Kaman Kong’s Rise to the Top

Plagued by bad press, actress Kaman Kong (江嘉敏) not only fell out with good friend Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) after the infamous yacht party incident this year, but was also rumored to be intent on finding a rich partner. The actress, who has grown out of “younger sister” roles, continues to be consecutively cast in several dramas despite the negative publicity.

Lack of Competent Young Actresses of Fadan Caliber

At the start of her career, the 26-year-old was said to have cheated on her boyfriend with his friend. Despite the seemingly never-ending stream of bad press, Kaman did not get too affected and even recently hit back at her detractors online, calling on them not to mention her old news yet again.

TVB management is said to favor Kaman since few among the new batch of actresses have serious fadan potential–Hera Chan (陳曉華) fared poorly in acting while Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇) lacked the maturity. Proof of her rising star, Kaman is nominated for Most Improved Female Artiste in the Anniversary Awards based on her performances in several productions aired this year including The Dripping Sauce <大醬園>, Death By Zero <殺手>, and Ratman To The Rescue <過街英雄>.

Awakened to the importance of maintaining a good public image, Kaman looks determined after a prep talk with management. She wants to refresh others’ materialistic impression of herself and work her way up to leading status.

Wants to Explore Diverse Roles

Taking each acting opportunity as more exposure in her career, Kaman makes the most of it. For an upcoming drama in which she plays an 18-year-old influencer, Kaman went on a shopping trip in Causeway Bay on Christmas Eve to prepare for the role.

Visiting a few shops selling skincare products, the actress successfully made her purchase and next went to an accessories shop to look at crystal bracelets and earrings, before heading to a bookstore where she browsed books in the psychology department. Queried about her solo shopping trip, she explained her purchase of facial products to make herself appear more youthful onscreen.

As for why she was focusing on psychology books, she confided, “My character has an anti-social personality. Since I don’t have such friends in real life, I need inspiration from films and books to help figure out how to portray [the character]. It’s good to explore more diverse roles, so I wouldn’t be playing a student or ‘Hong Kong Girl’ all the time!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

Kaman Kong Denies Being a Social Climber

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  1. I don’t understand why. She’s not that great looking, and her acting is meh. She has the look to play someone’s younger sister, but that’s about her range. Guess TVB is really desperate now.

    1. @theyenman also wanted to add, she’s also not suited for ancient or period dramas because she looks even worse in those get ups. Has too big a jawline, although judging by the pic above, guess surgery can fix it.

      1. @theyenman reli need so bad mer? hehe. wayne lai in journey to the west as piggy also does not look at promising right. who knows he got 2 BA now. blek…

      2. @xrc56 True, but Wayne Lai actually had acting talent even early on, which eventually gave him an opportunity much later in his career to get up to main lead and go beyond his typecasted roles. Maybe give me an example of a series where this girl displayed even glimpses of her potential acting ability that can give us a sense she might be able to eventually go beyond typecasted, I must have missed seeing it.

  2. Maybe TVB should just cast her in their version of bachelorette, with rich and poor participants, BUT she doesn’t know who is rich or poor. It’s a win win, either she finds true love or she’s exposed as a greedy gold digger.

  3. If you watch HK Love Stories and see the realistic portrayals of the poor, cramped environments that many of the low to middle class grow up in and you would understand why there are so many motivated gold diggers in HK…

  4. *rolls eyes*

    I don’t see any news about her leading in any series any time soon, shouldn’t that be a requirement? Also, she also lacks maturity so???? Can’t stand her tbh

  5. I think she is pretty cute on screen and does have charisma. Her drama off-screen is what leaves a negative taste, but hard to know how much of it is true. Acting wise, she is the best of the really bad bunch.

    But if spreading about younger actresses, I want to see more Angel Chiang.

  6. i actually find her ok in the roles she played in exorcist meter and the one w/ rebecca chu. not exactly the annoying type like crystal fung and that other miss hk winner.

  7. “Rise to the Top” – seriously? has she risen to the top? I think she’s cute. But that seems to be her full range. She does this whiny voice thing which I think HK boys love but gets a bit annoying after a while. She should smarten up her act and go beyond acting cute and playing someone’s little sister or daughter. It gets boring after a while.

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