Crystal Fung and Kaman Kong Trade Barbs

After Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) and Kaman Kong‘s (江嘉敏) fallout last year, they have largely avoided each other. Except now, they are asked to host new TVB talk show Deciphering Scheming Girls <解構心機女> together. On the first day on the job, the frenemies are already trading barbs.

When filming wrapped up for the day, Crystal shared their photo on Instagram and wrote captioned her post as “breaking the ice,” which she then cleverly amended, “Sorry, it was a typo. It should be get rid of the ice instead. Bubble tea, less sugar and no ice. It’s Kaman’s first day as a host–I’ll treat you to bubble tea to cheer you on. Let’s make a good show together!” However, keen-eyed fans noticed that Crystal was smiling very rigidly in the photo, as if she was not fully enjoying Kaman’s company, but had no choice except to cooperate under company orders.

Shortly afterwards, Kaman posted a similar photo but without filters on her social media and captioned, “Doesn’t matter if it’s more ice, less ice, or no ice–it’s not for me. It’s great that a senior is offering to buy a newcomer milk tea, but I’m unable to drink cold drinks this week! Sorry, maybe next time! I want to apologize to everyone – I usually don’t check my phone after I’m done working. I’ve been so lazy that I didn’t even add a filter to this photo, and I haven’t been active on social media as well. After this busy period is over, I’ll try my best to travel around Hong Kong, take in the local beauty, try out different foods, and take better photos.”

Upon reading Kaman’s reply, which seemed to target everything Crystal wrote, it was obvious the rivalry between the two actresses is far from over.

When both were interviewed by the media, Kaman avoided answering questions about Crystal, while the latter tried to diffuse the situation. “I’m very happy to host a program with Kaman today. I know it’s her first day being a host, so she was probably nervous because of lack of experience. So I wanted to treat her to bubble tea, and hope she would be less nervous and cheer her on. Since I am more experienced hosting, and it was actually my second day filming for the program, I understand I have to relax and be more calm, which will produce better results. If she has any questions, she can ask me anytime. I’ll definitely explain and share my experience!”

Source: HK01

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  1. Catty. And the title of the show is misogynistic. Besides the initial train wreck appeal, why would anyone want to keep watching this?

    1. @potatochip totally agreed. what kind of crap title is that? the most similar talkshow that i can remember that features all men discussing relationships is called “men’s talk.” why is the women’s equivalent “scheming”?

      but, a brilliant PR move to include these two as hosts. people will tune in just to watch them butt heads and smear each other. personally, i find it really immature, but juicy?

      1. @coralie
        i saw the japanese version of this. it is indeed quite scheming the type of things they teach girls to do to get attention. i couldn’t believe they dare to teach young girls to do those things. it’s very calculative

      2. @m0m0 that’s actually…really interesting lol. how did you hear about the japanese show and where to watch lol? well, i guess i stand corrected in that case since i didn’t know the HK show is the blatant copy of the J-version.

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