doesn’t, I think that another way of thinking about it is that he gives her the freedom to wear or do what she wants. He may restrict her from going here and there,but who when dating someone famous isn’t restricted to some extent??? Therefore, it does not just apply to Carol only. I also agree with Jayne that IF Andy was not around her much, then would he even have the opportunity to control her much?? Not really… She would have to be very independent and be able to do many things herself without his help or input…

      1. Well said, I do agree with you. If I am not wrong, the reason why Andy is so protective of her, and his privacy, is because I remembered at one time, the Traid gangs were after Andy, and thats one of the reason, why he keeps his relationship private in the past, in case they harm her & Family. I believe Andy is a nice person, like what you said, he has no other girls, where he can have anytime, base on his good look & status.

      2. Thanks and I do remember Andy saying that one of the main reasons that he did not expose it was because he was afraid that the triads would after his wife and family. The triad gangs were always after him…

      3. Very well said indeed!

        She seems like a traditional minded woman who puts Andy (family) above all. It’s obvious that it’s real love in the picture otherwise she would’ve exposed it to the media a long time ago ala “chucky doll”, LOL.

        Hard to imagine how hard it must be for her during all this time, but again their love for each other seems to overcome all obstacles.

        This relationship does deviate from your typical relationship pattern. Still the significant factor is that it worked for them.

  7. Carol’s really pretty!

    Well, if I was dating someone as rich as Andy and he’s willing to provide for me to the rest of my life… I’m all for it LOL

    1. But many women these days are more independent and would want to have their own career and make their own money. I personally think it is a bit shameful to have to ask your husband for money to spend or do anything. He may be your husband and all, but that is really awkward…

      1. Haha, if more girls would think like you la 🙂

        You shouldn’t feel that way if you are a housewife and needs money for anything. You being a housewife can be considered a full time job without the salary part (normal profit).

        Even if both works and share the housework equally it shouldn’t be awkard. Bit in this scenario I would be a little annoyed though, hehe.

  8. Since decades ago until now, both of Andy and Carol never fail go to the Snake Temple together in Cheras, Malaysia. Their so romantically secured relationship surely invites lots of JEaLOUSLY from gals here….

    I wonder if there is any female here who can tolerate such illegitimate, underground, secret or whatever you call relationship for so long?

    Unfortunately, gals nowadays are too $$$$$, impatience and easily conquered hatred towards their innocent lovers. A little bit of trivial arguments could easily see those gals jumping ship to find love and money security from other guys…..

  9. Somehow i think their relationship is not healthy. She always cover her face and look down whenever paparazzi took their pics. What’s the point? is not that ppl don’t know how her face or anything. Look at jacky cheung’s wife and other celebrities wife, never saw anything like Andy and carol relationship. If Andy is at his 20’s and he is only datin her then i can understand all of this stunt for not letting ppl know, covering face etc. But for goodness sake he is 50 and they are married, what is so secretive about his personal life seriously, unless there is something ugly behind closet.

    1. i know right? OMG, i thought i was the only one who find that ODD haha and ppl yet still praising how andy lau is this great great guy. Come on, if hes in his 4 heavenly days king COVER IT UP but he didnt even revealed his family life until it was crudely discovered???? Like ppl really care about him an idol at 50 having a wife?? i dont get these celebs…

    2. I agree but I think in Andy’s case, he does it because he seriously has some really crazy fans and a number of them are still crazy and don’t want to accept that he is now married. I think we all cannot forget about that one crazy fan from China right?? I heard about other incidents too. I don’t think Jacky has ever had such crazy fans before.

      1. I think it is just he want to protect his idol status. Frankly i found it a bit hypocrite when celebrities
        said they do this and that to protect fans etc. There is no such things. He himself create these whole mysteries aura around him about his private life. Human is like that, the more you keep things from them the more you want to find out. And i think he knows that.

        Want to say admire?, i admire alan tam’s wife. No women can share their husband but she did it. Carol chu has all of the benefit being xi lai all this year, what to complain?. It’s the life that she choose, it’s the way she is, so i dont see any sacrifice. Alpha male can only be with women with no identity!. Well of course all of this just my speculation, because i don’t know them personally.

      2. Ooops hts, sorry, it was not meant to reply your comment , just want to add my own comment that’s all.

      3. Ita,
        ” i admire alan tam’s wife. No women can share their husband but she did it.”

        Really? I find that Alan’s wife, Sally, must have emotionally withdrawn from the relationship. Or maybe she is a woman of her generation (she is close to 60 years old if not already so) and has resigned to the fate that men will cheat no matter what a woman does. If he is still a responsible man, then she will let him take on a mistress or lover.

        Among the 80s actor’s wives, I like Chow Yun Fat’s wife, Jasmine Tan, the most. I find her projected image to be a confident woman. Allegedly, she helped Chow Yun Fat improve his conversational English immensely. Jasmine and Chow Yun Fat appear very loving, even today at public events. She is always right there, sharing all the important moments, whenever he attends a red carpet event and wins an award. They look so loving.

        When Jasmine and Chow Yun Fat got married, I believed there was some fan backlash that she was not beautiful enough to be his wife. But Chow Yun Fat’s behavior demonstrated that he loved Jasmine and fans were okay with that.

        Chow was one of the biggest heart throbs in the 1980s, but getting married did not impact his career.

      4. That is one way of thinking of it and maybe that is one of the main reasons why he remained secretive about his relationship?? I do agree with that but I think another main reason is that he wanted to protect Carol from not just the media, but his crazy over the top fans that honestly could have done something bad to her due to their crazy dreams of marrying their idol and all…

      5. I also wanted to add that I am long time fan of Andy but am not blind to his faults. I admire him for many things, but for some things not really and hiding his wife was something that I don’t admire or agree with. However, I can understand why he did it…

      6. HeTieShou,

        I think Andy Lau is a man who does not like to take risks, especially professional risks. Many of his film choices were very commercialized. Although he generated great box office results, his acting was criticized as being unable to break away from typical “Andy Lau” mode for many years.

        His career choices are safe because he did not wish to risk a carefully constructed image that was bankable.

        Thus, I understand his wish to keep his romance private, because he did not wish that there to be any chance that it will affect his popularity.

        Also he seems to be protective. This is another way to protect Carol and her family. In the 1990s, the paparazzi was not as prone in fabricating wild rumors as they do so now, but Carol comes from a prominent family, thus Andy had to be extra careful that their relationship did not damage her family’s reputation in any way.

      7. @Jayne,
        Really? I am not sure since I think I have told you that I don’t really like to watch Chinese movies because there is not a single one that I like very much. It is really hard to take risks. But regardless of anything, Andy has worked hard for many many years and I still remember him playing an extra on the TVB series Heroes from Shaolin. He has gone a very long way and that is one of things about him that I really admire.

        It is very tough to be in this business. Like I have said, I can understand why he hid his romance life, but I don’t agree with it since the truth will come out sooner or later. In his case, it was even harder since his wife is from a prominent family so of course he had to more to deal with…

  10. Sounds like a romantic story, never knew he had such a long term relationship. Obviously all relationships have their ups and downs but they must have saw through them. I will agree that it’s her nature and personality that really help the relationship survive a long distance relationship. Not placing any demands on him while he focuses on his career, trusting him to stay faithful and supporting him. Very happy for them. Glad they managed to have a healthy baby girl. At 46 she couldn’t have possibly left it any later….I’m surprised they didn’t have a child a litter earlier it would have been less risky.

    1. Yeah! according to the Hong Kong “feng sui” master he said Carol Choo has a flat nose and broad forehead that can tolerate and be very patient towards her husband. Most likely people who have flat bridge nose are more patient according to “feng sui” master.

      1. I don’t think she has a flat nose. How could she possibly in the contest if she did.

      2. Her flat nose doesn’t mean she can’t win but she has good figures lol ! I heard she attempted a few times to win the title maybe by bribe cos so rich millionaires niece & politic play around mah !

      3. Just because someone has a flat nose doesn’t mean that they can’t be in a beauty contest. Who said that people with high noses always looked attractive??

      4. When it comes to face leading, she’s definitely not match with andy lau……but you have to bear in mind that face reading(and even bazi analysis) is not 100% accurate. There is always 1% chance that it could deviate from the destiny and carol is a rare but destined one with Andy!! Good luck, carol!

      5. So, face reading/bazi analysis is not a 100% proxy of one’s destiny…..

    2. I have flat nose but not so so broad forehead.. tats why Im not a patience person??? hehhahaha..

  11. Well if she was able to tolerate it for love then good for her. Still Andy should’ve made it public years ago! The fear/excuse of losing fans is just pathetic. How was his die-hard fans reacting?

    Sure they forgave him, LOL.

    1. I agree but like I have said, Andy had some really really crazy fans as we can see from that one incident. That was not the only one too. I remember this other one where this one other fan tried to commit suicide but was sent to the hospital and all that came out of her mouth was “Andy Lau will marry me!” In a sense I can understand why he hid his relationship although I don’t really agree with it because the truth will come out sooner or later… I am a fan of Andy but am more mature about it and have liked him since young. I was not happy about him lying about this whole thing either. But he suffered because of it, explained why, felt guilty and even apologized for it. Therefore, many fans fovgave him(including me). Basically, what he did was wrong, but he has in a way paid for it which is why I think many fans were willing to forgive him…

  12. Yes, this cause that china die hard girl /fan’s father losing his life for this so called “idol” of her.

    1. oh yeah, that was quite a sick story and even thou its not a normal story it is a SAD story that one ended up dead over this so called idol.

  13. Yes, Andy did say he likes girls with long hair, and no makeup.Carol chu indeed is beautiful before & now. Andy is so lucky to be blessed with a beautiful, understanding & patient wife! Hope have more pic of Carol. She still looks good.

    1. Hopefully, still look good after giving birth lol ! These are the old pics of her la ! Every one is beautiful when you are young after birth or old nobody knows !

      1. haaahh LOL…i know right? dont v all look sharp when v were 18? ahhhhaha

  14. As a male, I would be definitely blessed to have an understanding female like Carol Chu but life is unpredictable. All is well that ends well…

    1. andy has accumulated a lot of karma. No wonder he is blessed with such a goood understanding wife….

      wife not beautiful, not sexy or not outstanding never mind. The important is she’s very understanding, easily satisfied, low jealousy, soft, less possessive and “Yes Woman ” all the times…… This type of wife is very very rare but it is possible if you’ve done a lot of good karma in life ……..

  15. Whatever said and done i still dont understand why the heck these celebraties hide from their fans their family life…what so big deal about it..if cos of the fans andy waited till his girlfriend in her forties before trying for a baby what a joke…i feel sorry for him and much time lost when they old enough to be grandparents of their child

  16. With all the judgmental comments out there, it’s no wonder some celebrities prefer privacy over what they value most. Family.
    Congrats to Andy & Carol!

    1. As a celebrity means you are an entertainer for the audience to watch, celebrate, entertain, fun if you cannot withstand criticism & comments then don’t be a celebrity ! That is the job of a celebrity/entertainer ! Don’t forget your audience is paying you !

      1. So if you’re a celebrity, you have to enterrtain others 24/7? 365 days a year? No break, no holiday, no privacy time?

      2. You pay to watch ones performance, not to watch over ones private matters. You can criticize all you want over one’s acting etc, but over their private life is a different story. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean every aspect of your life is for entertainment!

      3. When come to questioning, comments or criticism no one will ever stop questioning this is private life or that is not private life so people can ask or that cannot ask. Human is human nature the more news they dig the more fun especially “celebrities” like I said earlier this is the entertainment field lol ! You can’t run away !

    2. Yes I think so too! I did earlier said also that the reason why he hide his relationship 20yrs ago, was I read in a magazine, that at that time Andy had some problem with a Traid Gang, (He refuse to act in their films, I think)But whatever reason, (as we do not know) its best not to give unkind comment, but to wish them happiness always. After all, all celebrities did bring us happiness in their hard work , to act good shows for all to see.Also before we judge others, we must judge ourself, no one is perfect. Our life is our own.

  17. Whoa, you make Carol sound like a doormat. So she values privacy and doesn’t court the media. That doesn’t make her an “invisible woman”. I’m sure she’s very *visible* among their friends and family.

    As for calling it a long distance relationship, be real. They lived together for most of those years. She wasnt’ the little woman waiting faithfully by the phone while her man conquers the world. She had her own career too. It takes patience on both sides in any relationship esp. when careers are involved.

  18. Carol is one a of a kind. Not many ppl can accept this kind of lifestyle and long distance relationship. Big sacrifice she made. I’m glad Andy treats her well.

    It’s a sad story though. Andy put his career above his family and love. And its only now that he learns to appreciate them. I won’t say Andy is a completely bad and irresponsible person but his not perfect. He kinda of neglected this woman for so many years but he entrusted her with his finances and is probably the person he trusts the most.

    Not sure if he cheated on her with other glamorous women his seen all these years, (like what Jackie Chan did, but for now, if he hasn’t, then he is very very loyal to Carol and he would be worth waiting for. Love’s blind. They share some special experience and memories that we don’t know. Its fate.

    1. I agree with you and I think that it is really hard to pick between family and career. Traditionally, it would be easier for the women to choose since they could just drop it all become a stay at home mom if their husbands make a lot. However, in many cases that is not really possible since how many couples can afford to live on one income these days?? not many… usually they would expect the wife to stay home. But for the guy, they would usually be expected to be the breadwinner and it can be hard to balance work and family. Family and career seems to go hand in hand because how can you support the family if you don’t have a decent career/job??

      I highly doubt that Andy cheated on Carol because if he did, we probably would have heard at least something about it. But all through these years, we did not really hear anything(unless I missed something).

      Although Carol sacrificed a lot, Andy loves and treats her very well so it was all worth it. Of course Andy is not perfect because who is?? Everyone has flaws but your good have to outweigh your bad…

      1. I wondered if he had something going on with Rosamund, because back in the 90s, they were quite ‘close’. Carol seems low-maintenance as in she’s very simple-minded, not materialistic (look at the clothes she wears) – minimal makeup, doesn’t care about checking up on her husband, not easily jealous (unlike Ron’s gf lol) … she’s a good girl.

  19. Never like Andy and never will. Carol herself looks like an over submissive and meek woman. I believe every woman should go for what she desires be it career or family, but Carol doesn’t go for both and choose to be Andy’s hidden wife.

    1. Perhaps she does have a career that is not getting reported in the media.

    2. Well she dislike Andy so of course you will always think badly of him no matter what…

  20. Four heavenly kings, which one to choose: I will go for Andy Lau.

    what about u guys out there?

    1. Choose as a boyfriend, husband, successful person or what?

      #1 – Andy: Best all-rounder: singer, actor, producer, boss. He is by far the most influential. Very nice guy. Isn’t cocky. Willing to help out if you need him to. Great mentor to the younger generation of actors. Charitable. Easily approachable. As a husband/boyfriend, maybe not such a good idea because he sees his career as very important. Maybe that’s why his been so popular all these years – because he made sacrifices and minimised any publicity that may affect his career. If you want a great friend, choose Andy.

      #2 – Jacky: Best husband material. He doesn’t seem like the type to cheat. He would be loyal to his wife, kids and family. His a great singer too. Wouldn’t fight for the spotlight. He seems to put his family above career. If you want a great husband, choose Jacky.

      #3 – Aaron: cutest looking – even though his almost middle-age, he still works out and maintains a hot body. keeps fit, eats well, still parties a lot. If you want a lot of fun, choose Aaron.

      #4 – Leon: used to be charming but now getting a bit old. He doesn’t exactly have a great sense of humor either. His ambitious though, and seeks business opportunities so as a business partner, i would choose Leon.

      1. If he wants to know you, you can have these options.

        If he doesn’t want to know you, talk what also no use?

    2. omg i wrote an essay. what happened to it? it got deleted? =(

      1. yeh kinda sucks when you spent a while writing it. can’t remember what you wrote word for word.

    3. Out of the 4 kings, i like Andy and Jackie. They both seem to be the kind of guys who are passionate about love and faithful to their spouse. They very mature compared to the other kings. I think Andy is a good person. You can’t blame the guy!! He has a responsibility to his fans and his career depends on it. You guys keep saying sacrificing for love but this isn’t a movie. It’s real life. Haven’t read any bad news about Andy all these times. His wife is understanding and that why she sticks with him for so many years.

    4. Maybe i wrote too much so it got deleted. Farout. Wasted my time. In short this is what i wrote:

      1. Andy: good as a mentor and friend. Charitable, treats ppl well, easily approachable, not stuckup. but focuses on career more than his family. not great as a bf/husband who u want to be there all the time.

      2. Jacky: good as a husband. He seems loyal to his wife, kids and family. Great singer but you know he’ll be there as a father through thick and thin.

      3. Aaron: good if you want to have some fun. playboy, parties a lot, expensive cars & taste etc. still pretty cute for his age, keeps fit, works out, hot body.

      4. Leon: good as a business partner. he seems a bit boring. used to be charming but looks a bit old these days. his ambitious.

  21. I think as long as Andy and Carol are happy in their relationship, then it is OK whoever is the dominant or passive one. A couple cannot totally be equal and a compromise must be reached. There is no right or wrong in who gains or gives, as long as both are content with their lifestyle and relationship. Carol seems pretty content with standing in the background and letting Andy handle the reins.

    1. Andy had all the opportunity to mourn at his filaw’s funeral. To He Tie Shou, andy’s FILAW died in 2009,Andy married Zhu Liqian in 2008. Me not get it either. Me thinks Zhu is a woman bossed around by a domineering man. Something is not right about that marriage, no not at all. Carol in my opinion is a rag door mat. if you think about it, he never adressed her properly as his wife, no not once never said her name. Andy behaves likes a ravishing, hungry pitbull when even anyone asks how wifey is doing. Even the other actors and friends can’t even pay respect to Zhu or mention her name. He gets cruel. WTF is up with the *******?. Anyone noticed when they are photographed together, she walks a few steps behind him, face covered, head hung like a huble she dog puppy?. It is sick and wiked to see that.She put up with all of Andy’d affairs over the years like a patient woman. He had many affairs over he years, that is a fact. Just ask Rosemund Kwan and many others. That ain’t no normal love relationship. They already have a teen daughter too.

      1. Yes, I heard that too, this is their second child.

      2. Yeah! is weird right ! FILAW died in 2009, married Chu in 2008. The timing is so obvious that he is reluctant to marry her just b’cos Chu’s father is deadly sick. Just to respect the old man, he finally agree to marry that poor Chu but sadly he was discovered by the media about his marriage, again he has to make up some stories telling the world that he is trying to make babies but eventually this is their second child. He is a good actor that fool the whole wide world to believe except his own family lol.

      3. Apparently that is not their daughter, more like niece or something. This baby is their first child.

      4. I’m sorry but its hard for me to believe they would risk all these complications to have a SECOND child at their age. I don’t know where you are getting your info but Rosamund Kwan has said she never dated him and I have not heard of him being linked with anyone else. I am a fan and I follow his news.

  22. at least it paid off for her.
    i wish them all the happiness in the world!

  23. ….miss .missy, you not following the news so well my dear. Andy can fool his fansbecause he knows you all will think he is a saint, no matter what. Andy has had women galore over the years, poor Carol had to accept it. .i am Andy’s age and know a lot. Andy was once someone I admired, but he is a fake my dear. A pretensive hypocrite who carved an fan family image to make money. He has a fan kiss ass attitude because he knows fans will support him if he hey part of his family. Thet will trust and defend him no matter what. In short, he has hem brainwashed. I can say so much about that jerk. He is a flake. carol family not all that rich either. hey are average money earners. this BB was supposed to be heir son. Andy, you can’t fool all of the people. There is a saying be careful what you wish for. My wish is that you get exposed soon, real soon. Every sordid detail about you.

    1. Wow, what has he done to you for this massive hatred? I find it odd if this was such common knowledge why are only a few people (who are obvious hater) the only one claiming to know first hand knowledge of these suppose fact.

  24. Yes i think so too! I did earlier said also that the reason why he hide his relationship 20yrs ago, was I read in a magazine, that at that time Andy had some problem with a Traid Gang, (He refuse to act in their films, i guess)But whatever reason, (as we do not know) its best not to give unkind comment, but to wish them happiness always.

  25. I somewhat agree with you Cloud, but you know in a relationship/marriage one sadly has to sacrifice more than the other since it is not always fair and balanced.It’s like one always seems to admire the other one a bit more.

  26. andy get away with a lot because he know he has these fans will defend him no matter what he does or say. He gave excuse about triads because he did not want to lose his “family” support. He is all about money and being on top. Tell me why he get angry when someone ask about how wife is doing. Just a simple question. Why wife always has face down, neck and back lowered, standing behind him with face covered like a old century slave wife with face covered. Not normal. Everyone know who wife is, why the fuss. Can somebody tell me why cannot carina lau or any of the celebs pay a short, repsectfulcompliment to wife without andy foaming at mouth like an angry pitbull. Not normal. He made a circus of his father in law funeral because he did not want to be discovered as having ties to the wife. The media and paparazzi did not make a spectacle at the funeral. Nady lau did that with his selfish demands. Even at the father death, he still could not resect wife enough to man up and be there for her like a loving husband. If media did not expose certificate, andy would be still denying wife and telling fans he not married, that when he marry, he will let fans know. Then he made excuse he married to have children. If he did not want children, he would not marry wife out of love, respect or wanting to share life and companionship with her. What type of role model is he. He still not really acknowlege wife to fans and public yet. He still not say her name. He refers to her as the woman, or mother. For all we know, carol chu may not be the wife, because we see her face when she is not with andy, the woman with andy always have face covered. Who knows. And for the information, I will say what I have to say. You want to live in fantasy world where I only praise and gush about your andy, too bad. I live in real world. Andy has a lot of layers to his life. Too bad you too young to understand.

  27. Missy, you ever think that baybe these (HATERS) as you put it out, know about the real andy so they not gush over him…you think about that.

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