Initial Impressions: Chinese Drama “Love and Destiny”

Chinese drama Love and Destiny <宸汐缘> is a spinoff series of the record-breaking drama Eternal Love <三生三世十里桃花> starring Yang Mi and (杨幂) and Mark Chao (赵又廷). Produced by the team behind Eternal Love, Love and Destiny runs for 60 episodes and is set in the same fictional world as Eternal Love. It is led by Taiwanese actor Chang Chen (张震) and Mainland actress Ni Ni (倪妮), and the supporting cast includes Leo Li (李嘉铭), Ethan Li (李东学), Jessie Zhang (张芷溪) and Karina Hai (海铃).

The xianxia drama revolves around the love story between star-crossed lovers the God of War Jiu Chen (Chang Chen) and a young fairy Ling Xi (Ni Ni) who is destined to bring chaos to the world. While the God of War is responsible to protect all tribes from evil forces, the young fairy possesses powers to release the demon lord. Due to the twist in their fates, the pair struggles to maintain their relationship as the God of War is forced to choose between duty or love and the young fairy has to decide whether to stay or sacrifice her love for world peace.

Love and Destiny is Chang Chen’s first television screen debut and NiNi’s second television drama after The Rise of the Phoenixes <天盛长歌>.  Ling Xi is an innocent character that NiNi has portrayed fairly adequately through her bold lines and curious expressions. However, she does lack a sense of brightness that could strongly highlight her innocence and youth. This is likely derived from her relatively neutral expressions. Her costumes are beautiful and soft looking, but perhaps emphasizes her maturity more than they should.

Her father (portrayed Li Yu) was more entertaining to watch with his impudent behavior. His liveliness  was something preferably to be seen radiating from NiNi.

As for Chang Chen, he hasn’t displayed any emotions or interesting scenes so far. Although his straight face and lack of lines does stress a calm and serious demeanor, and that may see changes when he later falls in love with NiNi.

The production quality appears to be on par with Eternal Love, based on the grand background settings for the Heavenly Palace and Peach Blossom forest. The cinematography is stunningly beautiful and would definitely be an aspect worthwhile to look out for. Being an Eternal Love series spin-off, Love and Destiny also carries a heavy budget and is seeking for the same success in ratings and popularity.

Zhang Bichen (张碧晨) and Zheng Yunlong‘s (宸汐缘) romantic theme song will likely to become hits as the drama continues to air.

“Love and Destiny” Trailer

“Love and Destiny” Theme Song

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  1. Reach the same height as 10 miles isn’t possible for this drama, however, I’m unable to turn away from it lol. Though I’m only at ep4, and I’m dreading the length of it (60 – uh! Possibly can be done within 45!), i kinda like it. It’s the usual formula, innocent chatty girl and a cold intelligent guy, and the whole we must conceal your weakness and pretend to be couple/close to hide that fact. Usual tropes but done well.

    I have to agree that the father is interesting to watch. Also maybe it’s just me but I feel like they use the hobbit technique? The father seems unusually short, and the servant girl seems unusually tall and big! I know NiNi is like quite tall, and this servant girl is like a head taller than NiNi! Making her 190cm??? Not impossible, but usual, as they don’t tend to pick servant girl to be that outstanding to the eyes?

    I don’t agree that NiNi’a character should have her father’s impudent behaviours, the father is like Zhou Botong in return of the condo heroes, and those sort of behaviours are because they have something to hide, and they go out of their way to hide it. NiNi’s character is innocent, and doesn’t see the need to hide/lie, there are a few instances where she does act like her father, but mostly, she means to be innocent and not deceitful. To have Zhou botong/her dad’s behaviours, she won’t gain the trust of the god of war lol.

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