Kaman Kong Acknowledges Weight Gain

Kaman Kong (江嘉敏) returned from a brief public hiatus on January 10, attending the TVB Anniversary Awards. Wearing an elegant long sleeve gown that hung on the right places, the Hong Kong media can’t help but to notice something different about Kaman—she gained weight.

But Kaman didn’t mind the media’s criticism. In fact, she opened them up for discussion on her social media after sharing red carpet photos from that night.

“Even seniors who I never collaborated with wanted to introduce me to their gym instructors!” said Kaman. 

The 26-year-old also reached out to possible weight loss sponsors on social media, writing, “I’m sure everyone can see how much love I’ve received from endorsements in the food industry!” she joked. “Hopefully in the new year I get to receive more love from the weight loss industry!”

Netizens and fans of Kaman all left behind extremely positive and supportive comments of Kaman’s new figure. “You’re lucky you get to earn money for losing weight!” commented one. Another netizen said, “If this is what it looks like to be fat, then I wouldn’t mind!” 

One netizen wrote, “You’re not even fat! You’re just wearing the wrong dress and color. Your hairstyle was also too mature for you.” Kaman replied, “I’ll definitely look into this more and do more research!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I realised every comment that comes from jingxi2943 are always very positive & good, eg “can’t wait to watch”, “beautiful couple”, etc etc. And for this case – stunning? Due to that, I am not sure if the comment is really sincere or valid, or just post up for the sake to boost the article? After I read too many same positive comments from this user, I do not find it valid anymore 😀

      1. @hayden Having a positive comment is better than having purely hate comment that does not give constructive criticism. Including yourself. Let people be nice. Yall are having too many negativity, this is literally the ONLY site where i read 90% hate comments.

    1. @hayden lol I thought it was just me getting annoyed. Makes me feel like debbie downer or such a hater every time I read their comment… like ughhh… why does this person ALWAYS have something positive to say? And their comments are always just a couple words of praise yet somehow, I’m irked. Lol can’t help it. It’s just not normal to be that way. I believe @seriously called them out a few articles too and I got a good chuckle lol. @jingxi2943 not to be a hater or anything but can you make more substantial comments for a change? Are you even real?? lol Or don’t mind me. Keep on keeping on whatever floats your super positive boat. Maybe I just need to get off my grumpy ride lol.

      1. @gnomageddon yes it gets so annoying after a while, and I began to wonder is it jaynestars “get” this person to give positive comments to the articles

      2. @hayden A positive comment is a positive comment from a user…. why question the intention or sincerity behind it? jingxi2943 is a valid user who responds positively to most articles, and looks forward to watching different dramas.

      3. @gnomageddon LOL….hahha I was gonna say something about this user for a while now – @jingxi2943. haaha OMG All he/she knows is #beautiful couple#cute actress#can’t wait to watch#. Yeah, it gets redundant & annoying to read. Positive reviews? Yeah sure more like can’t write full sentences? haha

      4. @wm2017 @everyone in this thread. I’m was almost certain it was a bot or a troll. The smiley faces at the end of comment is the cherry on top lol. The person even writes “can’t wait to watch” for dramas that aren’t even confirmed yet like…. Uh.

    2. @hayden So it’s not just me who is starting to get annoyed by this user who only comment 1 or 2 words on every single post…I was thinking the user must be a bot or is getting paid to do it….

    3. @hayden At first I was puzzled, but now the comments are kinda enduring. It is better to be positive than have copy/paste negative comments (ahem, old poster name rhymes with “miller”). Lol.

      So keep posting @jingxi. I am on this page because there’s really no other place to share thoughts on this declining industry and need an outlet for my nostalgia. Camaraderie is nice.

      1. @potatochip ya u are right is better to have positive comment than negative comment. But is just that user keep having the same positive comment for everything so it gave me the impression is this user even think like that, or just post up for the sake of wanting to sound positive? When other users give positive comment, I will find it valid but from this particular user, I will just regard as meh

      2. @hayden I understand where you are coming from, I also prefer more of a conversation. You never know who is on the other side of the screen and what struggles or successes they may be facing. I just shrug off comments that don’t interest me and hope for better discussions in other posts.

  2. When I saw Kaman Kong in that photo earlier, I thought she looked very well-rounded in that gown but thought it might have been a bad angle, bad lighting or a bad number of other things. But looking at the photo a bit closer now, she really has become a bit chunkier. Too many meat pies over Christmas….

  3. I was surprised that there were so many comments for this article, but after reading, 8/10 comments so far are unrelated to Kaman Kong lol Anyways, yeah I agree. Her look did not fit her age and her dress was very similar to Tiffany Lau’s. Not sure if it’s just me, but I feel like most of the actresses’ hair was like that or slicked. The hairstyle is pretty, but when everyone is doing it, it’s boring.

  4. She’s 26 but dressed like she was 66. She needs to get rid of whoever styled her because the gown was a horrible fit and wayyyy to long

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