Jackie Chan Refuses to Add Illegitimate Daughter to His Will

The affair between Jackie Chan (成龍) and his former lover, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) resulted in the birth of his illegitimate daughter, Etta, in 1999.  Over the years, Jackie did not spend any quality time with Etta as a father. He also decided that he will not leave any money to his daughter in his will.

Not even a Penny for Daughter!

In a recent interview, Jackie spoke about his extra-martial affair with Elaine and their illegitimate daughter for the first time. He revealed that he had asked his wife, Joan Lin (林鳳嬌), for a divorce after the affair was exposed in 1999. Surprisingly, Joan did not even scold him but empathized with his situation instead, advising him to handle the situation immediately. Feeling guilty and remorseful, Jackie decided to change his will to split his estates between his charity foundation with Joan.

Jackie revealed that he will not leave even a penny out of his $2.2 billion worth of assets to his illegitimate daughter, Etta, in his will.  Jackie said, “There is really no point in admitting that Etta is my daughter now!”

No Huge Settlement!

However, Elaine Ng was not affected by Jackie’s remarks and appeared to be calm when the reporter approached her for comments outside her daughter’s school. She even hinted that Jackie had never given her a large sum of money for settlement after breaking up.

When asked about Jackie’s comments in the magazine interview, Elaine said she did not read the recent article. As for Jackie’s previous denial that Etta is his daughter and his recent refusal to leave any money for her, Elaine replied, “Let’s not talk about it anymore. It’s already in the past.” She also felt that there is no sense talking about Jackie’s intention of divorcing his wife and insisted that everyone should move on.

Elaine said that she had no recent contact with Jackie, and she handles everything concerning her daughter.  As for whether her daughter has any desire to meet her father, Elaine said that she and her daughter have adamantly agreed not to talk about the past.  Etta had never questioned her about Jackie, but knew of their dating relationship.

Earlier reports suggested that Elaine had received a large settlement from Jackie after their breakup. Once again, Elaine stressed that these reports were absolutely false.

In addition, Elaine lost her job at a Hong Kong radio station recently, but she said the dismissal has not impacted her financial situation yet. She said, “I have a stable income. I have already put the down payments for my house so my the monthly payments are not that harsh.”

Source: Sina.com

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  1. Whatever happens, I jut feel so bad for the daughter. She’s still young and missing a fatherly love….just saying.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. Even if he chose not to give leave her any money, I just could not understand why must Jackie Chan announced to the world about it. Why must he be so selfish not to care the feeling for the young daughter.

    1. Not a bad daddy, just a bad man……..he covers up all his bad deeds in the past by putting up a fake face so that the whole world thinks of him as an idol…..personally, I think he’s just another bad – a- hole……..

  2. 22 Billions and ZIP, NADA, NOTHING for the daughter. What a S-C-U-M-B-U-C-K-E-T !

    1. Why should Jackie give money to this illegimate daughter? Obviously when he had the affair with Elaine, he must have stipulated no babies otherwise why would a man who donate millions to charity would go public and declare nothing will be given to this daughter? People should also point the blame on Elaine, she could have intentionally got herself pregnant knowing full well how much Jackie earns and unfortunately it backfired on her.

      1. Because the girl IS his daughter and because she is totally innocent? He can donate millions to people he doesn’t know, but it tells us enough about how he really is if he doesn’t even take care of his own child.

      2. yeh,why does he gives millions to people he doesnt even know,and doesnt care about his daughter of his own blood,i really cannt understand this behaviour.its not her fault to be the daughter of jacky chan.

      3. Well, because she’s his own flesh, so she gets better treatment? If she’s already well off, picking who the money should go for would be the charity organization. Also, he might be remorse for what he’s done, and feel guilty to his wife, so cutting all ties might be a bit of coldness, but possibly best for his wife? Anyway, it’s his life and family, we don’t know the truth!

      4. @Samantha – you are penalizing the daughter for something she had no control over. All Jackie Chan had to do was develop a contract to give money to sole custody of his daughter.

        Not denying the chance of Elaine scamming to get some dough out of Jackie but I find your reasoning a bit harsh …

    2. Agree. Even if it is illegitimate the daughter still has his blood inside her! Biggest jerk and irresponsible man!! All the charity works he preached and did, really hypocrite. Better to strangers than his own daughter illegitimate or not!!

  3. Feel sorry for Etta, the victim of a relationship. It was not Etta’s fault to be their daughter, but she has to suffer for life as the result of her parents’ mistake.

  4. jackie chan is an ass. so messed up! he is very irresponsible. I lost respect for him

    1. Why should Jackie shoulder all the blame? The girl mother got pregnant, had an affair with Jackie when she know he was married and also was a father to a son. Jackie Chan is no angel and I’m sure he is a womaniser but why he be blamed for not caring or providing for the child.

      1. Because he has the money, he acknowledges that is his daughter (not publicly but everyone knows) and being a responsible person with high standing in the society it is the right thing to do. He need not provide love or attention, but wouldn’t any man want his children to have a good start in life? The Will thing I understand. But providing for one’s child, even an illegitimate child is one’s responsibility unless he is a sperm donor. He slept with her he should bear the responsibility. But he need not cuddle the girl or say I love you.

      2. it takes two for creating a baby , not just one. both should be equally responsible for their actions.

  5. Its already crap that he hasn’t been there for Etta or Elaine all these years. He should have owned up to what he did and took responsibility. You are made of millions, and you can’t afford to leave anything for her? Really? Bravo, Mr. Chan for being such a class act.

    1. If only money meant mending all the love, support and care that Etta had lacked/lost from what each father should provide for their child…leaving money wouldn’t mean anything to her anyway. Yeah it could provide her with fiancial support in the future, but in the end it’s all just a huge-ass stash of notes and coins…just my opinion. But of course, if he did leave her something,it’d be better than nothing. Rather than seeing it as fiancial support, I think Etta may see it as Jackie’s way of acknowledging her existence instead. I just feel sorry for the child ..

  6. Jackie Chan’s a terrible father. Jaycee Chan isn’t getting a single penny either from his will, it’s all going to charity or something.

    1. I am assuming whatever is Joan’s will eventually go to Jaycee since that’s their only child. it’s not surprising he would not leave anything to his daughter since that will be admission when he’s denied all this time. I guess he rather take it to his grave then correct his mistakes.

  7. Jackie Chan is such a jerk! “There is really no point in admitting that Etta is my daughter now” WTF!!!

  8. your blood well always be your blood, if I had all that money no matter what titled at least make sure she is taken care off.

  9. so he’s giving ALL his money to charity? what an angel…

    terrible father is terrible in the end.

  10. He’s a terrible person and doesn’t deserve to be a father. Does he even know it’s extremely difficult for a single mom to raise a child, especially one that doesn’t have a stable job? I wonder where is she getting her money from?

  11. I respect Jackie Chan as an actor, but he’s the worse father of all. Take responsibility for your own action. I can’t even imagine how his daughter feels. He’s neglecting her, it’s so sad. Does Hong Kong have child support system? If so, she should go after it. He should pay the price for what he did. Man up!!!

  12. Whose to say they want any money from Jackie? My best friend grew up with a single mom and I can tell you he doesn’t want to have anything to do with his cheating dad. It’s wrong for Jackie to not recognize what he has done but it’s also wrong for everyone to think Elaine and her daughter want any financial assistance from Jackie.

    1. It sounds more like he’s refusing to acknowledge Etta as his daughter and made no attempts in reaching out to her at all. You don’t just rely on a parent for financial support – there’s more to it than that.

  13. An ass like that shouldn’t let the smaller head rules over the larger head.

  14. Ugly man, ugly hole, ugly mother fuker! Be a man like Donnie Yan. You don’t have to support the person you cheated but at least for your own daughter. No matter what she is your baby. She has your ugly face.

  15. yeah, so what if he doesn’t want to give his daugther anything, why involve the press? if he feels relieve that his wife has forgiven him, then why can’t he forgive elaine too? does anyone know why his wife joan advised him to handle the situation immediately when he told her about the affair? my guess is, she wants to save face, this is not jackie’s first affair and she knows very well about his ‘sex’ habits outside, she just don’t want to lose him, consider her smart and cunning in a way, else she wouldn’t have won him over teresa teng by using some kind of underhand tricks, she went all the way to be with him and she’s not giving in to elaine, she’s even capable to handle jackie’s friends while teresa is not

  16. For having his ugly ass face, etta deserves some compensation.

  17. this move by Jackie Chan is stupid and makes no sense. =_=

    1. looking at the animal kingdom where the parents fight for their young against all odds and that is why I see Jackie as worst than an animal. I have lost all respect for this man and have boycott any film which he is acting or directing.

  18. Lost my respect for him after I knew he abandoned his daughter with Elaine Ng. Okay, having an extramarital affair is bad enough, but can’t he just be a man and face the public for his wrongdoings? His daughter is so innocent in this. He’s a philanthropist and all in front of the world, he acts like he’s so caring about unfortunate people, yet this is how he treats his biological daughter. Jerk!

    1. I totally agree with you. Just by making all of his announcements about his daughter to the press really makes him a bad dad. I felt so bad for the innocent girl. Its probably better if he just ignores her and let her live a life of a normal kid, but no he has to let the world know that he has drawn clear lines with this girl. No matter what the real story really is as an adult he shouldnt be running away from the problem and put everyone else at fault.

  19. Jackie Chan said that he was trapped to be drunk and “raped” by Elaine Ng.

    Anyway, Etta is the victim of this “drunk and raped” case unfortunately. It was not her fault to be Jackie Chan’s daughter. Jackie should NOT have made a public announcement saying that Etta is not his daughter in any case. It surely hurts Etta. She is only a child.

  20. What the hell wrong with Jackie? How can he put fame and money above his own children especially Etta who was abandoned due to a shameless affair. She didn’t ask to be born!I seriously hope her self-esteem isn’t affected by her heartless father.

  21. haha ‘trapped to be drunk and raped’ by elaine? that’s a common excuse used by men who cheats, there has been rumours within the entertainment society that jackie and elaine were a couple at that time, they were together and many actors can witness to that

    1. From what I read in previous articles here, Jackie and Elaine broke up for some time (maybe a few months to a year) because this incident happened.

      Anyway, I still think Jackie Chan should be a gentleman and a more responsible father. After all, it was not the child’s fault. He could ignore Elaine Ng if she trapped him, but a public announcement saying that he is not Etta’s father is very cruel to this little girl.

  22. Why? Why not a single penny? I believe there was a settlement because if not the woman would have sued. Quite a bastard isn’t he?

  23. I feel so sorry for Etta because her father doesn’t even want to acknowledge that she is his daughter. Jackie is very very irresponsible!!!! If Hong Kong has child support system, Elaine should make Jackie pay her child support.

    1. Probably Jackie Chan is paying for Etta’s living and educational expenses privately. But I still don’t think Jackie Chan should make public announcement about the status of his biological daughter and that he is not her father.

      1. At least he is honest. She is illegitimate, he doesn’t want her to inherit. That is ok. But at least be a bit sensitive about it. No need to make it so public. I suppose later the girl won’t be able to contest the will. What about Jaycee? Does he see her as his sister?

        I still think he paid her money. She won’t just sit by and do nothing if she wasn’t paid.

      2. It is just sad for Etta to face people around her. I hope she won’t lose her self-esteem in school and in the society in future.

      3. @Funn Lim, Jaycee once said happily Etta looked like him when he was shown her picture; So he acknowledges her as his sister. There was rumours saying he met with his sister secretly as well

      4. Yes, I have also read of report that Jaycee has visited Etta.

      5. Good for Jaycee, a decent bloke! Any credit is to his mom and not to his absentee dad. I always find Jaycee having more integrity as a man than his dad even if he has less talent.

      6. i thought Jaycee also commented that he didn’t want to mention Etta too much since his mom won’t be happy.

  24. Dont know that he is such bad & irresponsive dad. Just hope article is exagerate.

  25. Just started watching High and Low and saw the picture above. Never knew how Elaine look like before.

  26. I love Jackie Chan alot. I know he had fathered a child many years ago. This news was very shocking because I thought Jackie was a very sober guy and that he would not sleep around like other actors. At that time, he said he would take responsibility of the child. Now he says he doesn’t care about his daughter ! What kind of a celebraty is he? He shows he’s very humble and does alot for charity when he doesn’t even want to acknowledge his daughter, forget giving her a penny. I feel sad to say that Jackie has really let me down because I always felt he is a man of ideals.

    1. “I thought Jackie was a very sober guy and that he would not sleep around like other actors.”

      Rumour has it he has affair with all his lead female costar. Well maybe not all but perhaps most.

  27. Doesnt matter about the money/ will, but he should at least spend quality time with Etta as any father should!

  28. This is the same moron that said “I’m not sure if it’s good to have freedom or not. I’m really confused now. If you’re too free, you’re like the way Hong Kong is now. It’s very chaotic. Taiwan is also chaotic,”

  29. No amt of charity is going to boost ur karma points when u r such a irresponsible father. Sure both parties had a part to play but a facts a fact, if etta is his daughter, then be man enuf to do ur part. Or at least just give a token sum of money. Its not abt the sum of money, its the thot that counts. Lost respect for him.

  30. He’s not obliged to leave money for someone who he clearly doesn’t feel a family relationship with. She may be his biological daughter but it doesn’t mean anything when they’ve barely spent time together.

    1. In general, the society frowns upon losers that like to have sex but refuse to accept the responsibility of the resulting child.

  31. I don’t think it’s fair to point fingers and look down on Elaine because she had an affair with a married man and had a daughter to prove it. Are all of you going to ridicule Shirley Yeung 10 years from now when her daughter grown up enough to know that her father isn’t around for her and the entire world knows why.

    It’s not as if Elaine has abandoned her child and is not taking care of her. People make mistakes. Don’t be so harsh towards them. I know of many people who have affairs, but really, who are we to judge them? This is the real world and people do make mistakes, you know. It’s been so long. Give her a chance.

    And yes, this is not Jackie’s first affair. I’ve always know that he had numerous affairs, even when I was still a kid.

  32. Umm… who had the affair? Jackie Chan is a dog. He has sex with female underlings so that he could further their careers. He messed up and now he refuses to clean up. Poor child. Etta must feel so screwed up.

  33. Jackie Chan is worst than a dog. Even dog has feeling. Just boycott all his show and SPIT on HIS image!

  34. LOL, why so many compare him to a dog? Most dogs are loyal to their owners and are great friends.

    Jackie is more like a c-o-c-k-roach! He should just retire already sick of him.

    1. I thought I read somewhere that he kinda tricked into unprotected sex with Elaine that’s why he got pregnant. He is a womanizer but he is those kind that does not like to leave trace behind ie, babies.

    2. You are soo funny Exiodus… I feel it is sad that Jackie is doing this… But if he did not even want to admit that she is his daughter, then why would he leave anything to her?? Also, if he was not going to even leave anything to Jaycee, then why do it for Etta??

      1. Im not sure how reliable and true of this article but do you think Jaycee and his mom really won’t get any cent from jackie? He probably have prior arranged some monies to them and as for Elaine, I guess she just make Jackie angry for disclosing their daughter’s identity and etc and prolly really don’t get a penny from him or she too will received some monies from jackie thru some secret arrangement.

      2. You bought up some good points Veejay. Now, that I think about… I really wonder how true any of this is??? If Elaine kept everything under the wraps, I think Jackie may more likely give her and Etta something through secret arrangements… Therefore, it would be really stupid of her or/and him to announce it to the world…

  35. “She even hinted that Jackie had never given her a large sum of money for settlement after breaking up.”


    “Earlier reports suggested that Elaine had received a large settlement from Jackie after their breakup.”

    So, did he or not any settlement??

    I do not know, regardless of the media, if it’s truly his child by blood. I do not understand how there is not DNA test to see. If it’s true, he should be a fatherly figure the most, not even about money: see the daughter, play, talk etc…

  36. how would he know the hardship of bringing up a child? he has never been a single parent, in fact he has never taken care of his son

  37. God! donating millions and millions to charity but refused to acknowledge or leave a single cent for your child? What a hypocrite! I’m amazed that there are still so many people who adores him and look up to him as their idol.

  38. I dont understand how people can respect this guy. He’s known to be a womanizer, a scumbag is the nicest way to define the likes of him.

  39. I never liked Jackie, yea he is such a womanizer. He married one of the top actresses from Taiwan. After that he had an affair with Elaine. He’s been connected with tons of women in Asia. There was also one woman who had committed suicide due to his marriage.
    But apparently Elaine’s mom works with high-government officials in China involved with warfare or something, maybe this is why Elaine is the only women who is not afraid to stand up against Jackie .

  40. I remember that my father told me that Jackie hold a press conference and apologized to his wife with tears flowing down his face for bringing shame over his family. I thought that this was proof that Elaine’s daughter is his flesh and blood. And now he decides not to leave even a penny to her? Woah, that’s some act of awesome class!

    1. It is his choice. After all it is his money. However I feel he need not say it out loud.

      1. I agree but yea, what is the point of his announcing this in the first place?? Something about this doesn’t sound right. Didn’t he just want to keep everything secretive??

  41. Etta from what I’ve read seems to be growing up to be a fine young lady. Better that she not know her scumbag dad. Best revenge is to grow up and be a success w/o the help of daddy.

  42. He’s a womanizer, everybody knows that. Elaine did not ask Jackie to pay for their child’s welfare. She knows her responsibility for getting pregnant and Jackie knows for sure that his loyalty lies with his family. At least they know what they want and not drag a relationship and make more people suffer.

    1. Then if she set an trap for him, clearly it backfired and she is the biggest failure in that sense. I for one do not believe that. He must have paid her and one of the term is not to disclose the settlement.

  43. I just feel sorry for that dear child. Poor Etta. I pray she won’t suffer because of her parents’ actions.

  44. If I were Etta, I wouldn’t want his dirty money!!

    I hope when he’s at his deathbed he’ll be alone and no one be there for him.

    1. His money sucking wife and his ugly son will be there… to make sure they get their shares.

      1. before jackie was famous, he gave his wife a gift that did not cost much, his wife complained saying, “what did he give me? i am a star,” got to know through her neighbor in taiwan

  45. He is an ass! Im boycotting his movies from now on. Terrible terrible father!!! He could at least hold that thought for himself, how hurtful it must be for Etta to read his stupid comment. I dislike him more and more. No respect for you Mr Chan!

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