Is Kaman Kong Preparing for Marriage?

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Is Kaman Kong Preparing for Marriage?

TVB actress Kaman Kong‘s (江嘉敏) personal life often spills over gossip headlines. Though the media often labels the 26-year-old as a flirtatious gold digger, Kaman has a strong relationship with her non-celebrity boyfriend Anthony. The couple has been dating for two years, and wedding bells may be in the horizon.

On a day when she did not have to film for drama Guardian of the Dark Night <黯夜守護者>, Kaman was spotted on a shopping date with Anthony. It was a cold day, but Kaman dressed to impress with a fashionable sweater paired with shorts and long boots.  The couple spent their afternoon at a restaurant and displayed their affection by feeding each other.

After their meal, the couple took time to take pictures of each other. Instinctively, Anthony stepped onto the busy roads and bent his knees low to get the best angles for Kaman’s photos. While checking the photos, Kaman snuggled close to Anthony without worrying about other onlookers.

Planning for Marriage?

As the couple was leaving, reporters approached them and asked about their date. Anthony replied, “We are taking pictures. I did my research and I am a professional. Just look at my social media, I take better pictures than Kaman. She is my one and only model.” Asked when they will be getting married and if they are looking for rings, Anthony replied cryptically, “We will see. I will need to use the appropriate credit card.”

The couple later met up with Kaman’s mother to shop at designer boutiques. Anthony helped the ladies shop by offering his opinions on the clothes, and appears to have a close relationship with Kaman’s mother. He seems to have a high chance of upgrading his boyfriend status to the next level soon.


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