Huang Zitao Announces Hiatus: “Please Allow Me to Disappear for a Long Time”

Huang Zitao (黄子韬) announced on June 24 that he will be taking a long hiatus before making a comeback in the entertainment industry.

The former EXO singer, who has just finished work for the Chinese spin-off of Produce 101 <创造101>, told fans on Weibo that he will be taking a long break so he can concentrate on making music. He wrote, “I can finally put down my cell phone and movie script. I don’t even need to dance anymore, and I have no more use of the producing card. [I] will leave the buzz of the city to a place where no one can distract me, in a place where I can quietly rest and make my music.”

The 25-year-old has worked non-stop in the past few months. Following his fixed appearance in Street Dance of China <这!就是街舞>, he was cast as the nation’s producer in Produce 101, the Chinese spin-off of the Korean survival girl group show of the same name. After finishing Produce 101, Tao expressed his decision to take a break from variety shows, emphasizing that he wants to focus more on film and music. He explained, “There’s more peace and quiet to acting. Music allows me to recognize my own feelings the most.”

Tao ended his post expressing his gratitude toward his costars and fellow colleagues, saying, “It was my strong opponents who allowed me to continuously stay on top. I am thankful that I live in this era. I will return to the entertainment industry that belongs to you. Please allow me to disappear for a long time.”


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  1. I think like all people, celebrities can burn from the stress and workload. They may make a lot of money but they are only human and need some alone time away from fans and papparazzi. Hope he takes a trip overseas and finds some peace.

  2. it’s nice to be able to walk away from all the glory and fame to be just nobody for a while. one can only come back stronger.

  3. Have a long peaceful RR Huang Zitao, rest your mind and body and comeback stronger than ever, we will miss u for now, happy trails.

  4. I lately saw the show produce 101

    I really impress by HZT. I always thought he just can dance. But then I hear his song And lyrics. Wow 25 years And so talented!!! On the show he was very harsh to those girls. Esspecially when the episode where they are Only 55 left, those girls have to compete to get the song they want during a shuttle run. When he was explaining those girls aren’t quiet. You allready saw his face getting angry. Then when a girl fell, But the other still running And didn’t care about, he went furious.
    He Yell at them And ask them al those crying And care about each other are fake!! Then he tell his OWN story when he still was one of the EXO Member.

    That was really touching. You can see in his eyes impression, Thats all True And that he worked Verry hard to reach the level he is Now. Respect for him
    Wish him a happy holiday!! And looking forward to see his next projecten And hear his coming songs!!

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