Jay Chou Wants Five Kids with Newly Wed Wife, Hannah Quinlivan

In the many years since 36-year-old Jay Chou (周杰倫) made his entertainment industry debut, he has mostly kept details about his personal life under wraps. However, on the eve of his extravagant wedding in Yorkshire, England, he finally accepted an interview from a Taiwanese news source, in which he poured out his heart about his newly wed wife, 21-year-old Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌).

In the interview, Jay revealed that the moment he first laid eyes on Hannah, he “really admired her.” This opinion is shared by his mother and grandmother, both of whom readily approved of his relationship with Hannah.

Jay even proudly joked that when they started dating, his mother “fell in love with someone else,” since she would always be more concerned about Hannah than she was about him. “She had already identified [Hannah] as her daughter-in-law a long time ago,” he said, adding that after the wedding, he and Hannah will live with his mother.

A Perfect Match in Personalities

Although the newlyweds share a 14-year age gap, Jay feels that their personalities are actually very suited to one another. The only area in which they hold a difference in opinion is their movie preferences, which is why Hannah will always ask him if he wants to accompany her to a movie. If he does not express interest, then she will watch the movie with her friends.

Perhaps because their personalities mesh so well, the couple rarely argued during their four years of dating. Jay shared that this was one of the reasons he cherished their relationship so much, especially since he was well aware that his significant other would face many difficulties, from listening to negative public opinion to conforming to his busy work schedule.

Plans to Have Five Children

Asked when he decided to take Hannah as his wife, Jay revealed that he once went through a severe flare-up of ankylosing spondylitis, a hereditary spine inflammation disease. When he was in deep pain, he was touched by how Hannah would silently accompany him even at his weakest moments, and he decided then to marry her.

As for his and Hannah’s future plans, Jay announced that he would like to have five children. He plans to be more relaxed with his sons and treat them like his friends. On the other hand, he will stricter with his daughters, though he will surely worry about them more.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. That’s his main motive! To bore him 5 kids! I’m sure she is more than qualified…she’s only 21 and she can afford to take a 2 years break I between each pregnancy. Jay is really a smart guy.

    1. If he wants 5 kids, he has to find a woman young enough to do so…i pity this new wife.

    2. Let’s give them peace and be happy for the newly wed. He’s just joking about having 5 kids because he’s so happy at the moment so he likes to talk silly.

      My uncle got married and told my grandpa that he was going to have 1 dozen of babies but it has been 20 years since he got married and he only have two kids.

      1. hahah LOL… So true. What you want and if you get them is another story. I still remember my old landlord’s daughter who married this dude and he claims he wants all SONS…hahah LOL…. guess what happened? He got 2 daughters and no son in sight. haha…Dream on. haha but this girl is only 21 so you never know. Probably pops them out like that golddigger Isabella Leung one after another since that girl was really young too. This one could be a dream come true for the girl since he’s not a HOTTIE but he’s NEITHER OLD & UGLY but RICH. His main attraction w/him I think is WEALTH.

  2. only 21 .. still so young.. she can change and mature by the time she hits 30.. hope it lasts ahhh

    1. exactly what i am thinking. start popping out kids at 22, she may soon realize there’s more to life other than just kids and her 15 year senior husband.

      1. She will be too busy and exhausted with 5 kids to realize that.

        It’s always selfish of the guy to have expectations about how many kids … when really 80% of the work (pregnancy, and by default)falls upon the woman.

  3. She is really young. Just to get ready for her to change. looks like she always give in to her that’s why the relationship work.

  4. well she is still very young, so good to have babies early. Babies making machine lol. Anyway hope they last.

  5. That’s why he married someone young!

    Anyway good tactic. Girl gets along well with his mother, best way to his heart.

    1. Kill 2 birds with one stone…find a young girl and also get along with his mother. This fella really lucky.
      But 5 children????

    2. Yes MIL and DIL gels = peace

      And Hannah sounds like she defers to Jay too. That’s exactly the little bird to protect = good strategy.

      Though these ‘little birds’ are sometimes the quiet iron woman behind the scenes.

    1. Never really realized that until I read this comment I’m pretty disturbed now…

      1. It is very disturbing. Isn’t that borderline pedophilia? And to think his mum approved too :X

    2. Yes somewhat creepy. 14 yrs … so he was 30 to her 16 then.

      Now we know what some 30 yr old men are looking at. 😛

      1. Ugh don’t know about others but it’s really quite sickening – when they first started. I didn’t know he started dating her when she was practically still a child! Gosh wonder what they did on those dates back then.

    3. So now we might get a bunch of 16-17 yr-old creeps checking out the maternity wards trying to identify their future girlfriends.

      1. LOL. Jay was a late bloomer then, at 30.

        No he was wiser to wait until past puberty, when you can see the actual potential features/figure. ‘Ugly’ ducklings sometimes become real beauties by 17.

      2. LOL

        Sounds really gross but that’s precisely what these HUGE age-gap relationships are in reality.

        I feel sorry for the baby-making machine.

  6. He is rich enough to hire a dozen nannies / tutors. So I guess she can enjoy being a tai-tai even after having 5 kids.

    1. yeah…he is so rich and can hire a nanny for each child but giving birth cannot be outsourced…it’s painful and also tough being pregnant.

      1. At the end of the day, no matter who brings the child up, the parents are still responsible for the micro-management of the child.

        Having 5 kids and remote-control parent all of them? That’s a load of house-keeping reports.

        Yes, on top of wear and tear on body – 9 mths, 5 times plus 5 deliveries/Csections.

    2. All men want as many kids as possible, but the fact their wives are often the ones who decide how many kids they will have.

  7. Apparently, this marriage is all about what Jay Chou wants. So far, he’s the one speaking the most instead of Hannah Q. It seems that she has no voice in this marriage. All she has to do is to fulfill his wishes.

  8. How could a grown man admire a 16-17 year old? So funny . I hope the kids look alright because they both had surgery enhancing looks ..she might morph after 1-2 kids hopefully she won’t look like the lioness face ..cause she looks very unnatural ..I hope it lasts too..cause one day she gonna mature and he might find another woman

    1. I do not think either of them had any major work done.If Jay did, then he would definately look better than he currently does. As for Hannah,keep in mind that she is half Australian so of course she would naturally have sharper features than the typical 100% asian blooded do.

  9. Let’s be positive here and wish the best for the new couple. They just got married few days ago.

  10. Who is Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌)? Is she Chinese, from Taiwan? What does she do? Another actress in Taiwan?

    1. @ Sandcherry

      Here are some information about her:


      The 21-year-old future Mrs Chou, whose Chinese name is Wu Yi-chen, was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan to an Australian father and a Taiwanese-Korean mother. Quinlivan, seen here with her father Patrick, visits her paternal grandparents in Brisbane, Australia at least twice a year.

      I think she sings and dances also.


      1. @Dramas4me:
        Thanks for your information and links. I am not familiar with the artistes/singers in Taiwan.

        Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌)looked very pretty and a bit mixed in the above photo, but she did not look that pretty on your first link. Since her last name looks a bit strange to me, I could not figure out if she is Chinese/Taiwanese.

      2. @ sandcherry

        According to some of the information I saw. Her father is Australian and her mom is Taiwanese-Korean.

      3. Wow, that pic w/the dad she looks like she’s 15 at the most. haha..Wow…I guess Jay already waited until she hit 20’s to get married. Wow, he’s the old fashioned kind and wants a pure girl? hahah LOL..You know some men the younger the better and since he wants 5 kids, he better start w/the younger the better. Creepy but he’s rich so I guess he can do whatever and pick whoever since the girl is a no one right? I mean, she probably feels like ex Mrs. Tom Cruise right now? Marrying a rich idol from childhood kind of feel? ahha LOL….

  11. i don’t like him at all and still scratch my hard at how he got famous but i have to respect his goals…he looks like a toad so to have 5 offsprings with his half breed wife will surely improve his family’s gene pool. This is how to protect and grow your family dynasty 101.

  12. when a woman has children, she would want to look after them herself. with 2-3 kids, she can still micro manage…but once brood expands, it will be very stressful. if mother in law is in the picture, then it will be harder. good luck.

  13. im happy for them! of course Jay wants many children. he was the only child therefore he would want to make a big family for his mom and grandmother.

  14. After seeing their wed clip, I think Jay is a super romantic guy. He is thoughtful and he cares for Hannah’s thinking. I believe their marriage will last long despite the age gap. Hannah is quite young but she will get old together with Jay.

    To the haters, they will continue to hate but in the end, they will feel bitter to see how happy the couple is. It will be very ironic to them if Jay-Hannah stays longer than the other couples the haters love.

    1. @ Alluka

      How about we wish both couples a life time of happiness together?

      1. Then you dont fall into the group of ignorant people in here.

      2. @ Alluka

        Positive attitude is important in life. Life is too short to be stressed/unhappy all the times.

    2. Yes a beautiful wedding where the bride get swept off her feet by Prince Charming (tho he is not handsome) but guess it’s his personality and if a man were to do all this for me, I would definitely fall head over heels in love lol. Such a romantic wedding. The music were beautiful & personally composed by him some more. Wish them happy marriage & I don’t think 15 years was such a big gap really. I definitely won’t mind hahaha. Love conquers all. I am a hopeless romantic lol

  15. Hopefully Jay Chou will not get bored after the first one and turn to another like Jacky….

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