Isabella Leong and Richard Li Find New Lovers After Breakup

When Isabella Leong (梁洛施 ) left the entertainment industry abruptly for billionaire, Richard Li (李澤楷), her move shocked the industry. After all, she was a rising star having joined the industry at the tender age of sixteen. Richard arranged for Isabella to move abroad and even enrolled her in Stanford University to take English classes. Within three years of dating Richard, Isabella gave birth to three sons.

Isabella shocked the public again when the duo announced their separation shortly after the birth of their third son, and the question on everyone’s mind was: “Will Isabella return to the entertainment industry?” While the 24-year-old expressed that she has no intention of returning, she is still a target for paparazzi who wants to capture her every move.

Recently, Isabella and a handsome young man were spotted enjoying oysters at Rodney’s Oyster House in Toronto. According to sources, they seemed extremely at ease with one another. They also pointed out that Isabella’s skin is flawless with a hint of pink and she is extremely beautiful in person.  Upon getting a closer look at her male friend’s face, his looks bore close resemblance to the man spotted vacationing in Paris and Hong Kong with her, leading to speculations that they are dating.

Isabella’s representative addressed the rumors, “That is her personal life which I cannot comment on. She is enjoying her carefree life in Canada and focusing on raising her children, so she has no plans to return to Hong Kong.”

Isabella is not the only one enjoying her newfound single life. It turns out that Richard Li has also been back in the dating scene only three months after their split last year. He was seen with 26-year-old Kirsten Leung (梁雯影 ) in Singapore in May, 27-year-old Ella Leung (梁芳 ) in Hong Kong, and a woman in Beijing whose identity remains unknown.

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  1. ” “That is her personal life which I cannot comment on. She is enjoying her carefree life in Canada and focusing on raising her children, so she has no plans to return to Hong Kong.””

    Must have paid her a lot since she has no need to return to work.

  2. Isabella was just a baby-making machine and now wants to enjoy life now. I’m sure that she had some regrets where money can not buy happiness doing things while you are still young like a good education or just kicking back with some good friends. She must have seen the light and wants to enjoy life unhindered by her children for a little while even though she must have nanny for them.

  3. seriously, we all know Richard using Isabella to make babies, and Isabella using Richard for his $$$….a perfect match…one sell, the other buy.

    1. So true, hahaa.
      When my friends tell me this girl has ‘ GOLDDIGGER ‘ on her forehead i had no idea what she meant but looking at above pictures now ahahaa…LOL…someone looking like her going for an old bag like that if $$$$$$$$$$$ is not involve what else is there? ahhaa..he looks so damn old while she had his babies at 19 or 20? gross, of course she is set for life since he is a billionaire. acting please she is done for life.

      1. at least $20 million for two kids? that’s pretty good deal!!! $10 million per kid!!! Richard likes them young and fresh….Isbella likes them old and rich…

  4. I can’t understand how someone can just cast off his or her own children like that. I feel sorry for the 3 little boys.

  5. As much as I admire the following actresses listed below, but I think it’s all about the money..
    1) Gigi Lai
    2) Michelle Reis

    1. hell yeah it is. they sell their pretty looks for money with a guy they don’t love. so much gold diggers out there. and they know where to dig. isabella digged in a huge gold mountain and had kids. done. now she got money and she can find a guy that she likes in her age range. weirdos

      1. I think her husband did the pursuing though. I read that her mother in law doesn’t like her because she’s older than her husband and continues to have fertility problems… I was never a fan of Da S but living with a disapproving mother in law isn’t a fate I’d wish on anyone.

      2. yes and no i guess. i mean the guy is NOT that old looking in age but he does come w/alot of $$$$$$$$$$. Big S probably did try catch on and won’t let go to her i guess knowing him less than a few months is no object and i am a realist to say the $$$$$$ is more attractive than his face. Lol haha

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