Is Niki Chow pregnant?

Niki Chow (周勵淇) announced her marriage to Chinese actor Fu Yiming (傅浤鳴) last December and at the time, she revealed that she would like to have a baby soon as she is reaching the age of 40 this year. Recently, she posted two photos on Instagram showing a small bump in her stomach, in which many speculated that she is expecting.

After completing her filming projects, Niki finally had the time to go on vacation and share the photos online. In the photo, Niki was wearing a long white dress. From certain angles, it looked like she had a belly bump. She captioned, “Enjoy life and enjoy this feeling, as we welcome the future!” Though she doesn’t have any kids yet, she loves spoiling her nephews.

Fu Yiming graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2014. He met Niki on the set of  Chinese drama Undercover <卧底>, in which they shared romantic scenes. While the actor was already married when he met Niki, he later got divorced in 2017. Three months later, he was seen on a date with Niki in Hong Kong.

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