Huang Xiaoming Asked if He Had Slept with Vicki Zhao

Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) has been very vocal in his support for good friend Vicki Zhao’s (趙薇) directorial debut So Young <致我們終將逝去的青春>, and attended many of the film’s promotional events to help generate publicity. Today, at the press conference for his new film American Dreams in China <中國合伙人>, Xiaoming once again spoke fondly about Vicki and was caught off-guard when a reporter asked him pointedly about his past relationship with the married actress.

American Dreams in China is a Peter Chan (陳可辛) film set in the 1980s about three young men’s quest to build an English language institute and their struggles to maintain their friendship amidst sudden wealth and fame. During the discussion, the host asked the three leading men, Huang Xiaoming, Tong Dawei (佟大為), and Deng Chao (鄧超), to share an embarrassing story from their youths.

Huang Xiaoming Reveals the First Time He Met Vicki Zhao

Huang Xiaoming recounted his first time meeting Vicki while studying at the Beijing Film Academy. “The day I went to apply at the school, there was a very long line. There was a girl with waterfall-like long hair ahead of me. When she turned around, I saw her huge eyes and white skin. I knew at that moment that my goddess has appeared. Later on, she and I participated in a skit. After we were done she came to me and said, ‘Xiaoming, you’re too nervous you know?’ At that time I felt so embarrassed because I screwed up in front of a girl I liked.”

Tong Dawei immediately asked, “Does this mean Vicki Zhao is your ‘Su Mei’?”, referring to Huang Xiaoming’s love interest in the movie, played by model Jennifer Du (杜鵑). Xiaoming pretended to be shocked at the question but ultimately agreed with Dawei’s interpretation. He added, “I would definitely die for Goddess-like women.”

When the cast opened up the floor for questions, a reporter asked Xiaoming, “In the film your character finally gets to sleep with Su Mei. In real life, did you and Vicki Zhao ever progress to a similar stage in your relationship?” The reporter also asked if his love for Vicki is making rumored girlfriend Angelababy upset. Huang Xiaoming was stumped by the questions and could not come up with an appropriate answer. Co-star Deng Chao came to his rescue by answering questions first, giving Xiaoming additional time to think about his response.

After awhile, Xiaoming turned to the reporter and asked him for his age. When he found out that the reporter is 27 years old, he said, “You are very sharp!” Although he ignored the question about Angelababy, Xiaoming finally addressed the first question by saying, “Everyone has a wonderful past. There are some things you already know about, but there are even better things I’d rather bury in my heart, to turn them into beautiful memories.”


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  1. Ugh, what an insensitive reporter, to ask a question like that in public and when Vicky Zhao is already someone’s wife and mother! Their past is nobody’s business. You’d think that a 27-year old would be more considerate than that, even if he’s a reporter.

    1. Exactly! Goodness, reporters are getting more and more pathetic. I can’t believe that they have no shame and can ask such a question. Do they have nothing else to ask???

      1. They’re always looking for juicy news. That’s how those HK entertainment news profit. No wonder so many artists, even HK artists like mainland and Taiwanese reporters more and would actually like to converse with them.

  2. EVen if XiaoMing and VIcki did not end up together, at least they are still close friends and being buddies for life is not bad either.

  3. It was gross of the reporter to ask – esp. since Vicki Zhao is married.

  4. So he did sleep with Vicki then? I mean he can say no instead of whatever he said? So he did?

    I give credit to the reporter for asking a question one don’t normally ask. It is a fair question. I am sure Angelababy is wondering as well.

    1. feels like his answer say, “Yes!” Beautiful Memories to bury in my heart….sounds like a yes.

      But either way….it’s between them.

    2. His final answer certainly suggests ‘yes’

    3. Actually I think HK reporters asked one time if Anthena Chu was having an intimate relationship w/that now husband point blank as well. I think since she preaches no sex before marriage or something like that so those stupid reporters will ask anything they don’t care it’s embarrassing, they will ask anything to sell more magazines.

  5. reporters are also hungry for money and fame (in their field)

  6. It’s a good answer, it suggest a yes but also indicates if it’s a yes he would never admit it.

    I hope Vicki’s husband is also satisfied with this answer.

  7. wow they are allowed to ask such question? What do you expect him to say? that yes, I slept with her and no my gf is not jealous? Awful reporter!

    1. The 27-yo reporter with no-brains has a pathetic job indeed. Asking questions like that without consideration to a married woman. I doubt I will enjoy having to break-up others’ relationship/marriage with what I write/ask.

  8. Seriously for them to be intimate before and now best friend with each other, I salute them. Their friendship is a proof that one can be good friends after the love and sex ended. They are my idols now. haha

  9. Wait…but he never dated Vickie, right? Wasn’t it an unrequited love??? Unless Vickie and him just do it for the heck of it LOL

  10. In the past article mentioned that HXM had a crush on Vicki when they were students at the acting academy. Therefore, they didn’t date each other in the past.

  11. Well played, Huang Xiao Ming. Way to dodge the bullet. lol

    Interesting relationship these two have, can’t blame the reporters for being curious, although the question could have been more subtly phrased. Didn’t there use to be a weird love triangle between Huang Xiao Ming, Vicki Zhao and Chen Kun back when they were all students at the same drama academy? HXM had a crush on Vicki, but she had a crush on Chen Kun…

  12. This guy is what I call good looking!!

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