How Sammi Cheng Trumped 3-Year Depression Battle

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Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) is currently promoting her latest film Blind Detective <盲探>, which has been breaking various records at the box office. The romantic comedy/crime thriller is leading the daily attendance race during the evening showings ever since its release on July 4. The film has also earned 150 million RMB as of July 13, making it director Johnnie To (杜琪峰)’s highest grossing film to date. Recently, Sammi sat down for an interview to discuss the film and her thoughts on co-star Andy Lau (劉德華). She also opens up about her relationship with on-and-off boyfriend Andy Hui (許志安), and shared the lessons learned during her three-year battle with depression.

Partnering with Andy Lau Again

Blind Detective is Sammi and co-star Andy Lau’s seventh collaboration. Sammi was asked if she recalled Andy’s image from their popular romantic film Needing You <孤男寡女>, and if she used those memories as reference while shooting her new crime thriller. Sammi explained the affinity she has with Andy. “No. I actually try not to think about past performances, and hope to see this film independent [from our past collaborations]. We always have a great sense of familiarity no matter how long we have been apart. I don’t even know why. I can only explain it as fate. He and I share a very deep affinity towards each other.”

Despite their many collaborations, Sammi is still learning from Andy and treasures every opportunity to work together. “He has even higher expectations from me now. He would give me suggestions after completing every scene, giving me many insights. I know that he expects so much only because he wants me to perform even better… We never know when we will collaborate again… so we treasure every opportunity as if it is our last.”

Sammi was then asked if she has ever fallen for Andy, who won the hearts of many fans worldwide. She immediately denied the possibility. “I wouldn’t dare to. He is a very logical person. He always says, ‘This world must be in order!’ It is okay to show your feelings on screen, but I wouldn’t dare to, and I wouldn’t even think about it. Throughout the years, the only feeling I have about him is that he is so handsome!”

Loving Andy Hui

Sammi and boyfriend Andy Hui has had an on-and-off relationship in the past. The two broke up in 2004, but remained good friends. Andy even performed at Sammi’s concerts several times as a guest. Although the two repeatedly denied reconciliation rumors, they were caught on a date in early 2011 and have been together ever since. At the interview, Sammi was asked about her current relationship with Andy compared to the past. Sammi replied, “There is a big difference. My personality has changed so much, especially after dealing with my depression. I now view things differently, and can better control my emotions… We have already dated for ten years in the past, and we have re-discovered each others’ strengths. We have a very comfortable relationship at this moment.”

The reporter asked Sammi to describe her current views on love. She sees love as a choice, and believes that she now has a healthier view on relationships. “Love is a choice. You must continue once you have made this choice, no matter how tough. You must always remember the reasons behind your decision, so that you can persist whenever you face hardships… After dealing with my depression for the past three years, I have adjusted my values and personality. I now have a more correct view about love, and have found the balance between giving and receiving.”

Battled Depression for 3 Years

In Blind Detective, Sammi plays a tough policewoman who will do anything to protect the man she loves. When asked if she will do the same in real life, she said, “Yes. It seems to me that nowadays men are expected to protect women. However I feel that if a woman has the ability to, she should also protect her loved ones! I think love should be blind and illogical. Sometimes you may have to consider many factors, but you must continue on the path you have chosen….”

In 2005, rumors surfaced that Sammi was suffering from serious depression and often locked herself at home for days at a time. After taking a break from the entertainment industry to recuperate, Sammi has spoken publicly about her battle with the disease and cite it as a life-changing experience. “When I was sick, many friends would tell me, ‘Take it easy, be more positive!’ You must understand, when you are in that situation it isn’t about whether you can let things go. I had many unresolved internal issues, many negative emotions that I could not get rid of. They slowly build up, and one day, I just exploded. My experience is this: We must all properly manage our emotions at every stage of our lives. Don’t let negative feelings build up.”

When asked about her approach to managing emotions, Sammi said, “I was pretty bad at it in the past. I always kept the negative feelings inside, or express them in a worse way, such as throwing a fit. Having depression really changed me. I now have a more optimistic perspective. Before, I would always feel powerless against every small upset. Now, I feel like I will make it no matter how bad things may seem.”


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  1. Jake2 says:

    Just watched blind detective. It was actually really good and funny! Enjoyed frm the beginning till the end. I was surprised though that the reviews by critics were extremely negative and harsh. Probably they expected more from Johnnie To. But it was definitely a great movie. A must watch!

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  2. Johnson says:

    Really want to watch this movie, but i am in Houston, dont know how i can watch it.
    Any ideas?

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  3. Kev says:

    Absolutely a great and best movie of the year. Never watch such a great movie in HK film like this since 2003.

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    • Diva no more replied:

      Wow, that’s a big compliment. 2003 was the year where Sammi and Andy starred in the movie where she portrayed the fat woman determined to lose weight, on location in Japan, right?

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  4. sammi babe says:

    wow…sammi jeh is still so slim n maintain her figure well…this is due to her diet regime…very encouraging to all of us

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  5. Diva no more says:

    “Sammi was then asked if she has ever fallen for Andy, ..She immediately denied the possibility. “I wouldn’t dare to. ..”

    This means she did fall for Andy, except she wouldn’t dare to.

    And her left picture does have that mental disorder look.

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  6. teresa says:

    Wow I had no idea she had suffered through depression, does anyone know what happened before she became depressed?

    Anyway I’m glad shes doing ok now and I always thought she was so cute with Andy Hui. All the best for Sammi and Andy 🙂

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  7. Maria says:

    While I am happy for her, I must say she looks awful. She is flat as a board.

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    • Ribb replied:

      haha, ya. But the shape of a body cannot be changed much. She’s lucky tho that she’s a celebrity in HK as they treasure skin and bone like precious diamond. In the West, she’s neither the fit toned one or the curvy one.

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