Marvel’s Casting Criteria for Shang-Chi

Marvel sure knows how to keep fans on their toes. While casting is still underway for the studio’s first Chinese superhero film, Shang-Chi <上氣>, netizens’ preferred leading men – Eddie Peng (彭于晏), Daniel Wu (吳彥祖), Mike Moh, Ludi Lin (林路迪), and Steven Yeun – have been eliminated following the reveal of Marvel’s two major casting conditions.

Variety reporter Justin Kroll reported that Marvel wants to be as a faithful to the original as possible. This means the male lead has to be in his 20s and of Chinese descent. He tweeted, “No other Asian ancestry. Haven’t heard any names as it sounds like they’re going the discovery route.”

As a result, 37-year-old Eddie, 44-year-old Daniel, 35-year-old Mike, 31-year-old Ludi, and 35-year-old Steven are all out of the discussion. Mainland netizens are now turning their focus to the former EXO member, 26-year-old Huang Zitao (黄子韬), while foreign media believes Ross Butler, who plays the grown-up version of Super Hero Eugene in Shazam! <沙贊!神力集結>, has a chance. On the other hand, some fans think Marvel will not cast a famous actor.

Perhaps, the company will announce the results at the San Diego Comic-Con, since the studios confirmed they will hold a press conference there.

Source: Ettoday

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  1. How about Chris Wu or lay? Both still in their 20s. Luhan too feminine so he wouldn’t work. The dude in the pic above look maybe the type Westerns may like but too much if a macho man for Asia to accept. Any Chinese exo member is a good choice though.

    1. @m0m0 God, no. Kris Wu always look like a stoner. Don’t see his appeal; reminds me of a foxier-looking Edison.

      None of those EXO boys. They all look too feminine & skinny. Rather they choose someone unknown. There must be good looking Asian American models who fit the criteria and can still act.

      1. @coralie I’m with you on this! I rather an unknown who can ACTUALLY act and look the part than any of those exo boys. They maybe famous, but they are feminine and actually do not look good to me, none of them are!

      2. @littlefish @coralie
        we don’t have to agree but whoever they settle on, i hope he doesn’t lose in the current lineup of superheros. someone 6 ft with a strong build like Thor or Cap

      3. @m0m0 the new Spider-Man kid is smaller than both Thor n cap, but he doesn’t lose in the line up, i think the written of the role is more important, and the acting rather than the buff level lol

  2. Ludi would have been great. He’s got the looks that both the west and east will accept. 31 is still pretty young

  3. So many hot looking 20 something actors in China to choose from. Director Chen Kaige’s son Arthur Chen would be a good candidate.

  4. I reckon Marvel should cast an asian american (chinese if they really insist) but someone born and raised in the US with acting dreams. That would guarantee the lead actor can speak perfect english and keep jobs within the US! Not some already “famous” feminine pale skinny guy from china, regardless of how much a chinese film studio is willing to pay. Just my opinion

    1. @myxx
      obviously you’re making assumptions and haven’t seen the abs on some of these ‘skinny’ guys from China.

      1. @msxie0714 the “majority” of them are skinny, pale and/or feminine. The ones that don’t fall within this category are few. And frankly i’m not interested in looking at any of them. 90% are pale and/or feminine looking even if they aren’t skinny.

  5. Please not any of the exo boys, they are all too feminine and sorry fans, not good looking! I’m all for new guy who actually can act and look the part!

  6. if marvel really choose ross butler as shang chi, he will make his father (donny yen) looks like a goblin. butler is 190cm tall against donny with 167cm. my god.

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