Is Kaman Kong Difficult to Get Along With?

TVB actress Kaman Kong (江嘉敏) is the Hong Kong paparazzi’s new favorite “bad girl”—wherever she goes, negative press seems to follow.

Since the “yacht party incident” back in May, Kaman and fellow TVB actress Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) virtually went from being the best of friends to just merely acquaintances. Their friendship allegedly broke because both parties provided very different stories as to why they were invited to Arnaldo Ho’s (何猷亨) exclusive event.

And the paparazzi don’t have many good stories to tell about Kaman anyways. According to their sources, Kaman is extremely two-faced—kind in front of the opposite sex, but harsh to her female assistant. The 25-year-old was photographed disparaging her assistant as her assistant carried her purse and luggage to the airport.

The insider allegedly said, “Kaman appears to be a goodie two shoes in public, but you would have no idea that she’s already lured you in. She’s very calculative and loves to spend time with the rich boys, which makes sense, because the wealthy likes to dump money on celebrities. In front of her male costars, she’s very friendly, but in front of her female assistant, she acts like she’s the number one sister. When a schedule doesn’t go her way, she throws a tantrum. She isn’t an easy boss!”

Kaman is also allegedly “flirting” with Crystal’s ex-boyfriend Martin Chung. When her ex-boyfriend shared on Instagram a photo of TVB studios, saying that he has “returned to an old spot,” Kaman left a comment which read, “You have nothing else to do in your life!” and “I don’t think I’m the one you’re looking for…”

But how true are these claims by the paparazzi? Only time will tell.

Source: Weekend HK

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  1. Another annoying actress who can’t act also and acting so friendly with her male co workers? Of course all she wants is attention.

  2. Prb…, another spoiled brat in real life….I don’t find her pretty just average maybe in the younger generation find her attractive

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