Is Fan Bingbing Pregnant?

After Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) tax evasion scandal, she kept a low profile and disappeared for almost a year. No longer a top shareholder of Zhejiang Talent, the 37-year-old instead decided to launch her own cosmetics brand, Fan Beauty Secret. Aside from her new business interests, Bingbing may be finally realizing her dreams of becoming a mom. She was sighted with a swollen appearance recently leading to buzz that she may be pregnant.

In 2017, Li Chen (李晨) proposed to Bingbing during her birthday party. The couple allegedly wanted to get married at the end of 2018 and have a baby, but Bingbing’s tax scandal postponed their plans.

The couple has allegedly secretly registered for marriage earlier this year. Although Bingbing and Li Chen did not confirm the news, neither did they deny it.

In March, speculations that Bingbing may be pregnant circulated after she attended the opening of a beauty salon in a voluminous skirt and flat shoes. Li Chen, who also attended the event, never left her side.

In another sighting this week, Bingbing seemed to gained weight and had a swollen appearance. Bingbing was spotted on the streets of Beijing wearing a yellow t-shirt and a black belt which failed to disguise her thicker waist. She also wore her diamond engagement ring which sparkled brilliantly in the dim lights.

Could Bingbing be waiting to announce her wedding date and baby news at the same time?

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  1. Usually celebrities need to plan for kids because they’re busy.
    If you have nothing to do, then there’s no need to plan

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