James Ng is Eager to Share an On-Screen Kiss With Hera Chan

At yesterday’s press conference for TVB’s upcoming drama Paranormal Shop <異搜店> (tentative title), singer-actor James Ng (吳業坤) expressed his excitement for taking on the role of a professional doctor. However, he is even more thrilled to be working with Miss Hong Kong 2018 winner Hera Chan (陳曉華), who will play James’ love interest in the series.

“I couldn’t sleep at all after I received the script and found out that I will play a couple with Hera. Even right now, I still have trouble sleeping because it feels like I’ve won the lottery! I really have to thank the producer!” James said with a happy expression.

He continued, “I think I have a goodbye kiss with her in the drama, so I’ve been practicing every day by kissing my cat.”

In addition to co-starring alongside Hera, James is also enthusiastic about his character. Dressed in smart casual wear for his role, James also laughingly shared that he can finally stop playing a wasted youth and portray a professional doctor instead.

“It’s a character where I slowly learn and become a professional. I think this is good because I can finally change my image. Most of my previous roles were all either wasted youth or MK (Mong Kok) boys, so I’m glad to have a role that can help me slowly transition into a more mature actor,” James said.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Kenneth Ma makes the same comments, though, about the ladies he has intimate scenes with and nobody seems to think there’s issue with that. Why does James Ng get called names for it?

    1. @coralie KM has this goody goody but boring as heck look so he’s less creepy. lol hahaa…This one is nerdy and much more creepy looking I think. hahaha LOL

    2. @coralie I thought KM was creepy there too. He does get away with it because he has been in the industry longer and seems like a non-threatening dork. Honestly, I thought KM was overcompensating.

    3. @coralie

      This guy has a reputation for being a player in the industry as reported in another Jaynestars article.

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