Huang Xiaoming Morphs into Batman on 35th Birthday

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Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明) has been celebrating his 35th birthday with various friends over the last week. From lip-locking Shawn Yue (余文乐), meeting girlfriend, Angelababy, for a barbecue dinner, to holding a Hollywood-themed birthday party, Xiaoming basked in all the fun.

Shares Kiss With Shawn Yue

Filming Peter Chan’s (陳可辛) The Guillotines <血滴子> together, Xiaoming and Shawn Yue became fast friends. Shawn created a parody of Korean rap star, Psy’s Gangnam Style, which featured Xiaoming and other cast members laughing and displaying their martial arts moves.

Since the friends share the same birthday of November 13, Xiaoming and Shawn were presented with birthday cakes at a promotional event for The Guillotines earlier this week. Irresistibly, Xiaoming and Shawn kissed each other lightly on the lips, and smiled widely after the exchange.

Hotel Staycation With Angelababy

On November 10, Xiaoming was spotted with girlfriend, Angelababy, sharing a leisurely meal at a barbecue restaurant. The small restaurant was simplistic and known for its grilled meats, providing only a few tables for its diners. Xiaoming and Angelababy ignored others’ stares and ate the food ravenously and enjoyed each other’s company.

When the couple stepped out of the restaurant, they laughed loudly. Instead of returning to Xiaoming’s house, they entered a nearby hotel, perhaps to enjoy the pleasures of a “winter staycation”.

Batman Dreams

On November 12, Xiaoming morphed into Batman for the day. At his Hollywood-themed birthday party, Xiaoming’s face was plastered on a James Bond prop, a Spiderman birthday cake, and more Hollywood movie poster spoofs.

Good friends, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), Crystal Liu (刘亦菲), Tong Dawei (佟大为), Li Yichun (李宇春), Pang Ho Cheung (彭浩翔), Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲), Andrew Lau (刘伟强), and Wong Jing (王晶) were present. Several guests donned character costumes for fun as well.

Although Xiaoming’s earlier crush, Vicki Zhao was unable to attend his birthday bash, she sent him heartfelt greetings via Weibo, “Today is your birthday! You are a lucky person! Because you are kind and honest! Hope you will always stay the same way as we know you and do not compromise yourself for a living! Retain the same happy and carefree life as you initially did! Jia you!”

See Huang Xiaoming’s Kiss With Shawn Yue


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  1. zzzz says:

    I always knew he was bi.

    Anyway, Happy birthday HXM <33

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  2. Linnh says:

    HXM looks so young for been 35, i would think he was in his late 20.

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    • Veejay replied:

      Thanks to his PLastic surgeon so he can stay forever like a Peterpan.

      I can see human are turning themselves into androids one day by getting more Ps DONE.. just look at the above pic, FBB and HXM.. so plastic looking.

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      • zhx replied:

        You need to take several seats because it’s obvious that you’re trying too hard to troll.

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  3. cyndi says:

    I would like it if HXM shared a kiss with a more good-looking idol. That irrelevant actor is so mediocre-looking.

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    • Josie replied:

      Shawn is mediocre looking?! Sheesh, who is considered good looking then?

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      • cyndi replied:

        If you still do not know that beauty is subjective and that me thinking that he is mediocre looking applies to everyone, then I’m sorry, but this conversation is not for you.

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  4. Hannahh says:

    naww HXM is so cute! Happy Birthday xo

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  5. Terminator says:

    So, he and his girlfriend opted for the “love hotel” instead of doing it at his home? I guess this brings more thrills.

    What a priceless piece of reporting! LOL!!

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